What It’s Like Being A Client of Greenberg & Bederman Law Firm – Pt. 1
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What It’s Like Being A Client of Greenberg & Bederman Law Firm – Pt. 1

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– My Greenberg & Bederman experience was phenomenal. They kept the lines of
communication open with me. If I needed anything, I
could reach out at any time. – After I spoke with Andy that first time, there was no need to talk to anybody else. The biggest surprise of all, whenever I did place a phone
call or shoot an email, they got right back. – They would always say,
“If you have any questions, please call back,” and if I
had a question, I’d call back, and I got someone immediately. – When I initially called them, I was shocked to hear
Andy answer the phone. – It kind of surprised me that he spent a lot of time on the phone. – Andy took the time to
make sure that I knew that I was relevant. – I felt as if somebody cared, somebody cared about me,
somebody cared about my story. – The thing that really stood out is that he didn’t really go into
detail about my case. He wanted to know about me as a person, and that made a huge difference. – I was kind of waiting for him to say, “I’ma pass you on to somebody
else,” but he never did. – I didn’t know what to expect, but I did not know that I was going to get the type of service that I got. I got excellent service,
excellent service.

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