YouTubers React To NEW Most Subscribed YouTube Channel Of All Time? (T-Series)
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YouTubers React To NEW Most Subscribed YouTube Channel Of All Time? (T-Series)

– A lot of intrigue,
a lot of sex. This is my kind of show. – When you see how
T-Series has taken off, it’s shocking that PewDiePie
has so many subscribers. ♪ (dramatic intro) ♪ – ♪ (electronic music) ♪ – I have not seen this. – So, this is a music video. – Oh, it’s a music video
we’re watching. – T-Series?
Is that his name? – I’ve seen this.
– You’ve seen this? – When I researched
what’s the deal with T-Series. – Are we reacting to T-Series
being the fastest growing channel on YouTube? – ♪ (Punjabi singing) ♪ – Okay, some Punjabi
hip hop, rap. – T-Series is an Indian thing,
I believe. – This is really well shot. – I thought that phase kinda ended.
– He’s still trying to get his message through on WhatsApp.
The picture’s not loading. – Oh, he’s trying to slide
into them DMs. I see him.
He thought he was slick. – I’m very embarrassed right now.
– (FBE) Why are you embarrassed? – Because I am Indian
and I don’t know what this is. – It’s gonna be the top
most subscribed YouTuber channel. I know from a MatPat video.
– Really? – And he was saying why
T-Series is taking over YouTube and then I went to their channel
and realized that they’re taking over YouTube. – (speaking Hindi) – Wait, this is also T-Series. – Wait, is it a trailer? – Is this a Bollywood channel
or Indian entertainment channel? – (woman) Excuse me.
Hi. You breathe so well.
– You breathe so well. – Oh, I love stuff like this. – Am I watching a music video
or a trailer? What is going on? – It’s Bollywood. – Ay, it’s Bollywood? – Wait, but it’s also–
it’s English words. – This is peak Bollywood.
It is just, let’s inject as many storylines as possible
into a three hour film and make it very colorful. – I know about them
because I played an Indian character recently
and a lot of people were commenting,
“T-Series, T-Series.” – There’s a lot of stuff
going on on there. It’s probably got millions
of subscribers. – I guess they just assume
that everyone can read the English words.
I just feel so not multicultural ’cause apparently everyone else
can just speak English or read English,
and I’m just like, that’s all I can do. – ♪ You don’t have to be
the last one standing ♪ – I didn’t under–
I didn’t realize how western their style was. – This looks like a Diet Coke ad.
– Ooh, he’s gonna stir it for her. – Is this a party and she’s
just mixing the punch? – This has a Latin vibe to it. – ♪ Wild like Rihanna
get all upon the ♪ ♪ Bom, diggy-diggy, bom-bom ♪
– He’s talking to her butt. – He’s singing to the girl’s
booty. – ♪ Up like the summer,
she turn me on with her ♪ ♪ Bom, diggy-diggy, bom-bom ♪
– Wow, twerking is a worldwide phenomenon. – I’m not sure how
I feel about the content. – Whoa, whoa.
– Whoa, wow. – What is this? – ♪ (Bengali singing) ♪ – Whoa. – Bom, diggy-diggy, bom-bom.
Does that mean, “I really appreciate
the physique of butts.” – Dude, their productions
are crazy. It’s always 100,000 people
dancing everywhere. – I enjoyed that.
You got another clip for me? – (FBE) Oh, we got
a bunch of clips. – Lay it on me, bro. – ♪ (Hindi singing) ♪ – Oh, he’s ripped. – Where’d that guy steal
my body from? – Everyone in Bollywood
movies is so beautiful. – Oh wow.
– Whoa. – (both) Did he just dab?
Did he just dab? – Reminds me of Michael
Jackson’s pop videos back in the day. – Indian Ricky Martin. – Wow.
– You like him. – I’ve never seen
a stomach like that. – Okay, this guy has not
had a carb since 2006. – Those are extremely
painted on abs. I just want people to know
not to have super body envy. – ♪ (Hindi singing) ♪ – This is a good production
budget. I mean, look at those
people all the way back there.
– It’s like Disney! – They got at least
100 dancers right there all synced. – It’s kinda like–
a little like Justin Timberlake. The Indian–
– You’re getting Justin Timberlake from this?
I’m not getting Justin Timberlake.
– What are you getting from this? – Ricky Martin. – ♪ (Hindi singing) ♪ – Yeah, production value
on point. That was a sexy one.
That man was buff. – I love Bollywood.
I just like bright things and singing and dancing.
Their outfits are cool. – That was an amazing
showcase of dance and singing and hot people. – What the hell is this? – Is this safe for YouTube?
We gonna get age restricted? – “Revenge.”
Boobies, murder. – This may be a little
X-rated. – Oh dang.
Hey, he slipped something in her drink! – I love this. – (Hindi speaking) – Whoa. – Oh, they just got rid
of a body. – When you kill somebody
and roll them up in your carpet,
those carpets are expensive. – What the heck? – It’s a lot of violence,
a lot of intrigue, a lot of sex.
This is my kind of show. – (woman) I am the twist
in the plot. – “I am the twist
in the plot.” That’s pretty direct. – Hate Story 4. – (man) This isn’t
a love story. It’s a hate story.
– That’s a really good tagline for a movie called Hate Story. – Wow, so that’s
their Fast and Furious. – I’m always down for
storytelling from different cultures,
especially when it’s my Asian people.
Indian people are Asian too. – All this stuff is on
that channel, so it’s Bollywood
music videos and also just films. – I like the last one
and I like the one with the abs
and I like the musical. I love it, actually.
