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I want to become a kpop idol but will
those big k-pop companies sign a black trainee? Well you’re about to find out
right here on Allysse TV hey guys it’s Allysse right here on Allysse TV where you’ll find all things beauty, kpop, travel, and a hint of dating If you like videos like that and this is your first time here on my channel go ahead and hit the subscribe button So today I am gonna be answering question number three it
comes from Jade Rowland hello and thank you so much for your question and thank
you for watching Allysse TV so the question is will the big kpop companies
sign a black trainee it’s very possible somebody could be signed right now at YG
Entertainment and we just do not know it but I’m pretty sure it would make big
headlines if it were happening I feel like as of right now they probably won’t
and let me tell you why so these companies are very very big companies in
Korea and that is one of the reasons why I feel they won’t take a chance on
someone that’s not Asian they’re still trying to like build their company you
know with Asian artists most of them are Asian or Korean only so I feel like with
the big companies they’re still trying to grow their company into this like
Asian entertainment company they’re not willing to take the risk and they’re not
willing to spin the money and figure out how to like promote the artist because
since they’re a bigger company they’re gonna be a lot more picky on who they
choose I feel like if you go with a smaller company the route that I went I
feel like they’re more about taking chance like hey like this could be our
next big thing and it’ll skyrocket our company so the big ones as of right now
they won’t do that maybe in the next 5-10 years possibly but as of right now
I don’t see them signing a black trainee this is also my opinion
but I think some people will probably disagree with me I mean I know their
auditions you know that they say it’s open to everyone yada yada yada but if
they are really looking for everyone and anyone then how come it’s always just
Asian acts getting signed? Like even for example with the Miss Korea 2 season
number two I auditioned for that And I was a semi-finalist it was only me and a couple
of other people and if you watch the show it’s two Asian girls one from
Australia and I don’t remember where the other girl was from but they both are
Asian it’s like are you serious like I freaking love kpop and like I make like
my own like hip-hop music come on I’m like give somebody else a shot that’s
not Asian that actually likes and enjoys a culture because when you watch kpop a
lot of it is influenced by the black culture which is the hip-hop culture the
rap culture whether it’s their dance moves or the way they dress even some of
the beats that they have for their songs why wouldn’t you give somebody that’s
non-asian that is black or even mixed with black a chance like yeah BP Raina had
Alex but we know why they signed and put her in that group because honestly she
was just there she was just a feature for the group she wasn’t
I don’t consider her a member of BP Rania because the way that they used her in
the group but again back to the question I really just don’t feel that the big
k-pop companies are going to sign a black trainee right now I feel like in
the future eventually when there is more enough
money to go around and they’re more open to doing that I think they will I am
gonna be making a video very soon though that you’re gonna want to check out and
I’m gonna give you a list of k-pop companies I feel that you will have a
good chance of getting in and you have to remember to since you’re not
Korean you have to work like 10 times harder like they already work hard
already so you have to go above and beyond like you have to be on yo stuff
if you really want to get sign like you got to be on your Korean, on your singing,
on like a lot of things your dancing so make sure that you are pretty much like
top notch like when they look for trainees they will also analyze
your voice whether you’re really good or if they feel that you have potential
of course they will sign you on and like I said as of right now you don’t
see it some people may say well yes they will but it’s like well if they will I
mean how come that it hasn’t happened yet like they’ve had these auditions now
worldwide for over five years so they haven’t signed one yet yet that is again
like I said this is my own opinion about it and that’s just how I feel about it
right now and what I see and I know about how companies were it’s always a
money thing so if they don’t see that they can make money off of you they’re
not gonna even bother signing you but definitely I feel like the first one to
do it I feel like it would be YG Entertainment now after everything what
I just said I do still encourage you to audition for these companies because
even though I feel that they’re not open to signing a black trainee you never
know you could be the lucky one so I’m not gonna discourage you to
audition like this is not the type of video I’m trying to make but I’m just
telling you like the truth like what’s up what’s going on if you feel it in
your heart you’re like I have to audition for yg or JYP or whoever like
it doesn’t matter like go ahead and do it doesn’t matter what I say in the
do what she wanted to do like no one’s signed a black trainee yet and they
have been a success in Korea so they probably feel like I don’t really want
to invest my money because it hasn’t been proven yet that this actually works
in kpop and it may sound like really harsh saying that but that’s how a
business is going to look at you because they’re looking at you as a product
they’re not looking at you necessarily as a person they’re looking at you as
their artist their product and if they can make money off of you of course
they’re also looking for talent too and everything else but you know they’re
gonna look at you as a product like you know okay how is this product gonna work
and create it is it working right now in Korea and if you search you won’t find
anything sure there are some black singers in Korea that have been on TV
but as of right now I mean they’re not really like doing kpop but they sing
very well don’t think they’re really putting out like original like songs
they’re just like on shows and singing and stuff and showing their talent and
if you look at it the Korean audience they actually like it like even when I
was in Korea and I performed like the crowd loved me like they I didn’t feel
any like racism or anything like that older or younger after the show people
were coming up to me even some of my fans from my fan club came and show
their support and I got to take pictures with them and got to talk to them for a
little bit so it was really nice and I felt like a warm welcome good luck to
you Jade and whoever else watches this video and wants to be a kpop star do
audition okay don’t feel discouraged and I wish you guys much luck and I will see
you guys next time right here on Elysee TV and thank you so much you guys for
watching I know it’s been a while since I posted if you saw my livestream you
know how what has been going on in my life so a lot of things that’s changed
but I’m still here so I will be posting weekly content now
I can’t wait for you guys to see my new videos I do feel and believe that there
are other labels out there that will sign black trainees so I do suggest that
you watch my next video because I will be telling you what labels I feel are
very open to signing black trainees so you are not gonna want to miss that so
tune in next week here on Allysse TV and if this is your first time watching my
kpop question video go ahead and hit that subscribe button and I will see you
here yes you I will see you here next time right here on Allysse TV


