Watergate Prosecutor Blasts Trump AG Pick As Low-Level Assistant | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
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Watergate Prosecutor Blasts Trump AG Pick As Low-Level Assistant | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  • Cassidy Smith

    The White House has a LOT of positions to fill. Trump supporters should go apply. Then I can bet after working for him, they will realize what a big mistake they made.

  • pica

    Where did the ORANGE NINCOMPOOP find Mr. Clean??? He must have a warehouse of these IDIOTS who will ruin their lives by siding with the ORANGE BUFFOON/IMBECILE.

  • Johnny C

    Trump is a FN coward. The "Orange" party doesn't care about OUR Constitution. Start looking forward to 2020 & 2022. We ALL need to stop being complacent & fix our own problems.

  • Boyd Gilbreath

    People are saying that Rosenstein went to the oval and signed a loyalty oath. Don't forget that was Rod on TV saying that Whittaker was a good pick, able to do the job, and so on. If Rod Rosenstein gets AG, why does anyone think Donald Trump won't fire him. Leave Rosenstein where he is, and go after this interloper Whittaker who has publicly pledged loyalty to Trump. Then get someone disposable to put in as AG, like Chris Christie. Rosenstein deserved his retirement.

  • Ken Panzer

    Hey Kids….stop with the BS regarding Whitaker…do you know just how many members of the extended Trump Family that were passed over for this MeatHead !!!

  • V R

    What are they doing sitting on side (or is it middle) of a street. I am waiting for a car to swipe them both off the kerb. Was there really nowhere a bit safer and less noisy to sit.??

  • B. Terence Harwick

    We don't have an "unusual case" here where there is a vacancy.
    We have a purposefully manufactured case designed to put a low level assistant in to kiss the boots of his boss. Make this argument and you lose.
    Hamilton's case doesn't even come CLOSE to standing up to Marbury vs. Madison…No "exceptional" argument will stand the light of day before any competent judge……

  • Mario Parker

    I swear all the states needs to join in a retaliate, he cannot be the person who enforced the law, he is not senate confirmed

  • nick hodson

    Can somebody clarify this? I understand that Rosenstein recused himself from overseeing Mueller and Sessions replaced him in this role and resigned/got fired. How can Rosenstein replace Whittaker and oversee the Mueller investigation if he's already recused himself? Who can replace Whittaker?

  • ML R

    "We've got an unusual situation here" is an understatement, Guy Lewis, but that situation is that we have an increasingly unchecked wannabe dictator in the White House and a growing horde of egregiously corrupt sycophants in positions of power around him. I dream of a country in which men like Nick Akerman are at the helm.


    Maryland is right to file the lawsuit. Previously senate confirmed next person in line to succeed Jeff Sessions is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who happens to be from Baltimore, MD.

  • Azarijah Judah

    Yada yada yada. This dude is the worst interviewer ever. Trying so hard to be "fair" he is only interested in useless & endless debate, never getting to the meat of the issue. I avoid his show on MSNBC every day now. Plus, his voice sounds like he is chewing sand. Akerman had it bullseye scored. This republicsoundeffect said just what one would expect. No wonder this Ari is no longer a lawyer… He has no skills and certainly not as a host let alone as an interviewer.

  • David Sharbel

    HANDS OFF JUSTICE DEPT,  many Depts. corrupted to cover up for you, the DOJ the only honest place left in the W.H.
    So much corruption and crime within the Republican Party how dishonest are they, the swamp is growing and now stinks.
    If not for the media you would not be aware of these crony's and there shonky deals, they would be running your government.
    Trump has done a number on the Party by putting dodgy loyalist in jobs to carry out his dirty work and build a dictatorship.

  • eliotno3

    I heard a person claim they "don't want to live in America anymore". Crazee. Then I thought about some surreal reality of United States where Trump had non-white citizens defecting to other countries due to his policies and got very, very scared 🤯 🤯 🤯

  • Wanda Elliott

    Whitaker’s advocate said “We have an unusual situation where there’s a vacancy “ and the president should be able to make decision on who AG. The problem is that the president caused the vacancy by firing the AG for no good reason except to get someone in place that will protect him. They act like Sessions had a stroke and couldn’t do his job.

