Universal Laws: Dive Deeper | Bob Proctor
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Universal Laws: Dive Deeper | Bob Proctor

– Well hello there. You know I talked about the laws. Let’s talk about what laws. You know there’s seven different laws, and they’re exact. They never change. There’s really only one and these are several subsidiary laws. But the one law is, God is. That’s it. If you go to theology, that’s what the theologian will tell you. In fact, that’s all they
can tell you is God is. He’s neither created nor destroyed. He’s the cause and effect of himself. He’s a 100% evenly present in
all places at the same time. He’s neither created nor destroyed. Pretty interesting. Now of course, if we go to the scientist, the scientist used to be,
the science and religion used to be antagonistic. But I don’t think they are anymore. I think one studies the cause, and the other studies the effect. At least that’s the
conclusion I’ve arrived at. But they’ll tell you energy is. Just that’s it. Energy is. That’s all they can. The engineer, their side
is they don’t even know what energy is beyond energy is. That’s it. Energy is, it’s neither
created nor destroyed. It’s the cause and effect of itself, is 100% evenly present in
all places at the same time. Do you know what that would mean? That’s what I am, energy. Old theologians said no. That’s what you are, your spirit. You’re God’s highest form of
creation, as a matter of fact. Well then there’s these
seven subsidiary laws that dictate how
everything’s going to happen. Let’s take a look at them. Number one. The law of, and by the
way, they don’t have any special order. You can mix these up. But they all, you couldn’t talk about one without talking about the other. One is the perpetual
transmutation of energy. Do you know that energy is
always moving into form, through form and back into form. Now think about it. Energy is moving into form, through form and back into form. So it’s, into form, through
form and back into form. You look up into the beautiful blue sky, and you know what you’re going to see, you’re going to see a puffy little white cloud formation start to form. And that puffy little
white cloud formation starts to get to be gray. Then a darker gray, and
then it gets very dark. And it may get almost black and then and out of it comes water. It’s moving into form. Now if you catch the water in a glass and stood there long enough, you know where it’d go? Right back to where it came from. As above, so below. As below, so above. Constant evolution of change. Then we have the Law of Relativity. Nothing’s big, nothing’s small. You say, well that costs a lot. Relative to what? See it’s only a lot relative to a little. It’s only a little relative to a lot. Think about it. You could say that was a big win, compared to what? Well compared to what I usually get. Everything’s reletive. Nothing’s big, nothing’s small. Think about this. You’ve got to relate it to things. It’s the Law of Relativity. It’s a marvelous law. Let’s reduce everything to the ridiculous then it would be easy to do. Let’s not look at any big problems. Let’s turn them all into small problems. You got a big goal, break
it into small parts. Then we have the law, it’s
a very very important one called the Law of Vibration. And not a lot of people understand it. You know The Secret, the movie The Secret was such a phenomenal runaway success. It’s been reported half a billion people have been influenced by The Secret. But I think a lot of them have been sent down the wrong road
because you never really explained the Law of
Attraction, and attraction is what the law, The Secret is all about. But understand, attraction
is a secondary law. The primary law is the Law of Vibration. You can only attract what you’re in harmonious vibration with. The Law of Vibration decrees everything moves, nothing rests. We literally live in a notion of motion. And when we clearly understand that, we’re going to be way ahead of the game. Do you know, everything moves. The walls around you are moving. Now they appear to be still. But if you took and looked
at them through a microscope, you’d see them moving
right before your eyes. The body in a coffin is moving. Now that may sound a little out of the box but it’s the truth. You see if a body wasn’t moving, how would it ever change to dust? Think of that. You don’t just stay there the way it is. It moves. It continually moves. Everything moves. The Law of Vibration decrees
we live in a notion in motion. That brings up another
theory, another concept which there’s no such thing as death. You know since we
understand Law of Vibration, that only postulates one
theory, the theory of life. You see, death is a transition. We move out of our body. Birth is the transition
we move into the body. So we move in, we move out. And now we joyous when we move in, how about when we move out,
should be the same deal. It’s ignorance is our problem. So we’ve got to understand
this Law of Vibration. The desk that I’m sitting at is energy. And we call it wood. This paper is a sheet of paper, it used to be wood, and now it’s paper. When I was a little kid, I lived in a a lumber camp, my dad worked in. I was only three or four. But I can remember this. And we lived in a log cabin
