UK Post-Study Work Visa – 2020 Latest News
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UK Post-Study Work Visa – 2020 Latest News

today I will be talking about post
study work visa in the UK, what are the recent updates about this visa and my
honest opinion whether it’s going to be that beneficial for international
students hi guys I am Valeria from and I’m
a career coach for international students helping them succeed with a
career in the UK, what it means it means that I help international students find the
first job in the UK once they graduate from university today’s video is going to be
about a very popular topic which is post study work visa I’ve been talking in a
lot about it on my Instagram page check it out here but I want to explore this
topic in detail in this video to make sure you have my opinion and latest
updates ok first of all what do we know so far so far we know that this visa is
not live yet no one is getting this visa and the government has not posted
any policy about this visa on their official website what we have so far is
an announcement from the British government saying that they will introduce
a route for graduating students from British universities that will allow the
students to stay in the UK for two more years legally either looking for work or
working on any skill level that’s great but when are they going to implement it
it’s not clear two main messages what I’ve seen from the British government so
it isn’t going to be for students who have started their course in September 2020 and onwards and once these students will graduate they’ll be able to switch to
this visa or second type of message that i’ve seen on their website is saying that
anyone who’ll be graduating from summer 2021 or onwards will be able to
get this visa, if you don’t follow in any of these categories you’re not starting
a course is September 2020 or later and you’re not graduating in the summer
2021 or later then you probably will not be able to get this visa, even if you
meeting one of these requirements mentioned previously it doesn’t mean
actually that the visa will be live 100 percent, the government goes through a lot
of changes brexit is happening we’re in a transition period so we cannot expect
the government to fulfill the promises I do hope that 99% it will happen but do not
rely on it completely another thing that is not clear is whether all the students
will be eligible it could be that not all universities will allow you to
switch to this visa it could be that there are certain criteria you have to meet we
don’t know these rules so far the government has said that they will put
measures in place to make sure only creditable students stay in the UK so we
don’t know how they will measure it but we can expect certain criteria you’ll
still have to switch to this visa you’ll not be automatically given two
years on your student visa so if you want to stay in this type of visa you
have to switch to this visa while still being on student visa tier 4 or however it
will be cold in the future so now I want to give you my honest opinion if anyone
cares what I actually think about this visa obviously I think it is beneficial
for students because it puts pressure away from finding a job and completing a
course at the same time it will allow us to actually spend more time thinking
about our career making strong applications and put this time pressure
away it’s obviously good for someone who wants to work in creative field or just
wants to get any type of work experience in the UK or for someone who is not
actually sure what they’re gonna do in life and they just want to make sure
they have legal status in the UK while they figure this out it’s obviously a
good thing I wish I had that when I graduated from university but at the
same time it could be that you are thinking okay I’m finishing my course
but I have another two years why would i look for a job now and then you’re stuck
in this space when you’re not starting your career yet but you have all this
time to look for a perfect job and you don’t have pressure from a visa
perspective so you’re just stuck on wasting another two years before you go
into your dream job so I think each student if they want to stay on tier 2
visa or work within the UK that leads to permanent resident status and that gives
them a very well-paid job with good development opportunities then they
should get on work visas straight away after student visa without switching to
any type of visa beforehand I think that’s an ideal scenario in this
way you’re not wasting your money and another visa you’re not wasting your
time by working in the job that doesn’t lead to your perfect career then you’re
not actually wasting money by staying on a low paid job and another
point is that if you switch to work visa after your student visa you will
automatically start your years towards permanent residence while you’re on post
study work visas is 2 year route that will be introduced these years will not
count towards your permanent residence so as you can see there are quite a few
things that are beneficial about this visa in my opinion by the same time I
want to make sure everyone follows the best route possible for them and get on
that job ladder as soon as possible get into the perfect role as soon as
possible so I think you should understand that for anyone it is
possible to get a job while still studying at the University you can get
that perfect job on work visa while you still studying you don’t need these
extra years it is possible I have done it my friends have done it my clients
have done it so you can do it too but obviously as I said it’s not for
everyone some people need more time or whether it could be different
circumstances in your life and that’s why this post study work visa will be very
beneficial I hope this video was useful and don’t forget that’s just my opinion
and I am NOT an immigration advisor I’m not qualified to give out immigration
advice and I’m not qualified to give a any life advice it’s just my opinion
based on my experience and professional knowledge I will keep you updated on any
news on post study work visa make sure you subscribe
Instagram channel and my youtube channel because I’m posting a new video each
week and I’m active on Instagram stories almost every day don’t forget to check
out my website and also I have a list of 50 tear to sponsors printers for
students you can download this released for free down the link below and it will
give you some examples of companies that provide work visas for their candidates
I specifically design it for international students looking for a job in the UK
anyways thank you for watching give me a like and see you soon bye!


  • Naveen Velmurugan

    I believe PSW is more beneficial to UK Government than the international students. Yeah it gives students a slight advantage but most of the students who is capable of obtaining tier 2 visa will obtain it within four months itself. By introducing PSW will make all the international students to stay there for two years by which UK government getting more revenue from international students and it helps them to be more stable during brexit transition period. So its really wise move and I believe they are going to implement it without a doubt. For students , its all depends on how wisely they utilizing those two years. ( Correct me if I am wrong with my assumption ). BTW I am planning to join Loughborough this September , hope it goes well for me. Thanks a lot for your useful input ,keep on your good work 👍

  • shunaid memon

    Hi Valeria! I'm going to be matriculating for Msc Finance and Investment at Nottingham from September 2020 onwards. It's a one-year program and given that I don't have any industry experience, how easy would it be to land a job with Tier 2 sponsorship? Is there something I should be doing as soon as I get there? Also given that Nottingham is not a target school for the big investment banks, what should I be doing to break into this career path?

  • Jofin James

    I have a dought…. If we stay in UK for 10 years in student visa we are eligible for PR right…? So is the PSW period included in this 10 years or the actual study period is included…. ? Thanks in Advance 😍

  • Dhivya Rajasekaran

    Hi, I have started my course in January 2020 and the course will ends in January 2021 and my visa ends in may 2021. is PSW applicable for me ( is there any changes in their announcement) otherwise if i apply for another 6 months course in june 2021 intake am i eligible for PSW? . Kindly help me to extend my visa by providing great ideas, Thank you.

  • B M

    I will be starting University in sept 2020. If the psw does not come through will I have to return to my country after post graduation? Or can I search for a job and change me visa status? Please answer. Thanks

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