Women’s History Month – Advocates for Women
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Women’s History Month – Advocates for Women

>>What’s helped me become a more effective advocate
for women in my career field is just to support
my fellow female law enforcement officer.>>They don’t have
to just settle for what is shown to them
throughout their school years.>>Give women opportunities
where I can.>>As a woman, I have become an advocate
by just showing not to give up.>>One thing that I was told
very early in my career is that there’s two kinds of women
in this career field; the ones that support each other,
and the ones that knock each other down. And I’ve definitely modeled my behavior to wanting to be the one
who supports my fellow female agent.>>I certainly look
for the best qualified. But if there are females
within the group, I will certainly try
and give that person an opportunity.>>I think all of the things
that we’re offering are starting to make some women,
especially younger ones, realize that there’s
more options out there.>>Life is going to be hard,
no matter what. But we have become a long way
from a stay-mom at home and taking care of the kids
to become a professional, and show the world
that we can do the same job as any other man out there.>>With hard work, dedication
and passion, anybody can make it. And we can do it.

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