right near a railroad track. Whenever the train went by,
the little cabin would shake. I remember bears would come
up and look in the window. This was at Michipicoten Harbor, way up in Northern Canada, in
a pulpwood lumber camp. Well I would see these trains go by with these huge, great big logs, and they told me they were
going to make paper out of ’em. And I thought, how do you
make paper out of a tree. Well of course, that’s
exactly how it’s done. It’s pulpwood, and they
alter the molecular structure of the tree and they change it
into something called paper. If you take water, and boil it, you cause the molecular structure of the energy you call water
and you turn into steam. And the steam turns into air through gas. So you see everything
vibrates, nothing rests. Everything vibrates. We want to understand that. Our body is a mass of energy. When it is in a very good
vibration, we feel good. Feeling is conscious
awareness of vibration. When you don’t feel good, it’s because you’re in a bad vibration,
and that is because you have a nasty idea in your mind. Change your thinking, and
you change your vibration. You can change the way you feel. Then we have the Law of Polarity. Now the Law of Polarity decrees
everything has an opposite. You couldn’t have an in without and out, or an up without a down, or a hot without a cold. Every positive has a negative. So every problem has an opportunity. Now the truth is, there’s no such things as problems or opportunities,
everything just is. It’s how we look at it. It is what it is. That’s it. Now if we see something bad, why don’t we say, hold on a minute, it’s my perception that’s messed up here. If I stare at this long
enough, I’m going to see what’s good in it. There has to be good in it. You couldn’t have an inside to a room, without having an outside. You couldn’t possibly have
up without having down. That’s just the Law of Polarity. It decrees everything has an opposite. I don’t care what you
look at, there’s an opp… You see something really
good, there’s also real bad. Now think of this. If it’s only a short way up on to my desk, it’s only a short way down off my desk. If it’s a long way to the top, it’s a long ways to the bottom. You can’t have a long way
up and a short way down. It doesn’t work that way. They’re equal and opposite. If it’s very good, it’s very bad. If it’s very bad, it’s very good. So you’ve got a big problem, get excited, you got a big opportunity. Now you talk about the Law of Rhythm. I always say that Catholics
understand that law better than the Protestants. But the Law of Rhythm is a law. And we have a biorhythm,
we go up and down. We live simultaneously on three planes. We’re tri-human beings. We’re spiritual,
intellectual and physical. Well all three is on a rhythm cycle. And we have critical
highs and critical lows. That’s when all three parts
of us are on a critical high. All three parts of us on a very low. Did you know that there’s airlines that will not let their pilots fly, when they’re on a critical low. They won’t let ’em fly. They just ground them. You can have this charted. I have people come up and
ask me questions sometimes, I know what they want to do. They want to chart my rhythm cycle. And I give them the dates
and the things they want, but when they bring it to me, I don’t pay any attention to it. I don’t want to know
that I’m on a low swing. I want to know that I am in control of me, and I don’t care whether I’m
on a low swing or a high swing. I need to make it good, ’cause I’m going to
look for the good in it. So we understand that, there’s that time of the month you know. That’s not just for the girls,
that’s for the boys too. Because that is a rhythm cycle in life, and it affects all three parts. There’s going to be parts when you’re on a very high intellectually. You have a column figures,
vroom, like that you add them up. Another time, you add up that column, you have to add it up six times. You got a different answer every time. You’re on a low swing intellectually. There’s sometimes when you’re
on a low swing emotionally. You walk down the street
and nothing’s going right. There’s other days you walk down, you’re skipping with the kids, you’re singing with the birds, you’re on a high. That’s the rhythm process of life. Then we have Cause and Effect. I think it was Emmerson, he said, Emmerson said,
the Law of Cause and Effect is the law of laws. It’s the law of laws. Everything has a cause, and
everything has an effect. Everything that happens to you,
the happening is the effect. What causes it? We want to understand our attitude, causes what kind of a day we have. We have a bad attitude, we’re
going to have a bad day. We have a good attitude, we’re
going to have a good day. Cause and Effect is the law of laws. Every cause has an effect. Now get this. Every effect then becomes a cause, and then sets up another effect. That’s why we say there’s a
train of cause and effect, a train of causation. The more we understand this, the
better off we’re going to be.


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