Who Swiped Left On Cardi B? | Swipe In One Second

– Ahh! Wait, who’s that?
– Ugh! I wanna date Tina Fey! – That’s Adam Levine?
Holy– what the heck?! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Have you ever tried
a dating app? – Have I ever tried a dating app?
I met my boyfriend on a dating app almost three years ago.
– This is what all us married ladies do.
We go hang out with our friends, and we’re like, “Swipe that one.
Mm, don’t swipe that one.” – (FBE) Well, we’re actually
going to be having you play another edition
of Swipe in One Second today. – Ooh! Okay.
– Last time, off of one second, I got my girl Rihanna.
And I heard she’s single now. – (FBE) Are you ready?
– Kind of. Sort of. It’s just gonna be me swiping right,
I promise that. – Dude looks like he smokes
so much weed! – He looks fun.
Okay, I’ll match. He just had this funny grin
on his face. – Yeah, I’m good, bro.
I don’t even know what the [bleep] that hair
and goatee was, man. – His smirk looks like
he’s up to no good, so I’m gonna pass.
– I’m taking it! (laughs) But I don’t know who that is.
It was really cute. – I feel like that was
a familiar face. I think the hair threw me off.
– Nah. He looked a little dirty. I don’t know if it was the long hair.
I have long hair, but that’s, like, rock aesthetic, “I have greasy hair.
I hate my mom.” – Oh! I know who this is.
Nope! (chuckles) I know it’s Adam Levine.
And he is very handsome. But I liked all
of his old Maroon 5 stuff and not really any
of his new stuff, so I don’t think I could
date this man and he’ll be like, “What do you think of my music now?”
And I’d have to LIE! – (FBE) That was Adam Levine.
– That’s Adam Levine?! Holy– what the heck?!
– He’s a good-looking guy now. Hopefully I age like that.
– What the [bleep]? Are you serious?
How? Where? – All right. Who’s this?
Oh! Tsk. – (squeals) Wait.
Who is that? – Who is that? I’m passing,
but I could tell she’s gorgeous. – I’m gonna pass that.
I think– was that Cardi B? – Uh, uh, uh!
Okay, I have a weird thing with really long nails,
so I’ma pass on that one. – I passed. I don’t know why.
She reminded me of my grandma. – If I saw this photo
on a dating app, I would think this woman
is very confident in herself, so I’d match her.
– Oh! I think– see, it’s also bad,
’cause I recognize a lot of these celebrities off the bat.
That was Cardi B! So, I’m like, “Why wouldn’t I
want to try dating her?” – Was that Cardi B?
[Bleep]! No! I take it back. – I love Cardi B.
People say she’s very opinionated, and she is. And I think
that’s a very strong trait in her. – I don’t even think
it’s a look thing. I don’t think I could stand her
being like “Okurrr” every [bleep] three seconds
into my ear. – I’m having some regret right now.
Cardi B would be a frickin’ blast. Are you kidding me? I love her.
Did you see her in Hustlers? She was the hottest one there.
Sorry, J.Lo! – All right. Who’s next?
Ah, I’m good. [Bleep]! I matched again!
This is confusing me. – I like a dude in a suit,
so we’re gonna pass– I mean, match.
– Sure! Let’s match! He’s dressed nice.
– He’s very androgynous. I’m taking it.
It’s a match! – I don’t know who that is.
He looked interesting. So, I was like, “Meh.”
– I’d probably pass. He’s so pretty.
He’s too pretty for me. – I mean, I’ll take it.
I just kind of feel like I’ve been saying no for a lot of them,
and I feel like I need to give some people some chances.
– It’s a match. That was an easy one.
I feel like the hair was looking nice, looking nice and dapper.
I don’t know who that was, though. Maybe an old writer?
– (FBE) That was Charlie Chaplin. – Oh! That was Charlie Chaplin?
Aww! You know what? He was missing the little mustache,
and I think that’s why I didn’t recognize him.
You know what? I’ll take it, though. I think Charlie Chaplin
would’ve been a fun chap to date. – I would totally wanna
date Charlie Chaplin. He was loaded and a goofball.
If he lived in this day and age, it’d be a little fun
for the whole family. He always was fun
for the whole family in his silent films.
– Ooh! Cute! Yes, let’s do it.
No, wait. This way. – Oh. She’s bad.
Yeah, I’ma go with that one. She looks adventurous too.
– She’s hot. I don’t know who she is.
She’s hot. I’m matching. Oh my god. What a beautiful angel.
– I’m taking her. (laughs) Why am I taking everybody?
It’s a match! She’s some famous model.
She’s beautiful. – Oh, I passed! Whoops.
That was an accident. I meant to match with them,
but that’s totally fine. She just looked very elegant.
