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What Is Domestic Abuse? | The Family Law Co

what is domestic abuse? Domestic abuse is
indiscriminate – it affects people from across society, whether rich or poor,
married or single, working or unemployed 1 in 4 women, and 1 in 6 men
experiences domestic abuse during their lives. Domestic abuse is not just
physical abuse. It can be threats and intimidation, sexual abuse and emotional
abuse. Jealous behaviour or control of finances can also be types of domestic
abuse. Children are sometimes have forgotten witness to domestic abuse in
the home and can get caught in the crossfire. Around 750,000 children
witness domestic abuse in their homes each year. What should you do if someone
you know is suffering domestic abuse? If you believe someone you know is
suffering domestic abuse you can contact a number of organisations, such as the
police, social services and specialist support services. If you suspect a child
is suffering domestic abuse, do not wait but report it immediately. That child may
be in danger of harm, long-term psychological damage or even a threat to
their life. What should you do if you are suffering domestic abuse? If you are a
victim of domestic abuse yourself, do not hesitate to get in contact emergency
applications can be made quickly to raise protective injunctions for you and
your children and legal aid is still available for many victims of domestic
abuse. There are also dedicated agencies to
provide assistance. Whether it is you or someone you know who is suffering,
domestic abuse should never be ignored. Help is available right now. you

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