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At UHY we work to three core values integrity,
enthusiasm and teamwork these three values were devised by everyone
at UHY Hacker Young and they form the basis of everything we do right through from recruitment
to performance appraisals, to interacting with our clients. We have a monthly brilliance
award where employees who show the three core values and outstanding work get nominated and one person wins the award which is a £100 voucher, every month. So as you can see every Friday we have dress down Friday On the first Friday of every month we get a large Domino’s delivery and if pizza’s not for you there is always fresh fruit available At UHY we’re such a friendly bunch we hold social events in the past we’ve done go-karting, football and bowling There is a really great culture programme here at UHY which focuses on achieving a healthy work/life balance for all employees I particularly enjoy making use of the flexible working policy which allows me to pick my children up from school What I love most about UHY is definitely the people and the flexibility to choose my hours when I work and allows me to arrange childcare easier The thing I love about UHY is the opportunity to develop I started here almost 17 years ago, straight out of school and I was supported through my studies to enable me to qualify as a chartered accountant at the age of 22 since then I have been given the opportunity to develop by learning new skills taking further qualifications and forge a career path all the way through to being a partner in the business So I joined UHY from school and I have been here ever since I think it’s a really good place to come and learn, I think they’re very supportive If you ask for help there’s loads of different people that are willing to give it to you I think it’s a brilliant place to learn both on and off the job The experience that you will get through here definitely helps with your studies and your studies help with your day job I really couldn’t recommend it enough!

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