TYPES OF BAHU (daughter-in-law) | Laughing Ananas
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TYPES OF BAHU (daughter-in-law) | Laughing Ananas

Bahu (daughter-in-law)! Come and help out in the kitchen please I’m not coming, I’m very busy I’m taking photos for my Instagram Doesn’t care for her saas (mother-in-law) at all, just wants to do Instagram Her parents have taught her nothing! *clears throat* Bahu, can you make a cup of ginger tea for me? I’m not making tea.. Making tea makes my hands hurt a lot Good for nothing! I only have to do all the work! Mummyji.. if you’re making tea then can you make a cup for me too and make it strong Aaah Feeling very tired today.. Ramu! Get me a cup of tea.. Here you go Mummyji, your zero sugar tea.. Mummyji, your tea… Wow.. I don’t know how my useless son found a gem like you.. Mummyji, what are you doing? How can you work when I’m here? Beta, I’ll do it. You rest, no worries.. No Mummyji.. Such fake drama..! How can you even step in the kitchen? You go and sleep, I will do everything Ramu! What are you staring at my face for?! Finish off all this lame work before Mummyji wakes up And make me some nice hot Maggi noodles Bring it to my room Okay madam! Bahu, is the breakfast ready yet or not? You were talking a lot yesterday na.. ..now you go, enjoy the diarrhea Here you go Mummyji, your breakfast.. What sort of bread is this? And why is she so dramatic..?! She should have been in Ekta Kapoor’s drama serials *hmpf* Eat old woman, eat..! It’s too much Mom, she keeps bickering all day I’m fed up It’s either too much salt in the lentils or too much lentils in the salt..! How can she treat me like this? I have zero respect in this house! All the respect is yours and your mother’s! She’s too smart Mom. She eavesdrops and keeps and eye on me all day! Had I known before marriage that this is how your mom is, I would have never married you! *thinks to self* Yeah so you shouldn’t have! Even I would have escaped this constant complaining! Where does she get so much talent of taunting from?! She doesn’t feel satisfied till she taunts me Mummy! Today also she made me do all the kitchen work! Yeah, you just stand here and stare at me.. you never say anything to your Mom! *wife walks off in anger* *husband feels miserable* Here you go Bahu, all this laundry is your husband’s. Dry it. *drops the laundry basket* Hubby, hubby! *husband comes* Here you go hubby, your laundry. Go and dry it. Bahu, it doesn’t look good if a man does this type of work Mom, what is good or bad in this? Everyone should do their own work themselves, whether it’s a man or a woman.. *husband takes laundry clothes* Oh my God! Bahu, when are you changing your name on Facebook? Name change, for what? After marriage, a husband’s last name is a wife’s last name Euw Mom! What generation are you talking about? Nowadays girls don’t change their names Look at Deepika Padukone, she didn’t change hers In fact, Ranveer is thinking of changing his last name from Singh to Padukone Oh my God! Bahu! I’m going out.. you take care of the house Okay Mummyji *sees Saas leave, calls friend* Hello Tina! What you doing? My Saas just left the house, that’s why I called Tell me, what’s happening in life? You come home sometime, I’ll tell you.. *doorknob moves* One sec.. shh! *door opens* Shit shit, I think my Saas is back, I’ll call you later, bye! There’s so much dust outside, my glasses got ruined.. *quickly puts down the phone* What were you doing? *plays innocent* Nothing Mummyji, I was just sitting, waiting for you.. *smirks*


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