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  • Blavood

    Rats BTFO'd. Get your feefees outta here. If I had a dollar every time one of these cretins virtue signaled I'd start my own run for the Democratic nominee. Absolutely pathetic.

  • Sukh Dhillon

    Facts, evidence and law is pretty clear that he’s guilty. Do the right thing senators, America is worth it ❤️ 🇺🇸

  • Noah Miranda

    It's very dangerous for the world to have a man who is so childish, hateful, corrupt, and Petty to have nukes and an Army in his power!

  • Liberty or Death

    Hard working middle class tax dollars going right down the drain! All those senators getting
    paid hundreds of thousands of dollars each and every year to do the work of the people.
    Wasting all that hard earned money that came off the backs of the middle class. Wasting all
    that money over a phone call. This is now our government, impeaching a sitting president
    for a phone call. This is now going to be the new standard of our government? Whoever
    controls the house can impeach every president that comes after Trump. Really for a phone

  • Hell Bound Express LLC

    So according to DemocRATs you can get away with any crime as long as you are running for an office as a DemocRAT and that if you are Republican you can not use your constitutional rights to protect yourself through legal means like refusing to cooperate with a government unless a court rules that you have to but of course the lazy DemocRATs dont bother going to court to get the rulings the right way….what a joke the DemocRATs have become!

  • Robert DEL NERO

    I think the Chief Justice is actually punishing the house managers by making them sit there quietly as their conspiracy is being shredded. They are all required to sit quietly under the laws set by the Sgt at Arms!! I could only imagine shifty blowing his top and both his eyes both pop out because he might crack under this much pressure. That would be the irony he deserves for his insider corruption.

  • Donald Bailey


  • Dahrun River

    Since it is written in the third person, it’s likely Trump wrote the order to the Department members not to comply with the subpoenas.

  • mjmagellan69

    Witnesses could have been called in the HOUSE the JUDICIAL branch would have told the HOUSE no because the EXECUTIVE branch has EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE because witnesses can expose NATIONAL SECURITY RISKS, HOUSE BYPASSES the JUDICIAL branch on subpoena witnesses, bypass the EXECUTIVE branch EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE on TRUMP'S team players in the SENATE branch, so DEMONRATS can extort the TRUTH of said TRUMP'S team players to fit their agenda of nullification of the 2016 election and interfere in the 2020 election by removing TRUMP'S name on 2020 election ballot…

  • Constituent A

    "Absolute Immunity" is not a thing. trump made it up, but it does not fly in our republic. We don't have or want to have kings.

  • Kyle Jurek

    "FLASHBACK: Adam Schiff Flew with Russian Ambassador Kislyak to Aspen Forum" 25 Jan 2020
    Adam Schiff continued to push smears and lies on Saturday about Russia collusion in the 2016 election.

    Of course, none of that is true. Not one word of it.
    The Mueller attorneys dug into every single detail of President Trump’s campaign and found ZERO evidence of Russia collusion.

    However, the same could not be said for Adam Schiff.

    Now is a good time to remind Americans that it was Adam Schiff who was palling around with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

    Adam Schiff flew to the Aspen Security Forum with the Russian ambassador in 2016.
    D&A: 27072016. Adam Schiff meeting with Sergie Kislyak
    Uploaded byD&A Investigations, Inc.
    Description:After the DNC Convention, they flew together to the Aspen Security Forum 2016
    Full description SCREEN SHOT

  • Constituent A

    Joni Ernst is full of crap, because here is the aid that has been given to Ukraine. Perhaps we should send her the link.


  • ttshkp

    It was Congresses job to call the witnesses and they didn't because they had no proof more than hear say. The Democrat party has really gone to hell. The lies just never end! They aren't even good lies! The lies are so bad you stop and wonder if the Democrats are trying to get Trump re-elected by ruining America's faith in the Democrat Party!

  • Constituent A

    Somebody needs to tell people that you do not automatically get to register to vote just because you have a driver's license. You still have to prove citizenship to register to vote, even in states with Moto-Voter laws. Can't believe the ignorance of some of our citizens.

  • Paul Myres

    Day 5, Saturday: represented the dichotomy between Government and Business…….. Government is sluggish, confusing and bloviated with repetition and Hollywood style Grandstanding (House Managers 22+ hours) …… While Business is respectful, efficient, decisive, and Specifically to the point (Presidents defense team so far < 2.5 hours) ….
    House Managers = 22+ Hours of Presentation for only two articles, most of the presentation unrelated to the articles.
    Presidents Lawyers = less than 3 Hours Saturday, to make their case and only a few more hours needed next week
    I presume (conjecture) there will be no witnesses called, as that would provide opportunity for the Witnesses to be cross examined by the Presidents Counsel (something the House avoided initially). Having witnesses testify would be dangerous for the witnesses (face possible perjury) and damning to the House investigative process and resulting conclusions…

  • Paul Myres

    I can just hear the sound of the gurgling slime of the Swamp and its Creatures, circling the drain…. especially after hearing the only 2 hour long presentation by the Presidents legal team…. Gurgle… Gurgle…. Slush… Glub….Glub… Glub… as the slime oozes from the proverbial Swamp….

  • DopeyDonald Trump

    Uncivilised country debate….when is USA going to understand what a trial is ? You know…impartial judges, listening to all the witnesses, presenting all the evidence. Simple little things that the rest of the world does but the US can't for some reason. Backward sh1thole.

  • TheBundyBear

    # Drugtestlindseygraham

    WTF was that shit? The guys pinging off his head!!!!

    Never trusted him, never will.
    Seen him as a snake in the grass all the way from Australia yrs ago…

  • Trucker-Cats


  • The balance of truth Listen and learn

    Republicans have said that witnesses have not been allowed to make their voices heard. Who prevented it? Answer Trump. Democrats have called witnesses and they have received letters from the president that they should not attend the hearings. Then all Senators (Republicans and Democrats) in the Senate can call them for questioning. Why should the president stop these witnesses? If he is accused of innocence then he must prove it. Have everyone testify and show all documents.

    Why don't Americans react to this?

    My ancestors who traveled to America turn in their graves over how the United States has become politically speaking. The power should lie with the people and presidents who govern the United States must comply with all US law and receive the same punishment as everyone else if they violate it.

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