  • Charles T.

    Trump has to be stopped immediately!!! He is literally ignoring US justice Department law and rules and making up new ones of his own to obstruct justice… got to hold trump accountable and put him in prison!!!!!

  • BigSky Pioneer

    Watch the Republican shill's smile disappear ask Mr Akerman points out there is actually a federal statute that secures the line of succession at the Justice Department. His smile wasn't 1000 watts anymore. But in the end – its probably gonna be a Trump judge that hears the case – and I wonder how many are required to swear an oath of loyalty to Mr. Trump before he submits that judge's name. Just wondering – but it will be interesting to see just how Trump judges do what Trump expects them to do.

  • Ant B

    Whittaker is an imposter; he does not have the credentials to take this position and has already stated partisan opinions which means he can not fulfill his duties. For Guy Lewis, or any of his other pals, to try to defend him is farcical.

  • D.S.C. 123

    There are two other laws aside Constitutional successionone paased after Nixon the other after Clinton. All three agree: Rosenstein is "it" until Trump's pick gets past the senate. Period.

  • dlee t

    3 on the court would overturn Marbury. The same 3 that wrote W v Gore briefings that denied Gore 2 seats they now fill. Federalists Society has been on a 40-year project to take over SCOTUS and antitrust regs.

  • sclogse1

    Makes you wonder what Kavanaugh thinks of Whitaker, a guy who thinks judges get in the way of the president. What ranch do they grow these people on? Whitaker has a total corporate view of the presidency. Except that, we the stockholders, don't have any say at all. Whitaker wants judges out of the way completely. They just don't fit into his plans. That's an autocracy.

  • DefChef

    Someone needs to knock Whitaker off! This man is a Criminal and has preyed on our Vets! He has no respect for our country and it's Constitution!

  • BornToDoIt

    Trump loves to try and test the system at every opportunity, unfortunately the separation of powers seems to be well built to defend against such abusers.

    I hate we have to live thru Trump chapter but I also know after this chapter the world will be stronger

    USA will have an electronic not take their votes for granted, the US political system will be Democratic for 20years at lest, the world will not be so reliant on USA in future not for trade and not for wolrd security (NATO will create their own army as Macron (fr) was hinting at recently).

  • Lawrence L Cunningham II

    This situation reveals that a lot of PEOPLE here are Trump University Graduates. 😀 This a #DonaldDotard #FAIL

  • Peter Beedle

    I truly believe Trump gets a kick out of smashing ethics/moral boundaries and then tries to circumvents the legal boundaries as the ultimate high.

  • Kenneth Ratcliff

    Trump playing political chess and he's going to loose another pawn. Scaramuchi,along with the other pawns can't vouch for him any longer. Looks like Trumps is willing to give up one of his knight, J. Kelley, his chief of staff also who may be wavering. He's already lost his rook. He has no bishop,and his queen is exhibiting signs of instable.
    After he looses Whitaker, his only defense will be either Nunes or Graham. Two more pawns. With the flipping of the House, as it still collecting new seats, this guy will be giving up all of his pieces if this game keeps going any farther.

  • Van Wong

    Got a point there. Firstly, there is already a deputy AG who has already been approved by the Senate. Secondly, Matt Whitaker has not been approved by the Senate. The first choice should be the selection of deputy AG. When there is no deputy AG, then the President could select an outsider to act as AG temporarily. Otherwise, Presidents (current and future) will use this loophole to get around Senate confirmatiion of AG and deputy AG.