  • Tania R

    I think you nailed it on the head when you said the kpop industry is extremely, extremely business/profit focused, I would say more so than any other industry. I think it's because these groups are formed by companies and the members are seen as an investment. So novelty and variety in a country that is conservative can be seen as a huge risk to their profits. Also it's Asian centric because it's an Asian country, however I think it will happen sooner rather than later. 🙂


    what if I'm Asian but I don't look like Asian, I mean I don't have Asian eyes or whatever… but I'm still Asian (I'm from Turkey and sorry for my bad English)

  • Cam Cam

    Ok so I want to be a kpop idol I live in America and I can't find the answer any we're so I'm asking you I was going to comment on a different video but it the comments were disabled so um back to my question. I want to be a kpop idol but I'm ftm female to male so I have no idea if they would sign me in or if they would put me in a girl or boy group if I can do that I also don't know if they would make a (ftm) group which I doubt so I'm really really confused.

    Lol commented at 11:01 I have school tomorrow I'm 13

  • KCxKassy

    I feel like it would take a big company to sign a black artist to sway all companies to accepting. If anyone was to, I feel JYP would do it first (I'm breaking my neck for SM tho)

  • angel ella

    i know im gonna get hate for this but im black, asian, muslim and i obviousely want to audition but i fear that they will say no not only because of my skin color but also because of my religion

  • 유타라

    You are one of the best youtubers, you inspire me and guide me a lot to become an idol. I am brown skinned ad I am literally scared I might get rejected!!! I am a filipino and I have brown skin but not blackskin, but still

  • Late Official

    like I wanna audition but the reason why black people don't really do it cause like what if you feel uncomfortable like every single person is Asian then there's you. I wanna audition but the feeling of being stared is one thing I will never try.

  • 혜bbb캉민

    I'm going to audition but NOT for jyp..only for SMtown. but smtown had SNSD which was the BIGGEST girl group in Kpop and most of them weren't asian, but they were Korean American but most of them were from the us but still Korean..