– She looks cool. Very just mysterious and classy.
– I’ll match that. She looked pretty well off,
looked like she could be on a pier or something.
Maybe she owns a yacht. Maybe she wants to take me
on her yacht. – Okay, I swiped right.
So, I matched. Was that Selena?
– (FBE) No. – Who was that?
– (FBE) That was Kris Jenner. – Oh. Oh, wow! Beautiful!
Adopt me. Please. – She’d be so fun to date.
Are you kidding me? I’m obsessed with her.
– I probably should’ve known maybe off the face shape and the eyes,
but oh, I’d be honored. We’d go sailing together.
– Not a huge fan of that family. I think they’re a little–
I mean, marketing geniuses, but they do some strange things.
– Oh, he’s cute too. Who is that? I think that’s a yes.
I’m gonna match with that one too! – Let’s freakin’ do it.
Let’s match. I love a good power pose
and a suit, so why not? – Look at those eyes.
Beautiful. Beautiful. I’m swiping right so fast.
– I’ll match. I’ll match. – I pass on that.
It kind of gave me some eerie vibes. – That was a handsome person.
I think he was handsome, so I swiped right.
– Passed that. Stare was a little intense.
– The guy looks like he knows what he’s doing, right?
He looks like he has a lot of philosophical knowledge,
and I feel like you can learn a lot from him,
so boom. Match. – I don’t know who any
of these people are! I’m just like, “Hey,
you’re hot. You’re hot. You’re beautiful.
Oh my god. You’re hot.” – (FBE) That was James Earl Jones.
– Who’s that? – (FBE) He’s an actor.
He was the voice of Darth Vader, Mufasa…
– Ohhh, shoot! That’s disrespectful. – No way! That is se–
He has a sexy voice. – It’s Darth Vader.
I’ll take that. I’d like to go to the dark side
of the force, and I would do that with James Earl Jones.
Are you kidding me? – Ooh! I don’t know who this is.
Looks like a very ’60s photo, so let’s go with it.
– It was a cute dress. Maybe we could share clothes.
– Hot. – I don’t know who that was.
– I don’t know who that was. But I liked her style.
I liked her hair. – It’s a match.
Very confident, outgoing. I’m feeling the vibe.
– Nah. Not feeling that one. Just not into the hair back then.
– Passing. There’s a little vibe
that felt a little– it’d be not a loose and free date.
It’d be a little controlling. – Yeah, I’ll match.
She’s so cute. I can tell she has
a very strong sense of self, and that’s very attractive.
– (FBE) Do you know who that was? – No idea.
– (FBE) That was Martha Stewart – My money laundering queen.
I’m trapping with her. Trapping with her
and making good food. – Glad I passed on that one!
Could be kinda crazy. She would hate my–
she’d be like, “What are you doing?”
I’d be like, “I don’t know. I’m basting the turkey.”
“Not that way! This way.” (chuckles) – She’s gonna make crafts
with me and food and stuff. It’s okay. I’m happy. (laughs)
– (FBE) So, she was a model before she started
all her home goods stuff. – I didn’t know that. Dang.
And then she just– straight to jail, huh?
Start smoking weed with Snoop, and then… big Ls.
– Oh, wow. Okay. I don’t know who this is,
but sure, another well-dressed man. Let’s go for it.
– Oh, that’s an absolute no. – I passed.
– I’m swiping. I’m matching. – He’s good looking, you know?
He looks– he’s like well kept. He’s in a suit.
– All right, bro. This dude is just scary, man.
This was not inviting. This made me close the door.
Sometimes my boys will tell me like, “Yo, this is my Tinder.
How does it look?” I’m like, “Why do you
look so mad?” – Nah. The stare was pretty intense.
It was kind of off-putting, like maybe this person
could murder me. – That looks exactly
like Richard Nixon, and Richard Nixon
is a scary man. – (FBE) That was Richard Nixon.
– Oh. Oh! Interesting!
– Ehh. Ehhh! Well… Never mind. We’d go
on one date together, and then we’d realize
that our political views don’t align. – He went to my local college,
so it’s like we know all about Richard Nixon and his impeachment,
and it’s just not good, man. Not a good guy!
– Hair? Oh my god. Blown away. Absolutely stunner.
– Yes. Yes! Yes. – Ooh. I’m a fan of the curly hair.
Maybe my opinion is biased. – I love her hair.
She has beautiful eyes. She has a pretty smile.
I’ll match. – I don’t– ahh.
– Oh… ‘kay. – Mmm… Tsk.
Not into the redheads. – I feel like I recognize this face.
I’m gonna just go with a no, though. I can’t be that generous to everyone.
