What if CHAEYEON (IZONE) debut in ITZY. Why she left JYP? WIZONE and MIDZY must watch.
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What if CHAEYEON (IZONE) debut in ITZY. Why she left JYP? WIZONE and MIDZY must watch.

Hey guys, back again with Kimchi or DimSum Today I want to make a video that’s always popped up in my mind. What If lee chaeyeon stay in JYP and debut as the itzy member I’m not saying that ITZY is not good enough without Chaeyeon and I’m always thankful that she’s the part of iz*one. This is just for fun! No hate! Just my random imagination! But before looking forward i was like to look back The first time Chaeyeon appear in public was in kpop star But Unfortunately for her, she got eliminated But JYP sees something in her so she ended up becoming JYP trainee on 2014 alongside her sister lee Chaeryeong After one year full of training, In 2015 Chaeyeon appear in JYP survival competition “sixteen” The winner will debut in JYP next girl group. What we called today twice But unfortunately, Chaeyeon was eliminated first and she didn’t make the final lineup. Despite didn’t make into the final lineup she still remains in JYP. continuing her trainee life. This is Chaeyeon video with Yeji she stayed about a year after sixteen and suddenly her dance practice video popped up in WM entertainment youtube channel According to JYP stan, park jin young PD telling Chae sisters that he will not be debuting siblings in one group! So Chaeyeon leaves in order to give her sister higher debut guarantee Other rumor said that she left by herself and JYP itself refer her to other agencies and WM is the lucky one. We never hear the real reason from Chaeyeon, so let’s just consider it as a rumor So our dancing queen is practicing really hard in WM dungeon. Try to improve her skills, especially her vocal. Then We gotta see her again in another survival show called produce 48. And this happens How can her vocal improve so much? With her hard-working ethic and WM expertise in vocals, finally, she tackles her weakness Chaeyeon has comeback stronger. but, that’s not enough Her journey in produce 48 wasn’t really smooth, her rank isn’t really stable. Even sometimes she was out from the big 10 During the final, she even has to wait until the end to ensure whether she can debut or not Thank god she saves the last spot and finally debut with the group that we called IZ*ONE Her journey with Iz*one has been phenomenal. With 2 millions of album sold in just 1 year, this group is definitely something But the thing is, they’re not a permanent group. All of their activity will stop on 2021 There are lots of rumors that she will continue as a solo after IZ*ONE. But if we take a look WM already preparing a new girl group and Chaeyeon will be their main pillar And now for the main topic! Where should we put Chaeyeon in ITZY With her amazing vocal, she’s able to be the main vocalist And her experience helping Eunbi managing 12 iz*one members convince me she’s a capable leader And I’m gonna trust her to be the face of the group since she’s an excellent communicator and good at answering tricky questions from the interviewer. So I’m gonna give her this position Itzy will gain more international fans and will be faster in penetrating US market American loves Chaeyeon and this is the proof Pay attention when she sings and listen to the crowd! THIS IS what happen in kcon USA ITZY will have more English speaker and they will be able to have more intense interaction with the fans She will help yeji duty as a leader a lot And Will reduce lia responsibility in the vocal sector Honestly, I’m relieved that she finally debut after going too many trials An excellent choice for chaeyeon choosing WM as her agency. We can see tremendous improvement in her vocal ITZY will have a comeback soon when I’m recording this video right now! Comment down below what do you think about this and subscribe for more weekly kpop content. Thank you guys so much! And last words from me. Stream FIESTA and WANNABE. Okay? ANNYEONG!


  • Christoffel Yehezkiel

    With that talent and hardworking attitude, she will be a shining idol for this generation. STAN TALENT!

  • GOAL junkee

    Chaeyeon leaving JYP is a huge bless for herself. If she stayed in JYP she will never train her vocal. She will be too comfortable with her position. Take a look at her sister. She didn't have vocal ability like chaeyeon.chaeryeong is too comfortable with her position

  • football junkee

    If chae sister is not in 1 group just let them do a side project together! Hopefully JYP and WM will read this

  • 冷·げ威神V

    if she's in itzy , that will be the first time that kpop siblings are in the same group. chaeyeon will be making history

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