  • M game

    Hi i know im asking a question late but can blacks

  • Princess Min


  • Raia Harvey

    I wanna try out for a korean entertainment with a friend of mine (she’s Caucasian) and I’ve always been put down because “kpop companies won’t accept you” and stuff like that . I’m only 14. And that’s around the time they start and I’m already dancing and rapping (I wanna rap if I debut) and I’m doubtful because of everything that they say about black girls and boys wanting to be a kpop star . I hope this changes when I go to audition

  • 저거요

    I'm from the phillipines but I have this brown skin colour but I'm still asian do I still have a chance to be a k-pop idol?

  • Hi

    I’m planning on practicing singing and dancing and going to Born Star Training Center in New York. Even tho I’m american and not talented at all I will try hard

  • Gamer girl

    Hi my country is in Asia im from Afghanistan and Afghanistan is in Asia and i look like Korean people so can i become a Kpop idol

  • Lee Hangyul produce 101 x fan

    i'm asian! i really wanna see black people in kpop! i wanna see black kpop stars in group! c'mon dear black people learn korean and will try to become kpop star! and btw my sister also join kpop band but not yet debut! she will debut with two japan and korean girls and btw i think old kpop is the best! they killed it! but this generation kpop is like dead 🙁 we all miss old kpop

  • Jeon Jungkook

    I'm gonna try auditioning but I'm really young so I don't know maybe after some years I have really tanned skin I was born like this so I'm gonna try

  • Brianna Nichols

    Hi I'm 13 and I'm half black half asian. I'm trying to audition for JYP Entertainment. Any chance of me getting in? or atleast any supporting words will do.

  • Godongo

    I look French, do I have any real chance? Also, there's a few things I won't do in Kpop
    1. Prostitution
    2. Swear
    3. Give off sex vibes

    I would love to do a cute concept but never a sexy concept.
    Also I'm 17 so…. what do you guys think?

  • if there is a chogiwill there is a chogiway

    i mean…. with han hyunmin being the beautiful popular korean/nigerian being popular af in k model and mcing industry, sam okyere being a Ghanian comedic genius, Witney being a quite popular foreign youtuber there, lupita n'yongo being loved by the whole nation, etc., i think we might be closer than we think

  • ―colored― cutie―

    my friend is black and she auditioned for SM and passed the first round, failed bc she didn’t know how to freestyle.

  • chanlix z

    I'm a dark skinned hawaiian Japanese girl and I dont look asian at all like I have huge eyes and my nose isn't peaked and i wanna become a trannie but I feel I'm too dark and not "Aisan enough"

  • 설송천

    I am Asian but not korea and i'm tanned (I Love my skin Colour btw). I want to audition but im scared?. And the fact that I'm really young makes it… ;-;… meehhh….

  • min yoongi wife

    I really wanted to sighn up for big hit entertainment and make my own girl group I'm only 10 and I really wanted to audition for it?

  • Tzarrhia Rice

    I’m 14 and I’m black but I look Blasian so I might have a chance and I want to try to become a Kpop idol with my friend.

  • Harley Ashtyn

    I’m 11 and I’m trying to figure out what I want for my future. I know it’s quite soon but I’ve been learning Korean ever since I was 9. I’m African American and I don’t wanna put my whole future ahead of me and then just get left down without any backup plan. I’m also very flexible and a dancer. Hopefully I’m not making a big crazy mistake ?

  • Jimochi -ah

    I want to become an a kpop idol but I feel like I won’t make it because of my skin color and I have a very soft voice that works more with blending in and not singing loud

  • moreu gesseo

    What about non Asians that are not black and have similar skin tone to Koreans. Is there a bigger chance for them to get signed?

