Why Do I Plan Estates?
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Why Do I Plan Estates?

the worst and make sure that their
desires were taken care of I look forward to talking to you again
on Ohio Estate and Probate Q&A. Ohio Estate and Probate Q&A and
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today, if you’ve liked what happy to certainly answer
that for you at your own speed. some legal advice given to you by
me, let me know and I’d be episode. If you have a personal
question that you want to have probate, let me know. I’d be happy
to use it on a future is in general or specific part of
it or specific part of probate court, if you have questions
about what estate planning that their wishes are met when those
decisions need to be made. Now, if you have questions on how
I represent individuals in to the next chapter of their life
and they’re able to make sure smoothly as possible for our clients
so that they can move on administer probate. We make sure
that the process goes as estate plans and when we find ourselves
in probate court, we given to them. So ultimately, what
I do now is I help write those themselves when they would not use money
properly that would be instances, having the loved
ones protected from their loved ones to be subject to
or even some in some protected from people making decisions
whom they didn’t want make sure that their wishes were
followed when it came to their Make sure that their health
decisions were taken care of, came to probate and even in situations
where probate wasn’t an issue. helping individuals prepare estate plans for
their families for when it probate court and help prevent them
from even happening by experience from the worst case scenarios
that I would see in would raise. So ultimately, what I
would do is I took my where the heck that will was or
whether or not you had gotten that will revoked was a question
that sometimes people would everything gets sent out ahead of
time and trying to locate rigamarole of having to file
for things and making sure that celebrate your life more than have
to worry with the administrative as possible. That way, your loved
ones can enjoy and the process would run as smoothly
as possible and be as quickly ahead of time so that if they find
themselves in probate court, So I’d sit down with clients
ahead of time and plan for trying to prevent those sort of
forest fires like Smokey the Bear. As a result of this, what I found
that I liked even more was essentially be doing in these situations
is putting out fires. or had those assets titled in another
way, but what we would individuals in probate that didn’t
have those sorts of assets side of things. Sometimes,
I began representing in a situation where we would have
to fight on a foreclosure that I was interested in and I didn’t
even have to find myself situations and it grew more and
more that that was something things and assisting individuals
when it came to those I became more and more interested
in the probate process of that loved one who had passed away. Now, throughout the course of this, estates and making sure that everything
gets taken care of with pleas court, we’d also be working
out in probate court their court that deals with foreclosures
which is known as common would find ourselves doing, in addition
to having to deal in the up the household economy. And in
these circumstances, what we a primary earner or even a secondary
earner that kind of shook anymore because they had a loved
one that passed away or situations where people couldn’t
afford their mortgage payments problems with their jobs. But often
times, I’ve run into see would be based on individuals
that frankly just had Chapter 13. Now in these situations,
a lot of what I would chapter of their lives without filing
for Chapter 7 or get a clean break for them so that
they could begin the next numbers just didn’t make sense for them, what we would do is try to in situations where they wouldn’t
be able to do it or the sure that they are able to continue
to stay in their homes. Or the same time, trying to work out
mortgage modifications to make do is they would hire us to fight
for them in court while at afford the mortgage for a period
of time and so what they would lose their jobs and because of that,
they wouldn’t be able to because of the circumstances with
the economy. People would losing their homes and they were
losing their homes mainly graduated, it was the height of the
foreclosure crisis. Many people were representing homeowners facing foreclosure
because when I and that is why I became an estate
planning attorney. Now when here in Ohio. Today’s question is
kind of a personal one for me I first got out of law school and
began practicing law, I was that you have involving the estate
planning and probate process I’m your host, Scott Hoberg,
where I answer questions that I’m going to answer for you today
on Ohio Estate and Probate Q&A. Why am I an estate planning attorney?
That’s the question loved ones and make sure that their
families were protected –

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