Watch Live | Impeachment Trial Day 3: Democrats detail Trump-Ukraine timeline in opening arguments
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Watch Live | Impeachment Trial Day 3: Democrats detail Trump-Ukraine timeline in opening arguments


  • jesus7es7dios7

    no offense, but i have a gut feeling that all this theatre about impeachment is just so that the democrats have something to say or speak about… almost giving the appearance that this is gonna be tough on the president for re election… i mean, what else do the democrats have on trump… the americans voted trump in to control the illegal alien situation…. and the american people will still want him in, but there has to be a show…. a showdown every four years for the elections and all these make up stories or oppositions have to be scripted… THIS IS ONLY MY SUSPICION, OR LIKE SOME PEOPLE SAY, "MY TWO CENTS"…. HE HE HEH E…

  • Claudia vargas

    They should put a video wen lindsey Graham called trump unfit to be a president and that he is making up conspiracy teories. Wen he said that Bush created a disaster on the middle east

  • Jack Steverson Jr.

    Everyone that doesn't want witnesses or documents should be voted out after this term. Choose wisely folks, your careers are on the line.

  • Betty Bee

    Who is the woman on the right? Ugh. Roberts admonished both sides, not just Nadler. Is CBS always so pro-Trump? (so much for journalism)

  • Tom Campbell

    Time for the Senate to SHUT DOWN the never ending CLOWN SHOW starring Adam Schiff auditioning for a job at CNN…. sad…

  • kristi michael

    Okay, why? Why isn't it politically motivated? You are saying the argument, but not stating the reasoning. This is so one sided with the Socialists. What is your motivation? Have you even READ THE TRANSCRIPTS? You are faceless CBSN. You are the dumb blonde of News.

  • fbghetto5

    What concerns me more is why are we paying $400,000,000 to Ukraine something nobody voted for but yet we cannot afford healthcare..

  • BrIan CurtiSmith

    Dongone skate again and get reelected as a reereeward from his reeree base…no reereeboutadoubtit I'm in loathe with Don

  • Frank Salman

    They stay up til Midnight for this crap, but won' dare think about staying up til midnight to handle the American's concerns…
    This is why Congress will never earn real respect from The People..

  • Mike Hanley

    The House Managers keep repeating the same stuff over and over. But, where is the smoking gun. I also wonder why would Biden fire the prosecutor who is investigating his son, Hunter? Why didn't President Obama provided adequate military assistance to Ukraine when Ukraine was assaulted by Russia? Is this an impeachment trial or is it an endeavor to stop President Trump from winning? It is clear to me that this trial is politically motivated and that
    s why I changed party affiliation from a Democrat to a Republican.

  • V T

    Why don't you show the video of Joe Biden threatening to withhold billions in aid to Ukraine, if the prosecutor investigating Barisma, is not fired?

  • Mike Hanley

    This seems to be a political impeachment: Angry Democratic Party against the Republican Party. There was no special impartial investigator as in the case of Russian involvement where investigator Mueller was appointed. Mueller did not not prosecute the President because he did not find any evidence of collusion. So, now the Democrats are trying to get back and impeach the President because they have the majority in the House, not because the President has committed wrong. It also seems that Hunter Biden's involvement in some wrong financial activities may affect the chances of Biden winning the Democratic Party nomination in the Primary, We just cannot talk talk about the General Election yet.

  • David Gahagan

    Time to militarily remove nadler and schiff because the truth is being hidden. Where are those that have the evidence to convict the do nothing democrats.

  • Joshua

    Democrats use their time as house hearing 2.0 😂 why even show up? They could have just made a greatest hits compilation and stayed home being useless as usual

  • Claudy TheArtist

    Wrong… Trump only wanted it announced there would be an investigation into the Bidens, not any actual investigation…

  • Claudy TheArtist

    Republicans suck… Guilty as charged but not enough to loose the office… Amazing! It's okay to cheat as far as Republicans are concerned…

  • The Wizard

    This is all fake. Whoever it is, is trying to start a Civil War in the USA. I predict the election will be unlawfully stolen from the POTUS and there will be a Civil War. It's nothing new. We started a country based on Freedom, with Slavery. A government of contradiction. It's in history. See:

  • Christian Martin

    Let it roll…The lies just keep on coming. These opening statements are reiterations of assertions that their clips don't factually support. Yet, they are claimed to be undisputed…Only in the sense that no one has ever gotten their chance to make an argument. Shifty Schiff, the fix is in. This is completely disingenuous and anyone with a brain that is not completely biased can see it.

  • LeftTenantSith JediPirateNinja

    Talk about REACHING…..

    "then we can have a meeting" HE MEANS IN THE WHITE HOUSE! lol
    "and perhaps we can have a meeting after lunch" HE MEANS IN THE WHITE HOUSE!
    "das quid pro quo baby!"

    saying and implying things that aren't really there seems to be the summation of this day…. sheeee

  • Don Duck

    Democrats remind us all of the need for a new national party. Something traditional like concern for the other 330 million Americans. As the networks die on the Tube. All this empty left wing political grandstanding nonsense and still CBS can't beat PewDiePie . The country hangs by a thread, the Swamp overflows, and the guy who perfected Grand Theft Auto 5 rules the Earth.

  • JRH

    Same things over and over and over again,almost like their trying to brainwash the Public,but I do not think the American public is naive enough to fall for it !

  • Chris

    A Lot of Republicans will be Voted out 2020, and will Never have a Future Career after they vote for “Acquittal”!!! There Families Names will be Forever “Stained” in History Books!! Truth!! See the Nixon’s history Impeachment books!!