  • chyna mai

    annyeonghaseyo! My name is Chyna and i am 11 years old i am half korean and half black, i really want to join the kpop industry but i'm afraid they'll reject me because of my colour, i am mixed so my skin is a little darker. I can speak korean really well, do you think they'll accept me? I need your advice

  • Dorenea D

    K-pop music is from Black ppl. They can't change history and the present. They hesitate forming a black Korean group simply I feel they are threatened and jealous of our round sexy features and our singing voices are light years ahead of theirs. On the other hand black ppl refuse to be physically abused by record companies. If we don't see real profit by the end of the first or second album… there will be hell to pay. Never beg another race to accept you. All races copy us. Black ppl are the backbone of the WHOLE PLANET. I'm getting really bored with Asia music, movies and TV shows already and I just got started in June 2019. The diversity visuals are extremely limited and flat. White makeup on the face while the neck is yellow… WTF


    I want to be a mixed kpop idol. Ive been studying Korean for 2 years but im scared im going to be rejected due to my skin color and my sexuality. I feel like they don't want non-straight black or mixed women i just im scared

  • Yuno Evans

    What if I'm mixed because I'm mixed with black Mexican Indian white and Philippineo and I love dancing and singing but I'm like scared

  • jin love jin

    K-pop isn't for everyone. It's for people of mongoloid descent. How many famous people with mongolid feautures have you actually seen in big platforms except the Korean and Chinese ones? Can't you people even spare K-pop?? It's the only platform available for people whom everyone stereotypicay call Chinese looks or something.

    if you don't have mongoloid features and are not Asian, you better don't even think about making it into K-pop. You can listen and perform but never be a K-pop star.

  • Shady Kiki

    I would personally go to JYP because he said himself that they need to be more diverse and it is a big company and I don’t think he will judge you on skin color

  • 돼 지귀 여 운

    I'm auditioning for JYP and I'm worried I won't have much confidence. Does anyone have any advice to build my comfidence??

  • 다이아나_ARMY_liskook Kim

    I think if a big company like YG, SM, JYP the first company to debut or have a foreigner(non-asian) trainee would be JYP bc he is open to an idea of a non-asian idol or trainee bc JYP in and girl/boy looks for personality, singing and dancing he said that he would pick a person who has lovely personality and a talent show if you are talented I think JYP is the company

  • Nicøle

    Instead of them doing their thing with asians and all that, we can make out own thing?
    They have their thing, we do too! We're even! amirite or am I right?

  • Jaymee Renee

    I think it's worth a try I'm not black but I'm Polynesian and of Asian decent (half tibetan) but I don't look Asian and I'm tan lol but I'm still going to because you never know, even tho I'm scared my ambition goes up when I think I could be accepted and possibly change the world or the way people think you know, although I don't think it'll change I'm determined ☺️❤️

  • STAYinMixerArmyland Lewserandweirdos

    I honestly don’t think the big3 would let me in because I’m black. I think the most biggest company that would let a person in that isn’t Asian is Cube, they have race box that you can tick when you apply.

  • Riane Love

    I’m 11 right now and next year I am going to audition but I’m black. I mean my mom and friends support me. But I really don’t think yg wants blacks ☹️

  • Lying Girl

    Could you do a video on companies that allow kpop trainee to perform for free or for a price that doesnt prevent me from reaching a dream????

  • It’s Diana

    I’m not African American but my parents are hispanic although I do get a lot of people tell me I look Asian soo i don’t know how to perceive this video

  • smh.ilhan ._.

    I’m somalian, and yemeni. yemen is located in Western Asia. a lot of my family members say i look blasian, or have Asian qualities like my eyes, nose, etc. im in the process of losing weight rn, but ive been told that im pretty and i sing good. im 14, and im gonna be a freshman in 2020. im gonna audition for a lot of companies, and hopefully ill be the first black successful kpop idol.

  • Bangtan_ girl ff's

    I'm 100% german(not black but yeah) and want to be a kpop idol…I'm even learning the language and culture-so I won't do something wrong.
    I won't give up my dream and I'm also thinking to go to a audition(or online audition)!
    Guys don't give up your dreams just try!(like me^^)

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