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TUI Care | Cycling Towards a Brighter Future

I came to Marrakesh myself as a tourist and I loved the city. But after a few days I really wanted to discover it in a different way, in my own way, cycling through it. The interaction with the people. The different neighborhoods that I could visit… The moment that you pass by on the bicycle you become part of the society. In Morocco it’s the image of the disadvantaged people. If you have a bicycle it means that you don’t have the money to get a moped. and we really want to change that idea, that it’s actually a choice to use the bicycle. Employment and education are core values of the TUI Care Foundation to support us in. We have the educative workshop, where we train youth to become mechanics. We also train a lot of Moroccan youth to become bicycle guides. It gives them tools also to develop themselves because we train them on public speaking, on first aid, on road safety. We do cycling classes for girls because we want to give the girls the power to know that they are capable of doing anything. You try something you never tried and you were scared to try. And you made it? You see that it’s only you who was preventing you from accomplishing that, only fear that was standing between you and your accomplishment. So once you did it, you realize that you can do other things in your life.

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