Women’s rights advocates need better data – the Human Rights Measurement Initiative can help
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Women’s rights advocates need better data – the Human Rights Measurement Initiative can help

In many cases you find that people with intellectual disabilities, in particular women are targets of sexual violence. The perpetrators target them because they know that if they have to go to court and these are the only witnesses then there will be no evidence because they are declared as incompetent. But now that the law has changed it means on the basis of that one witness a court can carry out a full-fledged trial and justice
can be obtained for the victims. I joined this organisation in 2016, it was
supporting local women’s rights defenders and women’s organisations lobbying, doing advocacy to pass, enact, the Sexual Offences Bill, which was a bill that had failed in two parliaments, because it was argued it threatened culture. So this year we finally had this act enacted. It passed Parliament and it was signed through the pressure and wonderful work of women that did everything from demonstrations, everything that they could to make noise to say ‘we are here, and we want to be protected’. So there’s this young girl called Noura,
she’s called Noura Hussein. So this girl was married off early to a cousin of hers that she wasn’t in love with. She was practically forced to marry at the
age of 16 and she was then forced to consummate the marriage and she resisted that so she was raped by her husband. He tried again to rape her, there was a scuffle and she got hold of a knife and she stabbed him to death, which is a case really of self-defence and it was pretty much accidental. So the courts found her guilty of murder and that meant that she would be subjected to the death penalty. Our campaign was to call on the courts to
consider the marital rape, the early rape and self-defence as mitigating circumstances in her case and to rescind the death penalty. So really the proudest moment for me was when that happened the court overturned the death penalty and as we speak today she’s not
at risk of execution. Civil society reports have to have data, they have to have facts. I’m firmly convinced that we need better
data to do good human rights work. I think it will really help a great deal if
we’re able to show in quantitative terms the impact of bad laws on certain segments of society. I think comparing data and countries will
show governments that they’re behind the curve and naturally I think these governments would like to think that they’re in the top league in terms of human rights and respect for people’s freedoms. And create a little bit of competition.

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  • JR Murphy

    MOTU ARE GROSSLY CORRUPT – their human rights arm is RUN BY A COUPLE OF NEO-LIBERAL TERRORIST AMERICAN IMPERIALIST MURDERERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Don't believe me look it up.   Why would a couple of YANKS be in NZ dong human rights for.  I have written to this organisation multiple times, begging for help, begging them to stop the human rights abuses I am being subjected to.   THEY TELL ME THEY DON'T DEAL WITH INDIVIDUAL CASES – SAME AS WHAT AMENESTY SAID TO ME.DON'T TRUST THE FILTHY NEO-FASCIST/NEO-LIBERAL MURDERERS – they advance the rich and persecute the poor to profit from them.   That's what these independent research organisations do – profit from government persecution and exploitation of the local impoverished population.

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