  • john hopkins

    What is the purpose of anointing a Deputy A.G.? "…The Deputy Attorney General acts as Attorney General during the absence of the Attorney General…" call me illiterate, but… "The Deputy Attorney General is a political appointee of the President of the United States and takes office after confirmation by the United States Senate. The position was created in 1950. Since April 26, 2017, Rod Rosenstein has been Deputy Attorney General…" Having already been through, via Constitutionally-dictated, Senatorial assent… ummm… appears to be what happens when a puerile babytrump burns bridges.

  • erly caballero

    It is clear that that guy dude is pro trump and trump first before country , good luck on ur justice department it is loosing its credential every minute!!

  • GREAT expectations

    Get these felon frauds out of the WH! we need good honest leaders not prison inmates!! He's like a federal inmate or worse

  • Brent Katowitz

    Why do you do interviews outside? You've got planes, protestors, sirens, and other loud distractions in the background. It's only a small step above phone interviews.

  • Kathryn Shaw

    I believe that Trump has run out of slack on the amount of wiggle room Americans are willing to give him. The minute that something else was more important than honoring our fallen soldiers, he lost the support of many more Americans. It was worse yet when Macron confirmed that Europe no longer sees America as a reliable ally. He was correct, of course. As long as Americans labor under Trump's thumb, we will have no standing in the world community and will be unable to assist others as we have in the past. It's been said that Trump has made $40 million off of us as potus in the last 2 years, and he's still counting up his personal wealth. He has absolutely no intention of letting a little thing like the American legal system get in his way. Almost all Americans play by the rules. That's an anomaly that people like Trump and Whitaker can and have taken advantage of.

  • Honest Business

    Trump Installing a puppet AG without senate approval in order to obstruct the Russia investigation has to be stopped or we have no law and order in United States.

  • kancil aspal

    Export beef again
    Steel industry start again
    Aluminum industry start again
    Drill oil again
    Mining coal again
    Keystone pipe line start again
    Dakota pipe line start again
    Trump / Pence 2020

  • JoAnne Middaugh

    The "vacancy" mentioned by Guy Lewis is not an "unusual situation." It was created by Trump for the sole purpose of putting in his toadie. It's not like Sessions died or was fired because of some egregious ethical violation or criminal charge. We all know why Trump fired Sessions. That's not difficult to figure out. Any reasonable judge with half a brain should be able to see right through it. I would hope Trump's intent here would be a factor. Guy Lewis' views on increased presidential powers is scary. Would he say the same thing under a Democratic President?

  • Rjc me

    A young country trying to catch up with reality, Russian politics are much older and easier to manipulate, soon USA RUSSIA AND CHINA will be on the same team, lambs to the slaughter….dumb yanks

  • Linda McGough

    And now, What do the GOPigs say about every legal challenge? We OWN the Supreme Court! And they laugh maniacally while they are bragging!

  • Île-de- France

    Napolitano: Whitaker 'Not Legally Qualified' To Replace Sessions
    According to Fox News' senior legal analyst Trump did not follow proper legal procedure when he named Matthew Whitaker acting Atty. Gen.

    Watch "Judge Nap: Whitaker Not 'Legally Qualified' to Be Acting Attorney General" on YouTube

  • John Townsend

    A big mouth spewing forth nonsense leaving in its wake yet more chaos. This is the so-called president of the United States. Once again we are reminded that we have a tragically unprepared and dangerously unprincipled ‘fake’ president who is an unabashed leech and an unrepentant liar.
    What a spectacle at just how fast the so-called “successful businessman” in the oval office is proving terribly unfit for the job, and how spineless and feckless a group of cowards McConnell, Ryan and the rest of the GOP are in refusing to come to terms with this reality. It’s a shameful national embarrassment now on full display for all the world to see.

  • jannmutube

    I agree with Nick Ackerman. Even if the Vacancies Act didn't require confirmation of the Attorney General position, there's no emergency or need to fill it outside the line of succession.

    Even the fact that Trump has left three vacancies open under Rosenstein is not an emergency, it's, at best, malfeasance. In fact, there's no good reason that Trump couldn't have asked to have Whittaker confirmed before he took the job, except that he's not qualified, he's under investigation for fraud, and he should recuse himself.

