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USD School of Law – Sarah Frankenstein

Hi, I’m Sara Frankenstein. I’m a 2001 graduate of
the USD School of Law. Today I practice as a partner with Gunderson, Palmer, Goodsell and Nelson here in Rapid City. In eighth grade, I had to take civics class. I learned all about government and decided that that was so fascinating for me. I wanted a job somewhere in government. I learned that as a lawyer I could really take my pick as to how I wanted to be involved in government. Today I can do that without even having to run for office. I am city attorney in two towns, I defend counties,
cities and school boards when they’re sued. I do election law and help candidates and ballot measures get it on the ballot. And do all kinds of things that affect people’s lives and through a governmental avenue where I don’t need to declare myself as a candidate. And I think that’s the perfect way to serve my community and be involved in politics. USD for law school was the logical choice for me. I’m a South Dakota girl and I wanted to stay here and practice. When I came here to clerk in Rapid City, I was recruited by my law firm, saying “What would you think about staying in Rapid City and practicing in the private realm.” I said “Oh, okay.” What kind of opportunities can you have like that anywhere else? When jobs come to you. That’s the perfect scenario, right? (uptempo music)

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