Trump’s Own Government Confirms He Broke The Law
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Trump’s Own Government Confirms He Broke The Law

For months and months, ever since the word
impeachment first became something that was real, Republicans had been insisting that
Donald Trump did absolutely nothing wrong. And if he did do something even slightly wrong,
it probably wasn’t an impeachable offense because it wasn’t technically a crime. Well, according to yesterday’s, a government
accountability office report, Donald Trump did in fact commit a crime. And that crime was a violation of the 1974
impoundment control act, which clearly States the president cannot withhold congressionally
approved funds. Not for any reason. Doesn’t matter if it was purely based on something
that this country needed as Trump claims it was, it doesn’t matter if it was to dig up
dirt on your political opponents. It doesn’t matter. The reason the 1974 impound control act says
Congress approved it. You’ve got no authority to withhold it. Now, mr or mrs president, whoever comes along
in the future. And that’s what the GAO report said yesterday. And the reason that that reasoning is important
is because the office of management and budget had tried to argue before the GAO that Donald
Trump, uh, this is what they said. It was withheld to make sure that the transaction
was congruent with the president’s policy initiative had nothing to do with Joe Biden. The OMB says it was all about making sure
Ukraine was on the level right. We didn’t want to send money over there to
this country that wasn’t going to act in our best interest. We wanted to make sure they weren’t going
to screw around and you know that they were good recipients of this congressionally approved
money. The GAO had this to say about that. They said faithful execution of the law does
not permit the president. So to substitute his own policy priorities
for those that Congress has enacted into law, OMB withheld funds for a policy reason, which
is not permitted under the impoundment control act. The withholding was not a programmatic delay. Therefore, we conclude that OMB violated the
ICA. Now, they also pointed out right there, as
I just said, it wasn’t a delay because of something with the program itself. You know, if they were trying to retool it,
if there was a problem with the actual transfer or whatever it happened to be, yeah, they
could have withheld it temporarily or delayed it, I guess for that purpose. But that’s not what this was. See, the GAO wasn’t looking at whether or
not he withheld these funds to hurt a Joe Biden by digging up dirt on him and getting
them to announce an investigation they just looked at, is the president even allowed to
withhold funds in the answer as they clearly stated yesterday is no, that’s a violation
of the law. And we also refer to violations of the law
by another word crime. And that is exactly what the president did
when he withheld those funds. He committed a crime. Any crime, any crime whatsoever committed
by a president is an impeachable offense no matter how big, no matter how small, high
crimes and misdemeanors, that’s what the constitution says. So the biggest argument the Republicans have
had against the impeachment that, Oh, even if he did it, it’s small potatoes. Yeah. Trump’s own government just blew that argument
up Thursday morning.


  • Erik Roberts

    Donald Trump and Impeachment go together like the bacon and the eggs, death and taxes, and war and peace. Better get used to those prison bars Donny.

  • rant404

    Orange Conman violated 2 U.S.C. 681 et seq. and 52 U.S.C. 30121 at a minimum. Quid pro quo? Even though it obviously existed, it isn't required by either statute.

  • I_Am_Dragoon

    If THAT'S their argument… Why haven't we delayed a single paycheck to Saudi Arabia(Known benefactors to ISIS and Jihadists across the world and top funders towards the 9/11 hijackers)?! 🤔🤨🤔

  • Evil Lyn

    I'm curious to see how Trump & the GOP will tap-dance around this little factoid…I suspect they're going to have to ramp it up to Riverdancing to distract us from this one!

  • Rex Pimplemyer

    Is it possible that we are forgetting something? When a criminal is determined to be a perpe-"traitor", (see what I did there?), and there are others found to have known of the crime but either aided or failed to report it, THEY are guilty of "accessory after the fact", also a punishable offense. So doesn't that mean that the bulk of the Republican representatives in Congress are also in danger of impeachment for failing to uphold the rule of law and their Congressional oath? There could be details I am unaware of atm, and granted it could take Years to "drain the swamp", but it would prove a point. The point being that the Republicans representatives are Hardly the "party of Christ" and that smaller government is the same as "lawless criminals". After all, if you have fewer "police", aren't more criminals likely?

