What is it like to be a trainee at Royds Withy King?
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What is it like to be a trainee at Royds Withy King?

As a trainee at Royds Withy King, you can
expect to learn a lot. You’ll learn that you really have the opportunity
to grow and develop your career, working on stimulating projects as part of
an expert team of leaders in their field. You’ll learn that working with great people
means it’s OK to ask questions. And working in smaller teams really allows
you to get stuck in and offer excellent service to our clients.
You’ll get to do high quality client work in a relaxed environment,
and get to experience more than just work. You’ll be challenged to be your best
somewhere that’s really going places, at a fast pace.
You won’t be expected to work the infamously long hours of other firms,
and you get to work with premier clients. All in the knowledge that you’re part of a
firm who work hand in hand to help you reach your full potential.
What else will you learn as a trainee at Royds Withy King? Apply now to start your career
at a forward-thinking, top 100 law firm.

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