What Happens In A Girls School feat. Ahsaas Channa, Revathi Pillai & Vitasta Bhat
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What Happens In A Girls School feat. Ahsaas Channa, Revathi Pillai & Vitasta Bhat

Hey, dust it somewhere else. What nutcase man? Sir, red pen! Thank you, Preeti. I’m Ria but… …Preeti is also fine. Guys, line up. Juliets on my right.
Romeos on my left. Romeo? Where art thou Romeo? Anjali before interval. You must have heard the name. Hello, girls. You’ve to be brilliant in three
departments to befriend me. Good looks! Good looks! And good looks. So, who wants to be friend with me? Me. Girls! Follow me. 2. 3. Never mind. Minus. If I remember right, day before yesterday,
you had worn the same cloth, right? Anyways, it suits you a lot. Seema, come here. Please come. Seema, I heard you’ve
only scored 99. Hey, it’s fine Please don’t cry. – Keerti…
– …Stop! Hey, why are you so sad? Come here. Don’t worry. Get lost. Sports bra. It’s okay. You’ll get them. Hey, my father won’t allow. Everyday I’ve to be
at home at 7 pm. After all it’s a deadline. Then make him
understand with love. Don’t get afraid at
least today, Prachi. Otherwise later you’ll
regret that letter was in… …your hand and bus was
standing in the gate… …if only you would’ve
dared a little more, you would’ve sung a
song in antakshri. Such a long hair. – Who keeps such a long hair?
– Hey, Riya. – Come here.
– I’ll come right away. Listen to me. Actually… Listen. What’s third base? We talk about boys in the
third floor bathroom. Oh… Listen, Riya. Actually, that day
Rahul held my hand. Am I still a virgin? I don’t want to do
anything before marriage. This time it’s fine. But next time use protection. Thank you. Even you guys. Here you go. Hey, keep quite. Prachi, you ask. How are children born? Actually, an angel comes
and gives a little baby. Don’t speak if you don’t know. See, it’s like… …before giving birth to a child,
you’ve to first kiss. That too on lips. Hey listen, whose
is the next period? It’s me. I’m next. I’ll have periods even
during picnic time. It’s like reaching home
by 7 pm is a deadline. And on top off that, changing pad during
menstruation is another deadline. Why are you so worried? Use this Whisper. It will last for full journey. Means no more deadline. Thank you. Now tell me, whose
period is next? Actually I don’t know. Prachi. Define inertia in your own words? Inertia can be defined as…‘Main Thehra Raha, Zameen Chalne lagi.’It’s good. It’s very good. A+
for creativity. Mrs. Dubey, this is a picnic form. It requires parents signature. Ma’am, her father won’t allow. She has a deadline of 7 pm. If it was said to Rani Laxmi Bai that
this fight for freedom and all is fine, but you have to be inside the
palace before 7’o clock. Then? Nothing’s going to happen with a deadline.
It will just increase your blood pressure. I don’t think there should
be deadline for anyone. Mrs. Dubey. Hey I’ll sing,


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