  • eZorro

    Pelosi, corporate Democrats & corrupted Republicans have NOT impeached Trump for his WAR CRIMES & emolument violations, because they are COMPLICIT in Trump's

    WAR CRIMES. Instead, they've impeached Trump on 2 charges & the corrupted Republican Senators said they won't NOT convict Trump. After his acquittal he'll get worse.

  • Sean Nalle

    Who's dumber George Bush or Donald Trump? Had a debate over this with my brother i say trump is the dumbest he says bush lmk wat u think

  • Ben Wasserman

    I believe Republicans are now going to the only defense they have left for Trump: "Who honestly gives a shit libtard. He's President, deal with it!"

  • Michael Smith

    Of course, he did. That’s why he had to be impeached. His impeachment was about upholding the law and the Constitution, and once again, Republicans failed to do so.

  • J.D.M. III

    If you wanna talk sense to a MAGA… remember this… They will argue Trump's innocence but in reality if they could hear Trump confess to the whole thing, admit it was about the election and never about corruption, hear him say he was cheating… THEY WOULD NOT GIVE A FUCK!! Trump being a lying, cheating POS is the FEATURE not the BUG!

  • Harold075

    "Trump broke the law". Trump -"So what?" Biden-case was just a cover operation for their own corruption program in Ukraine. This is clear now when you realize it. Trump is not interested in corruption in Ukraine unless he makes money from it.

  • KonaMark

    Was he charged? This bag of pig scat is gonna skate. Although, I saw that Dershowitz said “there could be witnesses “. Get Parnas to testify. Watch ‘em squirm. Trump’s own government? Not accurate.

  • jwiese100

    Well Faron the right just doesn’t care. They don’t care about the Constitution the law facts or even reality they just don’t care. As far as there concerned they are the law and truth and reality are what they say it is.

  • Andrew Owens

    This only confirms what Democrats have been saying. That Trump is a criminal who doesn't care for the law and will break it if it benefits him. When the very people he put in charge are telling him this then there's no way to argue it.

    Of course, Trump supporters don't care and in their eyes, if Trump has to break the law to make their lives "better" and make their enemies' lives worse then they will support Trump doing so. For them, it's about hurting the "liberals" as much as they can, even if they have to make a deal with the devil to do it. Fortunately, it's not that group of people we have to convince, but the rest of America, that isn't completely bonkers and understands that when you do bad things you need to be punished for them.

  • Ernest Vocell

    As we have seen.
    Corruption and greed
    have taken over the entire world,
    little by little. We've let The politicians change the rules to favor some. So much so they look at it " that's no big deal " well it is and they finally got caught. I only hope and pray we can hold those accountable and punished.

  • richard lawton

    Like he cares about the facts and the law his goons were repeatedly informed of the impoundment act and that they were violating it even the Pentagon stated the money was needed to be released.

  • R Mcnary

    So he broke the law? With his track record it has been proven nothing will happen to him. And guess what? He’s going to get elected again through the cheating and the corruption and nobody will care. I’m so over hearing all these things about him but nothing ever happens to him. I don’t know why we keep reporting on it because nobody does anything about it anymore.

  • -100lbs. of Fat

    What about 🇵🇷? Release the money to Puerto Rico because the money has been approved by Congress, not only that they are Americans.#remembering 🇵🇷

  • Michael Rosario

    Did Trump commit a crime by with holding emergency funds
    to both Puerto Rico's 🇵🇷 Hurricanes Maria and Irma and now to
    the new emergency in Puerto Rico's 🇵🇷 continuum Earth 🌏 Quakes?

  • Don Manley

    Acquittal by the Senate doesn't protect him from a criminal trial if I remember my civics lessons Nixon was pardoned to protect him from prosecution and since Donnie can't pardon him self
    We just need an attorney General who will prosecute him
    It's also criminal to withhold aid to Puerto Rico is it not Congress did apportion that aid for them right

  • Jaylon Chachere

    Finally that shit-stain of a president and his administration’s lies are catching up with them, and are finally being brought to light. They are going to go down in flames for this.😁

  • Max Doubt

    Seems like Tarrumph can command on a whim.
    Laws are now subject to royal decree.
    This seems to color the future quite grim,
    judging by patterns of past history.

