• Me Too

    John Mcginness for governor of Ca
    Professor needs some electro shock therapy via a stun gun to his nut sack, he looks outta touch and to think people are sending there children to be brainwashed by this moron and paying good money to do so
    I bet this cunt would cry the loudest if he was in need of police services and they didn't show up in a timely matter
    Jeffery is part of the problem also

  • ron taylor

    The number of law enforcement officers shot and killed in the line of
    duty increased sharply in 2016 relative to 2015, according to a
    preliminary report from The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
    Those shooting deaths included 21 deaths in ambush-style shootings, "the highest total in more than two decades.
    This Professor should no longer be allowed to teach in ANY school.

  • B Mc

    When anyone tries to kill us, we are obliged to prevent that by any means at our disposal. In the case of a rogue cop, killing the cop is perfectly acceptable. But, we can't randomly shoot at cops. Of course that would be wrong. So we must have good judgement. Only kill cops when it is justified.

  • A P

    This is what all democrats wants as they are all worthless treasonous traitors , not worthy of life in America , these professors are sick deranged terrorist period that brainwash our children against family values and patriotic duty , end tenure now and execute all liberal professors and teachers for treason , the survival of America demands it

  • A P

    Democrats murder one day old babies and think its great , so why would this surprise anyone , just proves , the only good cold blooded killer democrat is a dead cold blooded killer democrat , all liberals are worthless scum and deserve to die period , as the all embrace treason and murder and despise America especially the arrogant scumbags elite socialist in Hollywood

  • Steven Rodriguez

    Let's see if the police shoot him next in his backyard. They're going to keep killing people if you keep letting them get away with it. Are they going to come after me for writing this? Land of the Free? 🙁

  • flower2289

    Guess the only men left in California are a bunch of sissies. Pretty sad when you can't even get rid of a professor who is advocating murder. Maybe Trump will wall off California.

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