  • Summer Peralta

    The Russians hit pay dirt with they helped Trump get elected and disrupte America and its democracy this country is at a standstill and our government never expected none of these and has no fire walls for any of this none since trump keeps pushing the envelop everyday and our country and government is powerless

  • Holly Hocks

    Why is Trump incapable of selecting staff that are even remotely appropriate? Isn’t there ANYBODY advising Trump before he announced his choice ? Trump has such a poor judge of character he shouldn’t be permitted to select staff. Everyone from his choice of “Candy man” doctor to sexual assault perpetrator such as Kavanagh to fixer Cohen are such bad decisions it just makes Trump look like the fool he is ! Have they locked Gulianni in a box somewhere?


    GD Whitaker is ACTING AG, not AG. Like in TEMPORARY.
    Mr. Watergate Prosecutor you are just a leftist ahole: check the release of DOJ memo / Federal Vacancies Reform Act and OLC.
    Maryland, isn't that the place like New York where really stupid people live (not all of them ofcourse). I'm referring to this and Ocasio Cortez, the brightest woman in politics.

    Just again witnessing the lies of the left to put Trump in bad daylight…..i see (brain)dead people walking and talking
    And this gets thumbs up hahaha.
    Come to think of it, looks like i know more about the constitution and laws/rules of the US than a former prosecutor…..and i'm not even American.
    LMFAO BIGTIME and i pity the people getting all their information from MSNBC and are too dumb to think for themselves.

  • Naomi Ogle

    It's understandable that the Democrats dont want the United States to have a real Attorney General. The Democrats are terrified of Whitaker, and justly so. Rosenstein is implicated in a coup against the United States, the President is about to release all the FISA materials unredacted, and Whitaker is going to investigate them into extinction.

  • Vlasta Molak

    US election system is as porous as US borders…Democrats are superb community organizers who had managed to organize millions of illegal aoiens and dead people to vote for their Democratic candidate…I had seen it all the time as a poll worker. There is election fraud in all elections as I do not believe that Obama won 2012 but had commumity organizers give him milions of illegal and dead votes…

    There are now 22 MILLIONS of ILLEGAL ALIENS living in USA, either who came ILLEGALLY or overstayed their visas and never left USA…Also unless relatives of dead voters inform the board of elections they are still able to vote. Absentee and early voting make cheating very easy..

  • Nora Nora

    Whitaker had to pay $28 million for ripping off people with a huge scam!
    Criminals should not be in charge of the justice dept!

  • Nadia Silvershine

    Whitaker basically promised Trump he'd shut down the Mueller investigation by starving it of funding — and he made these promises thru appearances on CNN, full of criticism about the Mueller investigation — precisely because he knew Trump would be watching CNN. If this lawsuit goes Whitaker's way and he gets the job of Attorney General (tempt), then it just testifies to the fact that corrupt officials are behind the Justice Department making corrupt decisions. The laws we have in our country are totally meaningless if we do not have honest men and women of integrity to follow thru on them.

  • DR Dubois

    Federal constitutional law overrides any other law. He wasn't vetted by the senate. Whitaker is more than unqualified for the job, and he legally shouldn't be there. He shouldn't be working anywhere in a justice department given his ties to the company in Florida that is now under investigation by the FBI. A $26 million fraud scheme that he was an advisor to.

  • Ben Manning

    If the President can just fire someone without cause who was confirmed and replace them with someone who's not, then the Senate has no role in advice and consent left.
    Can he do it again? After the 210 days are up? Well, it's an even better case that the previous guy (Whitaker) cannot fulfill the tile by statute.
    And to disregard a specific law on Succession in the Justice Department, it's getting pretty outrageous

  • Lisa Lisa

    Approval by US Senate…
    Not comporting with Justice Department vacancy laws…
    He is there in violation of the Constitution…
    Anything judged upon would be thrown out…
    I Am Salivating!!!

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