– (FBE) Do you know who that was? – No idea.
– (FBE) It was Nicole Kidman. – Oh my gosh. Wow!
(gasps) I see it now! – I don’t even know who that is!
She looks like an adult version of a Chucky doll.
– We would have so much fun together. I’d be like,
“Let’s go prank Tom Cruise,” and she’d be like,
“Totally. Let’s do it.” – And to me, even looking
at her photo again, it doesn’t even super look like her.
The hair really threw me off. But it was kind of cool
just to see what she looked like. – Is this the woman
that was super happy when she was walking
out of the divorce office? There are some pictures
that went viral recently. If that’s her, then I would
wanna date her, ’cause she looks like
she has good energy. – I have no idea who–
She’s pointing at a band-aid. I’m matching.
She’s got humor. She’s funny. – I pass on that.
I don’t know. She’s pointing at her–
what if she has staph infection on her arm? I’m good.
– She’s pointing to a band-aid. I love her. I’ma match with her.
I just love weird, quirky, funny, silly people, people who don’t
take themselves seriously. – Nah.
– Just looked like my grandma again. – She looked like my mom.
I like my mom, but I wouldn’t swipe right
on my mom. – That’s a no.
I passed. I’ve been taking everybody.
I’m dating so much, I’m exhausted. I think I’m gonna regret that,
’cause she looks like a funny lady. – Oh! I know who this is. Match!
No! Why do I keep on [bleep] up?! That’s Tina Fey. Oh, she’d be
a wonderful woman to date. – Wow, I love Tina Fey.
She’s a very strong, badass female who’s not afraid
to say what she wants to say. – She is my spirit animal.
That would’ve been the best date ever! – (FBE) What made you pass on her?
– I don’t know. She had a band-aid. I was like, “Ugh.
It looks like she needs help. Maybe I’d have to take care of her.”
I don’t know. I feel like I was slutty.
I was taking everybody. It was like a big combo platter.
Ugh! I wanna date Tina Fey! – I’m gonna match with him
specifically to ask for dressing tips. – You’re wearing a suit. Match.
– Oh. I don’t know who this is, but sure! Let’s do it.
– Ooh. So sexy. I’m gonna take that,
but I feel in my heart that could be a bad idea.
– Pass. I’m passing. – Eh. Ah! The guy looks scary, man.
He looks like he definitely does not do legal things.
– He looked like Superman, so that’s why I swiped. (chuckles)
– Ohhh! I got this masculine, like rrr! And I was like, yeah.
I liked it. – (FBE) That was William Shatner.
– Who’s William Shatner? His name is Shat.
Why would I wanna date someone with the last name Shat?
– Oh, William Shatner! That’s a great idea!
I would have a very Star Trek-y kind of a moment.
I love that. – She’s hot.
It looked like a mugshot, but she’s hot.
– Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know who that was.
– Whoa. Okay. That looked like a mugshot,
but they looked like I definitely wanna rob a bank with them.
– It looked like a mugshot low-key, but she looked pretty. (laughs) – Having a mugshot
on your Tinder profile, that’s kind of hard.
– Sure! Let’s do it! Love her hair!
– I like her the most. I’m gonna match.
She has this softness to her that I feel like
I could relate to. – She’s so cute.
I don’t know who she is, but we’re totally hanging out.
Oh, I passed. I passed on her accidentally.
– (FBE) Well, you matched with Sarah Seawright. So,
this might surprise you a little bit. She’s known as prison bae.
– Prison bae? Hold on. Did her head shot go viral
and people were just like, “Oh my god. She’s so hot!
Yes, prison!” (snapping) – (FBE) Yup. Basically. – (FBE) Reasons for her arrests
have included careless driving, driving without insurance,
aggravated robbery, kidnapping, first degree battery,
hindering prosecution, and tampering with physical evidence.
– None of those are murder, so it’s all good with me.
– Oh my god! I take it back. I should’ve gone with my gut,
and I should’ve been like, “You know what?
I’m gonna pass on this one.” – She’s badass,
batshit crazy, which makes me like her
even more to be honest. – It started off like,
“Oh, that’s not that bad.” And then you hit me
with the robbery, and then from then on,
it was like, “Oh… Yeah, okay.” (laughs)
Like maybe I shouldn’t message this person.
– I’m very happy with my choices and what I said.
– I definitely don’t think this changed my idea
of dating apps. If anything, this game showed me
why it’s so important to at least read someone’s bio,
because, I mean, you do do a lot of swiping
just based off physical appearance, whether they’re cute or not.
But you kind of have to dig a little bit deeper and make sure
that maybe you guys at least have some sort
of foundation in common or that they’re a good person
before you decide to go on that date. – Thanks for watching us swipe
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