Volunteer Expectations
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Volunteer Expectations

Lake Washington School District loves
volunteers. We are so glad you’re going to share your time with our students. We
hope the experience will be rewarding for you and the students you work with.
At our school we count on volunteers. Volunteers are important members of the
educational team. We are so thankful for all the volunteers here in the Lake
Washington School District. This video will help you
understand your role. It will also explain rules and expectations for
volunteers. First you’ll need to apply to be a
volunteer. The district runs a criminal background check on every applicant. That
helps keep students safe. A separate video explains the application process.
This video will not cover everything you need to know. Please read the district
volunteer handbook for more information. Our goal is to provide a safe and
positive environment for students. They should feel comfortable. They should feel
safe. They should be ready to learn. We asked volunteers to treat students
and staff with respect. Make sure you understand the human dignity policy and
harassment policy. Both can be found in the volunteer handbook or on the website. Once you’re approved as a volunteer
you’re ready to go to school. Here are a few things you need to know.
Sign in and out at the office. We need to know who is in the building. In an
emergency we will want to account for everyone including you. You will be given
a visitor or volunteer badge after you sign in at the office.
Wear the badge while on school grounds. This badge tells school staff you’ve
signed in. Turn off your cell phone while volunteering. Also don’t bring your
younger children with you. Our students need your full attention. Volunteers and school staff members work closely together. Successful volunteers support the school staff members they
work with. Listen closely and follow their directions. Make sure to tell the
school if your schedule changes. If you can’t make it, let the school know right
away. That way they can make other arrangements.
Confidentiality is expected. In fact, federal law requires that educational
records are kept private. Don’t discuss school matters or share student
information with anyone other than the classroom teacher or school principal. Schools need to keep children safe.
That’s why all student contact must be professional. Interaction should focus on
teaching and learning. That protects students and volunteers. Its
best to work with students in the public place. If you’re in a separate room, keep
the door open so others can see in. High fives are a great way to demonstrate
praise for a job well done. Make sure any physical contact with
students is appropriate and limited. Volunteers enjoy connecting with
students and staff. There are a few simple ways to develop those connections.
Learn the students’ names. Make sure they know yours. Show genuine interest in each
student. Provide help without doing the work for the student. Be encouraging and
provide positive feedback. And most important, be flexible. Every day in
school is different. Volunteers serve in many ways. They help
in classrooms, offices, and libraries. They help with classroom activities, special
events and sports. Volunteers over 21 can serve as field trip chaperones. Each
school has a parent-teacher organization that relies on volunteers. Contact your
school PTSA for more information. Another option is the LINKS Lunch Buddy
volunteer program, especially for community members. LINKS stands for
Looking into the Needs of Kids and Schools. Elementary students are matched
one-on-one with volunteers and meet for lunch once a week. For more information
visit the LINKS page on our website. If you ever have any concerns we want to
make sure they are addressed. If there’s school related issues, contact the office
staff, teacher or principal. The volunteer office can answer general questions
about the volunteer program. The phone number is 425-936-1270. We hope you enjoy volunteering in our schools. Thank you
for helping us get our students future ready in the Lake Washington School

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