Welcome to the Lyda Law Firm Channel
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Welcome to the Lyda Law Firm Channel

Hi, I’m Mark Lyda of the Lyda Law Firm,
I’m an attorney licensed in Colorado. We work with entrepreneurs to help them start
and grow their businesses. We started this channel because we think that
legal education should be accessible for small business owners. This channel is informational
and educational purposes only. It’s not legal advice because I’m only licensed in
Colorado and every situation is different. If you want specific legal advice, please
consult a professional. However, this channel does exist to give you
information about how the law affects your small business. I think every small business
owner has questions from time to time about how the legal landscape affects their business,
but it can be too expensive to hire a lawyer to answer a simple question. So the purpose
of this channel is to just give out free information about some of the basic topics that frequently
affect small businesses. We hope you enjoy these videos. If you have
any questions or topics you’d like us to cover in other videos, please drop them in
the comments below. We also ask that you click like and subscribe to help keep legal education
accessible for small business owners.

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