What Is Martial Law And How Does It Work?
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What Is Martial Law And How Does It Work?

On July 15, 2016, a faction of the Turkish
military tried, and failed, to overthrow the country’s government. Turkey erupted in
chaos, and thousands of citizens spilled into the streets. During the attempted coup, the military took
over the state-run TV channel, announcing that they would impose a curfew and place
the nation under martial law. Had the coup been successful, it would have been the fourth
time Turkey had been placed under such conditions. So what exactly is martial law? Well, in the simplest terms, marital law means
that the military has replaced the standing government. As such, the highest ranking military
official becomes the head of state, and the country’s constitution, along with individual
rights and freedoms, are suspended. Martial law is usually a response to a malicious,
corrupt or inefficient government, and is imposed after a coup d’etat or political
uprising. But in rarer instances, it can occur during a conflict or after a natural disaster,
when the state is particularly vulnerable.   In the United States, martial law is directly
linked to the writ of habeas corpus, which, broadly speaking, gives the judiciary the
power to oversee law enforcement. When habeas corpus is suspended, the country is arguably
in a state of martial law. This has only happened on a federal level once: when President Lincoln
suspended habeas corpus during the Civil War. However it has happened on a state or local
level a number of times. For example, what is now the state of Hawaii was placed under
martial law following the Pearl Harbor Attack in World War Two. The city of San Francisco
has dealt with martial law twice – once after the 1906 earthquake, and again in 1934, when
the California governor responded to the dock workers’ strike by placing just the docks
under martial law. But in certain countries, particularly in
Southeast Asia, martial law is not nearly as rare. The Philippines, for instance, has
instituted martial law five times, one of which lasted nearly a decade. In Thailand,
the military has seized power a whopping 12 times in the last century. The most recent
instance was in 2014, when the military junta ousted the democratically elected government
amid months of violent protests. Martial law was lifted the following year, only to be
replaced with a law that grants the military junta sweeping powers in the name of maintaining
“peace and stability”. Military officials can seize assets, censor the media and detain
or arrest anyone suspected of crimes against Thailand’s royal family. In most countries, martial law is a last resort,
and, as a result, is extremely rare. The military tends to seize power during a time of political
or social unrest, however they often have the opposite effect – that is, creating a
violent police-state. So, it’s understandable that citizens of countries that have been
placed under martial law several times would be weary of such conditions. For instance
during the attempted coup in Turkey, many citizens came out in support of their controversial
president and ruling party. For those familiar with martial law, a corrupt or otherwise unjust
government is oftentimes better than the alternative….. We couldn’t make fascinating episodes like
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So what exactly is a coup d’etat? Check out this video to learn more. (sound up) Thanks
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  • John Holmes

    Martial law means you are a slave and have no rights. This is what the courts are doing to Americans every day. They are deceptively operating under martial law.

  • luvmykids71

    Wait! Did she say that "a corrupt or unjust government is OFTENTIMES BETTER than the alternative"? Did I hear that right? WTELF??
    This propaganda paid for by the DNC.

  • Zip G

    Why didn't you mention Greenwood (Tulsa) Oklahoma 1921 invasion and devastation of Black Wall Street yet mention Hawaii that wasn't even a state until 1959? Kind of biased don't you think?

  • Nidhi Krishnamurthy

    Martial law can also be imposed by a military when it wants to control the country… it's not for nothing that people say that in Turkey and Pakistan, the military has a country

  • Mike Fu

    And people wonder why Americans LOVES their guns……because all it takes is some Scumbag to ABUSE Martial Law….period.

  • Smol Son

    Thank you for this informative video. Sometimes other websites can't explain things in an easy to understand way but you do an amazing job of it.

  • Yui Akashi

    In Philippines having a Martial Law(issued by pres. Duterte) issued to our land is actually a good thing in our situation. Terrorists are becoming more and more aggressive and almost won a city. I'm quite happy I'm safe right now. 😊

  • jacob sterling

    You would have to be a fool to think the military is standing behind martial law. Itll just be a civil war. Get ready folk

  • bornofthefire thegiftofgod

    I will now pour the lake of fire into the school system to purge out all false flag attack it’s partakers those who do covering up

  • R S

    its not only our military being able to control us because they are all over the country in huge numbers. every state has national guard with full gear. and now our govt has been selling all kinds armored military vehicles used in Iraq and Afghanistan to local police departments. making our local cops HIGHLY militarized ( peace officers wouldn't be militarized) so once it happens it will be fast to take control of everything.

