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[some random jjang b girl] TA DAH !!!!! [sabrina sabrina] What’s up guys, it’s Sabrina here! I’m dying of embarrassment lol [mari] Hi guys!! I just left home and I’m late but this is nothing new, right [millah] Hi guys, how are you? I’m leaving home now and going to meet the other JJANG B girls at YouTube Space. Today we’re about to make a video pretty different from what we usually do
[mari] I am now going to meet the girls downtown… [sabrina sabrina] I’m going to YouTube Space straight from Sao Goncalo City~ [mari] and there we are going to wait a little until it’s time so we can enter the studio [sabrina sabrina] this is going to be the vlog… T_T [luana] Waiting for JJANG B at CCBB… IRRA (which is like a YAY but in Portuguese) [millah] Well, I hope you like it! *perfect women* [millah] Hello everyone! Here we are in front of the famous YouTube “Sprace”, lots and lots of space, here with a really pretty girl, Isabella also very beautiful here in this wonderful afternoon. Say something, Isabella. [isabella] what up………… And that’s it guys… Thanks a lot for the amazing participation of Isabella lol [ale and mari] Look at that, look there… so beautiful. BEAUTIFUL! Look at that, look there……
[millah] The studios… Look at this lovely place, guys! We’re here waiting for the other JJANG B girls to arrive. [suelem] Mom… You told me dancing would lead me to nothing, here mom…. T_T [mari] Check out the name…. Are you shaking, girl? sjhlsdfj You’re really nervous lol
[suelem] Hi everyone! We have just arrived at YouTube Space. Look at JJANG B!!! That’s it! We have news for you in a little while. [sabrina sabrina] Guys… This door… That’s so Star Trek! Hello captain!! *screams* [mari] We’re here setting up the equipment while…
[luana] I want Biscoito Globo 🙁 (which is a Brazilian treat) [luisa] I wish there was something, but there’s nothing T_T [mari] There’s nothing?! Did you see? [luana] There’s nothing 🙁
[luisa] Well there’s me 😛 [mari] Aw, so pretty… lol
[luana] Hey, let’s grab some coffee? [mari] We’ll really have to run because we arrived late It’s already getting dark and here it works until… 7 PM. So we’ll have to hurry to record it. And it’s amazing in here, it’s very nice… isn’t it Luana? [luana] Very niceeeeee *spoiler spoiler spoiler* [mari] Aju nice!!! *omg lots of spoilers* [mari] AJU NICE?? AJU “JICE”? (guys the girls they say a lot of nonsense… we have our own vocabulary) *okay, these last seconds were a sequel of spoilers, just deal with it_BRING


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