UNBOXING! Mewtwo & Mew Statue by DS Studio – Pokemon : Mewtwo Strikes Back
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UNBOXING! Mewtwo & Mew Statue by DS Studio – Pokemon : Mewtwo Strikes Back

So I am simply the end result of your
experiment? What becomes of me now that your experiment is over? These humans….they care nothing for me…..this cannot be my destiny…… We dreamed of creating the worlds strongest Pokemon….and we succeeded. Hey everybody BAM Collectibles here back for another statue unboxing review for you! As a kid Mewtwo was one of the most highly sought after powerful Pokemon in
the game I will never forget seeing him in the wild being able to catch him with
my one and only master ball. Many years later he continues to be that same icon of power. Taking a look at the base this statue is themed after when Mewtwo first
broke out of his canister and began to attack the humans that created him. In
the back of the statue you will see some holes that’s later gonna be used to
attach some accessories that were sculpted separately. The statue does come
with some built-in LED lights which is awesome here’s the controls in the back
and then the port for the power is there as well. A few of these blue effect
pieces were also sculpted separately. This base is really packing in the
details department. The beautiful mixture of both the metallic, the cannister, the
effect pieces, some of the broken rock. It’s just incredible how it all goes
together. I love that nice Team Rocket symbol in the back, good throw back. This piece here is where Mewtwo will later be mounted too via that magnet. The bottom round glass looking piece is later where the LEDs will be illuminating from. Here’s a close-up of the steel rods that
I mentioned were sculpted separately. On here you will see some blue tack and I
use that, it actually comes with it, and I use it to further reinforce them staying
in. They don’t really slip out easily but just in case to make sure that they don’t I’ll put some in there when I insert them in the holes. With those installed what also comes
with this is one of the kind of restraint claws that was used once
Mewtwo kind of began to get really frustrated and start to use his power.
These tried to contain him in place and they were very unsuccessful doing so haha! Sculpted separately was also a broken
piece of what I’ve been calling the canister I guess it technically could be
called a large beaker by a scientist or whatever… When you’re looking at Mewtwo from the
front they sculpted his left hand separately. On the joint that connects to
Mewtwo I did have some of that blu-tack as well. That helps things really stand a
place if there’s any loose parts it really fills in the gaps and gives a
nice strong hold to it. The effect piece is next-level! I love all the different tones and textures with the paint that they use and then you have the large
sphere as the focal point, the flames in the back, and the more electricity
looking piece up front. My man right there! Sculpted to perfection the artists at DS Studio are unrivaled when it comes to creating both dynamic poses and accurate
feels to these Pokemon just like they jumped out of a TV show or video game.
Was a really cool touch how they added all the different shards and broken
glass sculpted onto Mewtwo’s body. This small piece of blue-tac will later be
used to mount Mew. Another one of my favorite things about the studio is just how clean and slick their paint job is. There’s ever any bleed or blotches and I
always love how great the eyes look on the Pokemon. There’s an L-shaped cavity
in the shoulder which allows for the arm to be inserted in the proper position. I
love that the studio did go for a dynamic pose for how powerful of a
Pokemon he is. Some of their other ones in the past they had them in more static
positions while this bad boy surely breaks the mold or should I say the canister! Haha! Incoming cute but dangerous Mew! I was
really happy to see that Mew was included as well. Originally I thought
this was just a Mewtwo statue at first so just an added bonus to have it
included with. Look at a cute little mouth! The tail piece is very thin and
fragile so be careful with that if you do purchase. There is a little bit of a
notch on the side of Mew, that’s where it connects to that part of Mewtwo’s
tail that had some blu-tack in it before. Gotta whip out my PSA Mewtwo card from
the original base set now his grade is only seven and it’s an non-first edition
so he’s not that expensive compared to some of the other ones that are out
there. He was about $25-30 USD. if I recall but I love having
these in my collection. As seen in some of my other Pokemon videos I do have these stands the cards sit in having them on display. Turning off the lights so you can see how the LEDs look in the dark. The statue light doesn’t pulsate as you see here this is just me adjusting my camera so that you
can actually see. This is about how bright it is in the dark. The light is
perfectly casted on Mewtwo and it kind of further adds to how dynamic of a feel
that statue is. Kudos to DS Studio as well for using electric to illuminate
the LEDs in this statue instead of something like batteries those can be
really painful to work with. I wanted to give you a personal look at how I’ll be
displaying this statue in my IKEA Detolf display case. I decided to custom print a
master ball background you can see in the card up here how I go about that
process and another one of my videos. Even though Mew was in the statue I will
be picking up this one made by MFC so that it’ll have its own base and I can
appreciate it all on its own. Not to mention it’ll fill this case that
more so it’ll feel nice and balanced. I picked this bad boy up at FavorGK, be
sure to check out their website in the description if you want to pick one up
for yourself. A special thanks to you for your support in this channel if you
haven’t subscribed yet and you enjoy this kind of content please be sure to and as always everybody do what you love and love what you do BAM out!


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