  • MarkaLand

    ya yıkık evlatların aınıanızın amnıa 2 kılo baklavak usup suzerıne sıkıp tekrar yıyeım amnı evaltalrı anaınıınm anıa 1000 kilo nutella dokup yalayayım anınıın amnıa varya boeing 777 ucagı ile 7 defa girip çıakyım amın evlatları fetoculer sizi

  • Don Freas

    What would I do…….?   As a sworn Military Retired I would support it as Long as it was Legal example, Call for By a Legal Elected President.  Example if President Trump called for it.  If Not called for by President Trump I would Oppose it an fight against it.

  • Otto graff

    If you wa t to know what martial law is read the Lieber Codes general orders 100. We are and have been under martial law sense April 24 1863. Read it then prove me wrong! Our entire history is a lie. A made up fairytale to make you sleep better at night while psychopaths run the world. If you really want to learn our past read their documents not their fairytale history books.

  • 546 cowboy

    It may be coming America as the arrests of the corrupt will accelerate it will become necessary to control the borders and rouge cities and states from chaos. When the news blackout happens the left will react with violence as their source of propaganda will be silenced. WE the majority will suffer but they will be lost without the constant lies from MSM.

    Remember : WE ARE the largest armed force in history and WE outnumber the socialist globalists and WE will be the Victorious!

  • kg gamer

    1968 just after MLK was killed we were under it for about a week in Kansas City…..noooo….can't buy gas or other necessary items…it's locked in my brain as a terrible time…the guards?? Or soldiers carried rifles with bayonets and they would stand in front of stores with them crossed over doors….the streets were empty during the day…at least if it happens in the future I've already had a dress rehearsal 50 years ago!!!

  • Siggy Odom

    I am not the smartest person but I know here in the United States, right now, martial law would set off a civil war. There would be more blood shed than you can imagine. Most people are fed up with our government. Change is long over due.
    Martial law would set off a blood bath the likes of which the world has never known.
    A day or two fine but if they started rounding up people, it's not going to be good especially if you are in uniform of any kind.
    Just my opinion.

  • Trump & Obamas New World Order MATRIX of Lies

    Obama signed a passage that would allow the UN to come in when the country plunges into chaos. The signing was calculated, it's part of a plan created by the NWO that will allow for many things including Bush, Clinton, Obama, Trump to escape justice. Qanon wants us to think McCain was suicided, but when I searched I could not find any pics of McCain lying in an open casket. Why is that? Walmart stores that did brisk business have been closed and turned into FEMA camps.

    The Walmart stores near me in San Jose and Oakland were closed, as were others around the country. It is said the govt purchased 30,000 guillotines. Found the FEMA info on Youtube. Saw a very good, believable, sincere Texan on video who was in Hurricaine Harvey. He said FEMA was killing unarmed, innocent people – along with intentionally flooding areas in an effort to drown more Texan's.

    I'm not a Democrat, I stopped voting years ago. Trump, Qanon, prayingmedic, along with thousands of Jew's posing as Christian's online on social media (and in the real world) performed psyop's that fooled million's of MAGA fans. You thought controlled oppositon was employed by only one side? No, controlled opposition is employed on both sides, by MAGA fans and Antifa – to divide us, to achieve a state of chaos that would require martial law.

    Why do you think Trump covers up 9/11 false flag attack every year? Why do you think he refuses to declassify the secret files pertaining to the JFK assassination? Do you know why Trump appointed Rothschild employee Wilbur Ross to his cabinet? I know the answers to these questions. All of these things and more point to a bad ending, but I sincerely hope I'm wrong.

  • Scott Lotz

    It's a way for them to take away your right to bare arms. The will and have gone door to door collecting guns. By martial law we the people are to give up our weapons. It puts all the policing in the hands of the president and his military. Which by the way is every branch.