  • A horse with no name

    Will I get bored if the strategy this year is to keep Trump tied up in the Senate facing multiple impeachment trials?

  • Brenda Hattisburg

    The title of this video says a lot. "Trump's Own Government". Yes, this is his government, not one that reflects that of the everyday American. He has found a way to cut Americans off who want to participate and contribute in the process of having a say and involvement in creating legislation that reflects America. Yes, this is Trump's own government, alright..

  • Pull Counter Boxing

    What is scary about Trump entire administration is that it has exposed how fragile our democracy is.All it takes is the richest top one percent of the nation to back a demagogue who will do their bidding and then we are living in different times.

    The political dogma by Fox News was created as a purge bomb to destroy the America media system and restructure American's thinking so Corporate America can capaltalize for generation to come.

    American values are a joke to power brokers.These notions are only important to common folks who have to earn a living.The rich and powerful understand that all they need to do is keep the working class angry and divided they can continue to take all they want.Some Americans will never get it and don't want to get it.They are too blinded by this fantasy rage of elitism and privilege to understand that they are naive patsys and pawns for the powerful.

  • Robert Long

    I'm wondering if any has looked into other countries receiving aid from the USA to see if Trump tried to shake them down, too.

  • R McElhaney

    Every time I think of Trump, it reminds me of Judas Priest's top '70's song "Breaking the Law". Trump was born to break the law.

  • John Carpenter

    Working for the GAO must be frustrating. You analyse a bunch of data in order to predict the outcome of a policy decision and the people in charge just ignore all of your work.

  • Rake the Forest

    Of course he broke the law. He also abused his power as President. The evidence is overwhelming. Trump should be kicked out of office.

  • The Vegan Villainess

    McConnell and the rest of the Republicans don't care, Trump said himself that he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and his base wouldn't care and he was right about that. This will go down in history as the time when the president committed high crimes in plain view and the Republican Senate actively worked to bury it, cover it up and dismiss it. The Senate is completely corrupt!

  • Rick Ram

    Now remove the lump from office. He is the biggest liar ever! Unfit and no knowledge to be in that office. The joke was on all of us here in America, and you tried to make the D’s look bad… Not! This is your cross to bear.

  • BMrider75

    And returning to the amount $$ Trump illegally held back from Ukraine, I know he finally handed over some of the sum, but not all of it. Has the full amount approved by Congress been transferred to Ukraine yet? Or is $35 million still outstanding, and unaccounted for?

  • Larry Radelet

    I guess it's better his own government finally cot up on something that the rest of the world has been yelling about for 3 years 😱dum ass'es

  • Keith Perdue

    So what? What Constitution says is now meaningless. With guaranteed acquittal by traitorous Repubes Drumpf is now above the law–end of story. America cannot survive 4 more years of having govt. dismantled according to whims of a loony tune. Our ONLY hope is voting to drain Drumpf's corruption filled swamp.

  • T J

    Deep State, Perfect Phone Call, Crooked Hillary, Hunter Biden, CNN bad, MSNBC bad, I’m Bigly Smart. There that covers it!! 😎🤣

  • George Lujan

    And this action will go by the wayside, or carry on till all is forgotten. USA citizens don’t have much power when government officials break the laws. But the power of the vote is always pushed as our weapon for corrections and all we have to wait 4/8 years. Seems these ignorant politicians see us and taunt us as sheep. “You, the citizens can’t touch” as we are above the law; trump showed us trick. They don’t worry about money, they are there to make money This seems like the purposes “make money’s as the USA citizens keep putting monies into the government coffers “

  • Alberto Marin


  • M Cahill

    So what are they you or anyone going to do about it. Nothing nothing at all at this point it's a horrible smack to the people's faces who actually follow the laws set in place for structure in a democratic society. At the end of the day this jerk is a overgrown baby playing in the Kitty litter box and rubbing the shit in our faces as the media force feeds exactly what "News" is pertinent.

  • Brenda L M Negron

    TRUMP is a leader of lies and criminal corruption. Now moscow Mitch should be impeach to for defending a criminal president. Mitch is a criminal himself. All TRUMP administration who are in the same boat should be impeach to for criminal fraud.

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