Working as a Customer Engineer (en)
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Working as a Customer Engineer (en)

Hi, I’m Arvind Ravishankar and
I come from Bangalore, India. I have academic qualifications
in mechanical engineering and management engineering and I currently work at ZF’s integrated
safety system house in Alfdorf, Germany. As a customer engineer,
I’m currently coordinating all customer and internal
predevelopment projects. In addition, I’m managing all
the engineering budgets and supporting some of
the yearly strategic preparations for the integrated
safety system house. I started at ZF in 2016
as a ZF Global Trainee. This was a strong launch pad for me
to get a holistic understanding of multiple divisions at ZF and also
to build a strong global network. Now, I’m able to leverage
from these experiences in my current role at the
integrated safety system house. Integrated safety at ZF is a
comprehensive approach to protect people on the road. Our assistance ranges from
seatbelts over airbags to steering assistance, breaks,
electronical units and sensing technologies – sensing technologies for the environment
and also for the interior of the vehicle. Those products are
in an increasing manner working together as
systems in the vehicle. Our team
– including Arvind – is helping to shape the
next generation mobility. The possibility to be part of shaping the mobility of the future
is what drives me. I love the fact that ZF
is now transitioning its portfolio to meet the needs
of next generation mobility. This is truly an exciting period
to be part of the company and especially the integrated
safety system house. My tip for your successful
career would be to be adaptive, flexible and agile
in today’s challenging working conditions. The key really is, to hold on
to what really drives you. In my case: fantasy for technology and
really adding value to our customers. For more information on
interesting opportunities and for your successful
career at ZF, check this out!

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