I wanna subscribe. What is the channel? – (FBE) Before we get
into questions, do you have any idea why
we would be showing this to you?
– Because T-Series is blowing up. – They’re on their way
to being one of the biggest YouTube channels. – (FBE) So, the channel
is called T-Series. – He’s heard of T-Series.
– I’ve heard of them. – I haven’t. – T, like Mr. T?
– What’s the T? – Spill the tea? – (FBE) And it’s on pace
to pass PewDiePie to be the number one
most subscribed to channel on YouTube.
– Oh, it makes sense though because India has a lot
of people. – It’s not really a fair
comparison, one guy and editors
and whatnot, versus massive corporation
with thousands of employees. It’s different.
There should be different buckets on YouTube.
One for the YouTubers and the other for like,
this is a big company. – It’s very different content.
T-Series versus PewDiePie. I mean, PewDiePie is very,
very YouTube, right? It’s man speaking at camera.
– I mean, honestly, when you see how T-Series
has taken off, it’s shocking that PewDiePie
has so many subscribers. – As someone who is Indian,
I find myself in Hollywood fighting constantly
to discuss the relevancy of that entire subcontinent
and why it’s important to have diversity
and representation. – (FBE) T-Series is
a film production company as well as a music label,
one of the largest music labels in India.
– Aha. – That’s it.
– Aha. They’re a big old record label.
It’s a big old Vevo. – (FBE) They mostly post
Bollywood music soundtracks and film trailers.
T-Series is also the world’s most viewed
YouTube channel with over 47 billion views.
– That high? Oh my God. – (FBE) And they’re gaining
almost 100,000 subscribers a day. – 100,000 new subscribers
every single day? Oh my God.
I gotta get onto this T-Series. – (FBE) What do you think
it is about them that could make them
potentially the number one channel of all time?
– It’s the only place to go to for that type of content. – Bollywood’s always been
a very powerful force. It’s just not over here. – It seemed like it had
a lot of variety to it. It didn’t seem like it
was one type of entertainment. It seemed like they had drama
and comedy and music. – If you got a billion people
who are native Hindi speakers and I guess a grand majority
of the content on YouTube that’s high production value
music is in English, then you’re gonna gravitate
towards whatever is in your native tongue. – (FBE) So, many have made
the argument that it isn’t fair to compare
the two channels, since T-Series is a full
fledged network and company that uploads multiple
videos per day created by many different artists
versus PewDiePie, who is an individual creator
who developed his following entirely through YouTube.
– Yeah. Well, good for PewDiePie,
’cause he did it for this long more or less by himself.
I don’t know. We’re all playing the same game,
so I don’t know. Even if they have more people
working on it, we still have the same
opportunity to do the same thing. – (FBE) So for you personally,
as a content creator yourself, do you think the title
of the number one spot is really as significant
as it used to be or do you think there is
still value in saying, “Nope, this is the new number one.”
– I think it’s more important. The voice of an individual
can be so much stronger than the brand of a company. – I wouldn’t try to compare
a creator to a studio. – How could you compete
with that? You have this company
of all these people and billions of dollars
and can’t– that’d be like us trying
to compete with– my music videos competing
with Nicki Minaj on Vevo. It’s just not a thing. – You know, it’s never been
important for me just because I just wanted
to make videos. As long as I can make videos
and not have people hate me, then I was fine. – So in any business scenario,
the people with the most money, resources, and mental skill set
on how to do something will rise to the top
and unfortunately, that does mean companies,
but also I am a strong believer in there’s room for
everybody’s success and you can still be
really successful and have a lot of your dreams come true
if you’re not number one. – (FBE) So finally,
seeing how global YouTube continues to be with
the new number one channel being from India,
where do you think the top subscribed lists
are heading? Will it be more global
corporations or will independent creators
still have a chance to come out on top?
– Nah, we’re screwed. We just don’t have
the dinero to [bleep] do what they do.
– Whenever you go on trending, you always see
the Jimmy Kimmel Show or you just see the next
Netflix trailer. It’s getting to that point
where it’s gonna be a global market of just
different production companies. – Just like anything,
money always wins. – T-Series will be on.
If you want hot bodies you found them. – For my eleven years
on YouTube, I’ve seen time and time again
the top five positions be creators on YouTube. – Content creators will
always have a chance to come out on top
because people want somebody that they
can relate to. – As more and more companies
see the appeal and the value of investing in YouTube content,
it will more and more be taken over by companies. – I would be a hypocrite
for saying it’s unfair for production companies
to have channels because in many ways,
really successful creator based channels operate
like small studios. – If things are gonna be
based off of frequency and quality of uploads,
a giant company’s always gonna have an advantage there.
– You can’t compete with that as an independent,
but you shouldn’t be thinking of it as a competition anyway.
There’s plenty of people and views out there
for all of us. – Where is the line
all gets kind of blurry, right? I also have a crew of–
a film crew and editors and I also–
my company’s incorporated, you know what I’m saying?
For taxes and [bleep] like that. So now, we’re kind of all
little mini companies. So how we gonna get mad
at just a bigger company? – Thanks for watching
this episode of YouTubers React. – Check out all the creators
in this episode. The links are gonna be
right down below. – What should we react
to next? – Let us know in the comments. – Peace. – Hey guys, Ethan here
from FBE. A big thanks to all
the creators who came in and shot this episode
with us. Now if any of them
are gonna catch T-Series, you gotta subscribe to them.
Click on the links in the description below.
Bye, guys.


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