  • Scott Lotz

    It's been done once before to clean out those government offices that think they are above the law. Such as FBI, IRS, CIA, NSA ATF, OHS, DEA,. All of them need some house cleaning .

  • Lajoy Howard


  • brother mike

    martial law would be good! it would put military in charge of crooked cops! and courts and politicians! that all serve great britain! not you! make america great britain again! the real full quote!

  • Eddie Ford

    How about this idea. What would be wrong for us/the US to NJprotect our nation and allow other country's to do with ever they desire to do. Does anyone see the need, or reason why we have to control other peoples nations, unless there is plots being planned to kill Americans
    How about let's leave other nations, countries, and people's cultures, let's allow them the figure out their own problems. I honestly feel this would be a huge step in the right direction. Their problems shouldn't cost Americans money, these people are not going to change, we cannot wash off a zebra stripes, and when another is born it will have the same stripes, from generation to generation it will remain. It's all instilled in their blood, it's in their DNA and folks, the US trying to rule the world is kinda like hitching up a ant to a bail of hay. The ant has the desire, and the willingness to get the job done but it won't work. Stating this I'm sure most will agree that we must stop, defend, kill to protect this nation, if we don't there will not be a United States Of America any more, protecting this nation is going to harder not easier, so we need to all join together and stop allowing the media the ablity to control us. We must have stability, strength, be united, and be fortified together as one. This is a very bad thing, Americans hating, disrespecting one another. For our children we, you ,me everyone must towards a common goal for there safety and protection.
    I love all Americans but some more than otheres. I'm certain you understand, to dislike a person of their ways and any evil they may do but we must try , and work to pray and love their souls. You must defend and protect your family.
    Written with love and gladness to all.
    An American patriot. E ff

  • Anne Bradley

    Trump wants Martial Law now so he will not get arrested and can allow more mass murders like at Paradise, CA, and get away with it! Meantime, Bushes, McCain, Soros, and Obama are arrested WITHOUT Martial Law. They all pleaded guilty. WE DO NOT NEED MARTIAL LAW.

  • Lyubomir Stamatov

    Everyone know that America is going to collapse. Look at the Dept. America never can clean all this dept never it's just going to deep dark holl. The American Dream is dead.

  • onee

    Turkey's history of coups:
    1960 Military coup by the army
    1980 Military coup by the army
    1997 Military memorandum by the army (not really a coup, army asked the government to resign and they did)
    2016 Attempted military coup by loyalist of Fetullah Gülen (who for some reason is still protected by the United States)

  • Checkerzzz gaming Hi

    Only way is Marshall Law state to state worked in Texas Helps American people this is how each state stop government from working against the American people so As all American people can see New York needs Marshall law with the unjust government we have this is best solution for New York

  • xXevilVisionXx


  • The Good Taste Guy

    I can see martial law happening in the USA very soon because of our corrupt government and the evil democrats in Congress

  • Gökhun Doğaç TEMUR

    Last coup on July 15 was a fake. It was organized to distract media and many things and of course to maintain and even gain more strength/political power for the president to fulfill his or his masters purpose to tear country apart.

  • Elaine Davis

    Yeshua the messiah is coming back and he will show themilitary who is NO F OF NO GS AND LORD OF LORDS BY devilworshipper

  • Thomas Coleman

    So if martial law was imposed at the Federal level in the US then habeas corpus would be suspended. How does this affect the Posse Comitatus Act? Is that suspended too or does the repercussions of violating Posse Comitatus apply after martial law is lifted?

  • Henry Melara

    Kill em all and have America run its self the government only wants to control us they let all this happend all the distraction is bad they wanna eliminate all minorities that's there plan

  • DRY HEAT smith

    As soon as the flying deluxo comes out US Army is in for it we take down all their fine airplanes with our flying cars with missile launchers on them

  • reighfried36952

    I had a vision of Trump, Obama, Clinton, and Sanders at a party and someone asked when martial law was gonna happen. Then all their faces at the same time turned into a demonic smile.

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