What if Spouses Pass Away at the Same Time?
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What if Spouses Pass Away at the Same Time?

importantly, to make sure that this
statute this you know issue talking about issues involving you
know spouses that may pass State. Q and A. forward to talking to you again
on a future episode of Ohio Scott Hofburg. Thanks for checking
out this episode and I look meeting and schedule a time to talk
once again. My name is general, let me know you can go
to Denver Law dot com slash have questions about creating one
over the probate process in same time. If you have questions
about your estate plan, if you happens when spouses potentially
pass away at or around the you a little bit of an idea of what
happened when so what Fold through the probate court process,
so hopefully this gives long as you consider it ahead of
time, you can make sure you want to have happen when it
comes to your state plan. So as that’s there doesn’t negatively
affect or perhaps change what around it to ensure that if that
doesn’t affect or more to presume. Predecease the other
spouse, you know you can work perhaps though, if you’re a state
plan considers who is going really not a not many ways around
it so long as you know, simultaneous deck. The Deaf fact,
is there you know? there’s considers the possibility of this
happening. You know, Ohio’s is is by making sure that you have
in the state plan that around this well there is and really
what the way around of it that state. so real. When it comes
to this is there a way around the table in terms of being
able to receive portions of that there’s a little bit less because
there’s more people portion of the of the estate. so
essentially what this means is greater stake in terms of you know
being able to receive a siblings or children from previous
relationships may have a parents. You know spouses pardon
me not spouses, but you know, estate, This can include ensuring
family members such as half they’re half what happens then
is they kinda forks out a bit when it comes to who would actually
benefit from the most situations while they would
have perhaps given the other husband and wife have created a
lot of assets together and in you know the assets of an estate.
so essentially you know a to West family members actually
take part in benefiting from involving a state planning. because
what this may end up doing is essentially you know, ensuring
that more. Members as opposed what this can do is create perhaps
some disadvantageous issues other spouse is going to presume
to have done that already and one then the court is going to say
you know what you know. the spouse, you know or that one spouse
is pre deceased. The other enough evidence to demonstrate that
you’ve predecease the other the like however, when it comes
to this. If you don’t have away. you know in accidents such
as car accidents. you know or in terms of who passes away first,
especially when you’re in the role of having to countdown
the minutes and the seconds specifically, you know the courts
don’t want to necessarily be a state now this on its surface
may make a little bit of sense. predecease the other person when
it comes to. administering in happens is that the courts then
presume both spouses have the other one by at least a hundred and 20
hours. then what enough evidence to demonstrate that
one of them has survived away, you know at the same time,
you know Indiana, there isn’t Ohio, which means that if a married
couple happens to pass that. What’s known as the simultaneous
death statute here in state of Ohio has basically written
one for you and a part of know when you pass away without
a will what happens is that the problem I mean that if you haven’t
considered it ahead of time, it can create perhaps some unintended
consequences because you problem when it comes to administering
probate when I say same time well when this occurs
can create a little bit of a and probate needs what happens when
spouses pass away at the That’s Denver Law dot com slash
meeting and schedule a time to Denver Law dot com slash meeting
and schedule a time to talk. talk over the phone or in person.
Discuss your estate planning questions about estate planning
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here in Ohio. If you have show where I answer questions that
you have involving the that’s a question. I’m gonna answer
for you today on Ohio Estate and Probate Q and A I’m your host
Scott Hoberg and this is the Happens if a married couple passes
away at the same time, perhaps further strengthen your
the chances of your desire.

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