What is a Virtual Assistant and What Can They Help With?
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What is a Virtual Assistant and What Can They Help With?

hey today I want to do a little bit of
clearing up of exactly what a virtual assistant is what they’re not as well we
haven’t met before hi I’m Nerin from Positively Sorted and
me and my team help small businesses to get some of their tricky
behind-the-scenes admin done that can sometimes do your head in. Things like
websites and dealing with the dreaded the NDIS portal and things like that so
I’ve met people before and told them I was a virtual assistant or that I was
hiring a virtual assistant and it’s a pretty broad general term. I kind of
compare it to saying you’re a tradie that you could be a painter or a plumber
or an electrician and or be called a tradie and a virtual assistant is is
the same sort of thing you could be a personal assistant or an admin account
payable receivable sort of person or you could be a graphic designer or social
media virtual assistant. Some people haven’t actually heard of a virtual assistant even.
If they worked in corporate or bigger companies that don’t use them and I want
to make sure that smaller businesses that could really benefit from a virtual
assistant really understand what they are so what they’re not is… If you
really haven’t heard of them you could think it’s something like Siri or like
hey Alexa, virtual reality sort of thing if you may have vaguely heard of a virtual assistant and the way some people talk about them
you could think it’s $5 an hour offshore Virtual Assistants from the
Philippines or India or somewhere those people that you get on the phone
sometimes when you call Telstra or and somebody calls you like a cold call
and yes they can be a virtual assistant can be that and they can be really
useful sometimes but some people also think that a virtual assistant is a mum
that’s just working at home for a couple of extra dollars while the kids are at
home. Trust me, trying to work from home when the kids are at home it’s not easy but
you might think that they don’t have real skills and can help with things
other than just basic sorting out your emails or booking appointments.
So I went to a workshop recently with a bunch of other virtual assistants
locally and in that room there were women who had degrees in business, change
management, I’ve got a degree in information systems, there were people with qualifications in event management, there was a legal, I
think it’s a paralegal they’re called and but she was also doing a law degree.
We’ve got, on my team, I’ve got a graphic designer whose university trained
graphic designer and ex accountant and business coach. We come from all walks of life and have amazing skills and experience that can be applied. Sometimes we’ve come from bigger corporate companies and some of that
experience can help with small businesses. Sometimes, I’ve worked in my own small
business for years and learnt a lot about online marketing and
things like that and I can apply that to to help with my clients as well. So yes
virtual assistants could be your $5 an hour from the Philippines just doing
data entry but they could also be is highly skilled addition to your team
without having to hire them as a full-time or part-time employee and pay all the annual leave, sick leave, super and taxes and all that sort of stuff you
could hire them for a couple hours a week or for a specific project just to
get something off the ground they are usually super passionate about what what
they do, what we do, because we’ve found something that we love we’ve made
it work around our lives, like kids go to daycare a couple of days a week or at
school then we can work in school hours and so we’re doing what we love
and that we’re good at on our terms and we love helping other small businesses
to do what they’re good at so quite often you can hire a VA for a certain amount of time and then have that grow as your business and your needs grow
it’s quite often what we want the most is to help you as the business owner enjoy the lifestyle that we’re trying to build for ourselves as well
which is to be able to do the work we love and that we’re really good at and
still get to have time with our families and spend time working on our business
and growing it and helping our clients and not necessarily all the tricky
techie, admin and boring stuff that we could take off your hands. Alot of virtual assistants also specialized I’ve mentioned lawyers and
their specific needs, graphic designers might just work on the more
creative visual things that you need for your business one of the things that we
specialize in is for businesses that are NDIS registered service providers and
all the fun stuff that goes along with claiming payments from a government
agency that’s something that we’ve gotten really good at over the last
couple years so that’s something that we can take off a busy service
provider that’s trying to help so many people that have really specific needs
we can take that admin workload off their plate so that they can spend that
time helping more people and growing their business and still have time for
their family. I so love being able to do that. Even if you think it’s
something, there are parts of your business that only you can do that’s not
necessarily the case and it might be something that there’s a VA out there
that can help you with just that thing. so have a think about it thanks for
watching if you liked what we’re talking about give us a little like and maybe
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assistant how to work with them in the best possible way and maybe learning
from some of the things I’ve learnt along the way

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