What is the Rule of Law?
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What is the Rule of Law?

[Title] What is the rule of law? The rule of law means that we’re all equal
in front of the law. When everybody’s free to say what they want. Justice. Jason Gluck: Rule of law is holding people accountable to the law. Justice Anthony Kennedy: The law must emanate from the people. Look, the law lives in the consciousness of the people. If don’t have that, you don’t have law. Vivienne O’Connor: In countries where the rule of law is absent ordinary people do not have access to the justice system. [Text] The U.N. defines Rule of Law as, “a principle of governance in which all persons, institutions, and entities,” “public and private, including the state itself, are accountable to laws.” Imagine you’re walking down the street
and you’re suddenly approached by plainclothes police officers from a
secret security agency. You’re taken to a prison, you’re tortured, you’re abused, you’re held without any legal grounds, and you have just simply disappeared. The rule of law emanates from the people of a nation. Yet there are countries where the rule
of law is not a common practice. Without the rule of law you have a nation where its citizens fundamental rights and well-being are not protected. The United States Institute of Peace believes that rule of law is the lifeblood of a society. One example of how we bring in voices of the people into the process is
through justice and security dialogue where we bring citizens, government,
police, and others together to build trust, identify the rule-of-law
challenges, and come up together with joint solutions and strategies. Hamid Khan: The rule of law is more than about one person or even groups of people. The rule of law is a process, but once constructed can be enduring. [Text] Eisenhower: “Clearest way to show what rule of law means to us in everyday life is to” “recall what has happened when there is no rule of law.” What we’re seeing in the world is people’s demand for a voice in decisions that affect their lives, for society that
provides justice, security, and accountability for everyone. In other
words, a society that abides by the rule of law. [Text] Learn more about the United States Institute of Peace and the Rule of Law at USIP.org


  • adf adfsd

    I support the mission to support the "rule of law" throughout the world but we need to be introspective as a nation and assess whether we truly are as free as we consider ourselves to be. What about instance of police brutality that happen everyday in our nation, yet never reported as wrongful because some people think "that is just the way things are." We must also enforce our "rule of law" to ensure that we are not just living in a land of illusory freedom.

  • 733Rafael

    Law – system manufactured by rulers to exploit their "human resources" in a optimal way, preferably by fooling them into consensual submission and servitude to compensate incompetence of their military/police enforcers. Rule of law IS slavery.

    "Law from the people" is a mirage/slogan in ignorant society managed by few; rational citizens focused on education do not need law to restrain them.

  • Richard Mcginnis

    the rule of law? the rule of law in america means you can be detained without cause for an indefinite period, the rule of law in america means you can be unarmed and killed by police for nothing, the rule of law in america means that you are not safe from your government's rule over how you are allowed by them to live, the rule of law means they make them up as they go if you are free then you rule yourself and the government stops those who want to control you, the rule of law is not what you think it is the rule of law is them ruling you in a closed country with camera's on every street corner and home invasions by the police without warrant for whatever reason. the rule of law needs to be ruled by the laws set forth by the fathers of this country not the so called puppets of this america. and if the rule of law is supposed to be the way this country is run, why are the criminals in office? and why are they calling the heroes and the regular people the criminals and terrorists? 

  • Gusty17

    The idea of the rule of law comes from Hobbes then it's further developed by Locke. It is true that countries that abide by the rule of law develop themselves economically and politically. That's why no matter how much aid the US gives to African countries, these would not develop if they lack the fundamental institutions that were born in Britain after the glorious revolution. The US just inherited those institutions.

  • etniks

    This definition means the USA has been outside the LAW for many years by:
    1- invading Panama and abducting its president Noriega and then imprisoned him,
    2-Developing a system called "Extraordinary Rendition" to violate the sovereignty of countries by abducting many people it wanted, and kept them in irregular "black sites" secretly.
    3-Invading and destroying Iraq while offering COMPLETE LIES about WMD's.
    4-Murdering Osama Bin Laden instead of going through the legal process.
    5-Overstaying in Guantanamo base after the lease has expired against the wishes of the legitimate government of Cuba.
    6-The imprisonment of many hundreds of persons around the world, with absolutely no legality, and still keeps dozens after the US Supreme court has declared them INNOCENT!!!
    7-The US harbors many DECLARED TERRORISTS in its midst, like the Cuban Posada Carriles who put a bomb in an airplane killing 147 people.
    8-The attacks Cuba suffered accused of sinking a US ship which resulted in the invasion of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Philippines.   Plus the escalation against Vietnam after the FAKE "attack of the Gulf of Tompkin" that never took place.
    9-The stealing of more than half of Mexican territory using again an excuse of an attack.

  • Shane Lackey

    Rule of Law ?

    The concept generally is to debunk " some Animals are more equal thanks others " .

    Class systems are forbidden under Rule of Law .
    " I can't print money out of thin air ,
    You can not print money out of thin air ,
    nobody can print money out of thin air . "

    A class system without the use of force herding people into money printed out of thin air is no more a Sustainable model than the current Rule by Law model where some people in fact can print money out of thin air .

    Janet Yellen can print money out of thin air , I can not print money out of thin air , there is no Rule of Law between her and I .
    Clearly her shit doesn't stink and the rest of us are beneath her presumably benevolent printing press in a form of Rule by Law that sufficates Labor Value into Oblivion via inflation .

  • Zedd

    We need to create laws that protect people, but do not cause limitations on personal growth. For example, I lived in a home where there were so many restrictions that it prevented my personal growth and kept me from improving myself. Now this is a metaphor for a nation: Promote the arts, trade, industry, science, and philosophy. But protect people, particularly from the abuse of power and from foreign abusers.

  • Dude Yo

    "Republic" what does this word mean? The public thing rules. What is the public thing? Well I'm pretty sure your foundation is a part of the oligarchy who lives beyond the rule of law. Is that why you were teaching false information?

  • Valentin Maksimov

    If the contract after the divorce is challenged by one of the spouses, another situation arises: the family law contains the opportunity to apply to the court with an appropriate claim, but this does not exclude the application of the Civil Code rules on how to protect the partners of the relevant legal relations. The sixty-fifth article alone is simply not capable of exhaustively settling the structure of such protection, but, on the contrary, it can be used for abuse in divorce.
    It often happens when one sues the invalidation of a contract, in order to impose an appropriate arrest. For example, when a husband signs a loan or a suretyship agreement, to satisfy their conditions, a claim is made for their invalidity on the basis of ignorance. The highest specialized court finally indicated that the recovery of loans does not extend to the consent of the wife. Of course, there is no discernment between the presumption of awareness and agreement of the agreement, which is concluded by the husband, and on such grounds of lack of consent the whole transaction is disputed.


    White Supremacy is “The rule of law” . “ We’re white & We say so ! If you aren’t willing to be subjugated we will destroy you & everything/person you know because we are the only government & religion on this planet. If you don’t think so just try us.” The facts prove this to be exactly what I’ve stated.

  • Jeremy Anderson

    "The law lives in the conscience of the people. If the people have no conscience there can be no law."
    What a perfect explanation for the trump phenomena.

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