UD Law: Criminal Law Clinic
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UD Law: Criminal Law Clinic

(upbeat music) – It was really eye opening. My name is Huy Nguyen. I worked with the Criminal Clinic. You get to go in the courthouse
and actually do the work, go into the pretrials and
prepare for your trials. You bring together all the
things that you are learning at law school, the
evidence, the procedure, everything together into one place. It was little intimidating
coming into the clinic, but I would say don’t be scared because you are under the guided mentoring of some of the really
good professors here. You are working with other people who wanna get the same
experience as you are and it’s a team. It’s almost like you’re a bunch
of partners working together on actual cases ’cause
that’s what these are. These are actual cases. (upbeat music)

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