  • madtoytle

    If the U.S. were a team (which it is)(take your pick) trump: from 0-16 to 16-0………0-80 to 80-0……..0-160 to 160-0………however DIMS: from 8-8 to 0-16……..40-40 to 0-80………..80-80 to 0-160……!!!!!!!

  • bob rasmussen

    It's all political to cover for the corrupt democrats ….Biden , Pelosi, Kerry all had family involved in the Ukraine

  • Louis White

    The Republicans just don't understand. Milk comes cows. The milk you're drinking comes from a bull. Get off your knees and go wash your mouth out. Don't worry… God said "it's not what goes in the mouth of man, but that which preceedeth from his mouth that hurt man"

  • Richard Benoit

    Get ready for a dictator people the Republicans are to week and scared to stand up to trump or they just as crooked as trump

  • Norman Bates

    Jesus the brainwashed masses are out in mass 🤣. Legitimately every single comment I've read from people saying this impeachment is a sham, are repeating right wing talking points. Not a single comment has said anything remotely thought provoking.

    "Shifty shiv is lying!" "The house is supposed to get all the evidence" "their reaching!" "Waste of tax money!" "It's the corrupt democrats!" "What a waste of time!" "No smoking gun!" "The republicans are treating the Dems like they were treated in the house!" "There trying to cover up for the Bidens!" "Joe fired the prosecutor!" "The Dems are trying to fix the 2020 election!"

    It's like people simply get all there news through the echo chamber that is social media and conservative media

  • Whitney Scott

    If the President is so innocent show us the proof It’s so obvious he is hiding something and some of these republicanare so blind The democrats do have something I do feel like they are repeating them self a lot but they have something and I feel like that’s bull if the Republicans vote to have witnesses that the White House would recognize that seems like that it’s a threat that they will lose their job and that’s not right they shouldn’t have to be scared to do their job

  • Thomas Fuller

    The liberal media have become pathological. They
    are writing the postmortem case study for future journalism classes. They have
    become our Tokyo Rose, our Baghdad Bob. The National Enquirer is more reliable.
    Evidently, liberalism has become the new bigotry. You can't tell bigots a

  • sandy gibson

    there is one thing that is over whelming against donald trump and the republicans—there are 30,000 people dying every year because they cant afford health care premiums and deductibles and donald trump and the republicans are trying to get rid of obamacare so the deaths will triple and 500,000 file bankrupt every year because they get cancer.the evidence is over whelming and donald trump and the republicans admit they will not allow the people to get medicare for all to stop the deaths or stop the people from going bankrupt because they get cancer.they have no alternative plan to save the human lives we are loosing because of health care,they just dont give a dam,they said saving lives would be socialism and they would not allow socialism,which means they support the people dying and filing bankrupt

  • Patrick Judge

    Tried to listen to these opinionated idiots and all can say is these clowns are not journalist. Are all Democrats greasy weasles?

  • David Jordan

    Truth is most Americans don't even care about any of this. We just go on with our daily lives. The media was "cried Wolf" about impeachment so much that the very term "IMPEACHMENT" now means NOTHING more than to ignore anything that follows.

  • Gmmonica godsgotthis

    You all better get out and vote because this clown is using our tax dollars to give us fake news. How much more can we afford this clown in office. Really people need to run in 2024 or else we are DONE

  • Gmmonica godsgotthis

    We can't afford another rich clown that gives raises to themselves and leaves the poor and middle class out in the cold

  • Gmmonica godsgotthis

    Why do you think they're shutting off the remarks of us red-blooded Americans. That is trampling our freedom of speech. They have changed laws for our the Freedom of Information Act is basically gone and NO ONE IS DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT. AND THE NEWS IS NOT REPORTING IT.

  • Skip741 x

    I don't know how Any of the senators could say no witnesses If the have Integrity and are honest, its the Right thing to do in order to have a Fair trial.. Any other response is not only ridiculous, its a Disgrace

  • Kayode Balogun

    Hunter Biden! obfuscating !, if he didn't do anything wrong prove your case present evidence and witnesses. the burden of proof is on him and his cohort

  • Punisher

    The house only proved the 2 articles under false pretenses, when is this going to come up. Trump was never allowed to have any witnesses on behalf to testify in the house.

  • Kathy Griner

    this man keeps saying trump wanted a public announcement. why would he do that if he was trying to hide something? if he felt biden was part of corruption, he had duty to bring it all out

  • 100PercentATP

    OMFG this is like watching paint dry.

    day 5 and this schiff character is STILL YAPPING AND YAPPING?! The guy just talks people to death about the same nonsense over and over. Get this thing over with and do the job you were hired to do – that isn't impeaching a president you do not like since 2016!

  • Le Yipe

    I'm selling trumpy bear paw cuffs with black and white striped prison suit, only two payments of $49.95 . Order here . Pence bear will be available shortly with all the prison options.

  • Lorna Haskett

    The dems claim Trump is meddling in the elections past and present, Democrats have been meddling this past 4 years as a matter of fact, Mr. Nadler should change his name to Mr. Meddler. Everything they say about Trump is absolutely true about them.

  • Lorna Haskett

    They say that Trump covered up something? So far all their witnesses have been hear say witnesses or professional witnesses with politically bias views, the only abuse of power was the people who voted Trump. Are you impeaching the American people

  • Martin I

    WTF does Hunter Biden or Joe Biden have to do with this? Absolutely nothing. Distract, distract and lie some more. They have no defense! I have no plans or reservations to listen to any of the defenses presentation having heard all of the 3 day presentation from the prosecutors. Solid performance from Schiff and others!

  • Guy Waheed

    I wish I was a criminal right now I can get paid off the Republicans and their Supporters, because they're idiots they couldn't see truth even if it manifested into a physical object

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