Welcome and Farewell Party for Trainees and a Guest from Bhutan
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Welcome and Farewell Party for Trainees and a Guest from Bhutan

Well, Mr. Nosaka, the founder of “Bhutan Museum Fukui” personally invited the poster girl of the museum, Ms. Sonam Choki. She’s staying in Fukui for a month. And, we would also like to welcome Mr. Ugyen Dorji who has been studying at University of Fukui since last October. And we have Ms. Chedon and Ms. Sonam Wangmo who have studied for about a year and will return to Bhutan soon. We would like you to enjoy talking with the young Bhutanese people.
Thank you for coming today. Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake)! Ms. Sonam Wangmo thinks that
Okonomiyaki is an interesting Japanese food. How about Takoyaki (octopus dumplings)? Takoyaki! I had it once but it’s not my favorite. I understand. Do you like cup noodles? Yes, I do. I like them, cup noodles. The world’s first cup noodles were made in Japan. Hello. I’m very thankful for inviting me here,
and I feel happy in Fukui. I experienced many new things. I’m happy to meet all of you. Thank you for inviting me. During my stay,
I would like to help Bhutan Museum as much as I can. Thank you for inviting me. Let me begin by thanking all of you for inviting us for the lunch. And being Bhutanese myself,
I must tell you that it is great honor to be a part of a welcome party, especially for our friend. I just remember that it was just yesterday that I was just travelling by a car with my Japanese friend . And then, we happened to be in a car. I happened to see a TV and I saw Sonam (Ms. Sonam Choki) on the TV. And then, underneath, it was written “Sonam”. My friend knows my name but does not know about
Sonam’s(Ms. Sonam Choki’s) presence here. so what she thought was, she thought it was me. She was like “Sonam! I want to see it! I want to see it!” but it was not me. And then all of sudden,
what happen was something went wrong with the TV. And I told her “no, no, it’s not me,
it is another Sonam (Ms. Sonam Choki). Hello. First of all, I would like to
thank the founder of the museum and
all the staff working for Bhutan museum Fukui. People working here at the museum,
they made me feel at home. We didn’t feel as foreigners,
so we felt we were in home. Thank you for everything. Nine years ago, I went to Bhutan
as an annual travelling event from NPO in Osaka. The tour was from Paro (in Bhutan) to Assam (in India)
through Tashigang (in Bhutan),
it was a 1 week travelling. In the middle of the tour,
maybe that was the central of Bhutan, we visited a farmhouse. The tour was using mini bus to travel around. The street was so narrow,
we had to stop and walked to the village to take shoot. At that time, the group of us and
the group of the school kids from the school was passing by and I asked the school kids to take photos. I took pictures of the group. But somehow one of the girls attracted to me and I asked her to take photos by herself. That girl was Ms. Sonam Choki. She did not remember when I met her for the first time in 9 years though. At that trip, some Bhutanese asked me
to send some pictures that I took. And I sent a few of them to them but no replies
so I could not know if anybody received my mail. I never thought that I would ever see her again. Thank you. Last June, the secretary of the King of Bhutan
posted a photograph of Ms. Sonam Choki on a Facebook page saying that “We are looking for this girl.
So please contact us if you know her.” And then, Ms. Sonam Choki’s sister saw that page
and realized that the photograph on that page
was her sister, Ms. Sonam Choki. She contacted the secretary and he let her meet Mr. Nosaka,
the founder of Bhutan Museum Fukui
when Mr. Nosaka visited Bhutan.

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