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    Bravo Mr Trump. You're making the right decision. No more wars! I hope all leaders around the world will come to their senses and end all this senseless wars. Let's save humanity

  • constance carter

    I thought he said it wasn't any of our business anymore? Make up your mind. Poor leadership with these mixed messages. He's weak.

  • constance carter

    PKKey? ? Lawd this man is a piece of work! And he says he wants to get out of the middle east but sent over 1k troops to Saudi Arabia. WTH

  • donny Matteson

    Today I like what Trump is saying. Most of the time the way he gloats I have a hard time believing he has anything in his mind but vanity.

  • Kun

    Look at that. A president making a tough decision without worrying about people being mad at him. Its as if we finally have an adult in office.

  • Jj Tango

    They say that there was 11k kurds lost during the fight how american troops did we loose. Like green berats that were ambushed and killed i mean those dumb reporters forget about the Americans that died ..media sucks Trump 4more years ..????????????

  • Scorch1028

    Businessman Donald Trump was against the U.S. invasion of the Iraq from the very beginning, and as I recall, no "WMDs" were ever found in Iraq to legitimize that invasion. The reason that the ham-handed Bush 43 won a second term in 2004 is because Hillary Clinton "wasn't interested" in becoming the first female President at the time. Regardless of my personal opinion of Hillary Clinton, and despite the fact that she "voted to go to war in Iraq", I believe that the DNC primary and the election of 2004 was Hillary's to win. Hillary wasn't ready to run for the Presidency at that time. Instead the "un-charismatic bore" John Kerry, became the DNC front runner, and he lost that election, and the stubborn, ill-informed Bush 43 chose to keep U.S. forces in Iraq. Our military would not leave Iraq until late 2011, when Obama was President. During his campaign in 2015 and 2016, Trump stated repeatedly that he was in favor of removing U.S. forces from Syria. He expressed a deep desire to avoid even the "appearance" of U.S. nation building in the Middle East and abroad. Now that he's pulling U.S. forces out of that region of the world, this decision is being used against him by his Leftist critics who have historically been very "pacifist" and anti-war. Trump's critics need to understand that: "You can't be a hawk and a dove at the same time." Trump is definitely not a warmonger. That "looney independent" Jesse Ventura has called Trump a "chickenhawk", but that's also an unfair criticism, because a "chickenhawk" doesn't withdrawal forces that were installed somewhere by a previous President. A "chickenhawk" is someone who (avoided military service), and haphazardly sends U.S. forces into a conflict that they can't win. Jesse Ventura has teased his supporters about running for President in 2020, but Ventura couldn't carry Trump's jockstrap.

  • William De Lancy

    Claiming peace in the middle east, when there is no peace? Boasting the Antichrist's accomplishments! Giving our Christian brothers (Kurds) 5 days to leave isn't peace it is fake peace and betrayal.

  • Jesus Fig

    Funny that he says that "he's" takin out 100% of Isis but then who is it that Turkey are fighting? Donald Trump is a pathological compulsive liar…. He can't help himself….

  • NomadX7

    Congrats to Putin. Now Russia has a big farm in the midleest! Israel and the Saudis must be delighted!
    Big War in 2020 to distract from home problems? Wow what a stable genius! Give him the Muppet's Show Nobel! He really deserves cause not easy to lead with a russian fist way up his arse!
    Check hia meds ASAP.

  • Gino

    Only a trump supporter would talk about being lied to by the “msm” in the same sentence as defending trump (pathological liar) and not see how ridiculous the sound…sheep

  • