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USD School of Law Bar Prep

– The bar exam is just one of
the scariest things that we have to do to be a lawyer. You know, we don’t really think about it when you’re a first year
or second year law student, but your third year,
it’s just looming there. You know in one year
you have to accomplish this big exam. – I am very thankful
that I went to USD law, because of the different
resources that they have and they provide you prior
to taking the bar exam. – I felt as prepared as
I could coming from USD. We had a bar prep course that really stressed the importance
of the multiple choice, and we reviewed topics
that we hadn’t gone over since our first year. When I sat down in Minnesota
to take the bar exam, I just took a deep breath,
and I thought to myself, Kelly, you can do this. You prepared for the last three months. You prepared for the
last three years at USD. You can do this. – You know, it is an
emotion that I don’t really want to feel again,
sitting for the bar exam, and I’m happy that I don’t, but I think one thing that was great was because I had gone
to USD for law school, when I went in to the bar
exam, I was surrounded by all of my peers, and I
knew that they had worked as hard as I had worked this summer, and that we were all in it together. It was great. I found out that I
passed when I was working for Judge Schreier, and
yeah, it was the best feeling in the world to open that package
and see that I had passed. – When I got my letter that I passed, it was the best moment of my life. (pulsing rock music)

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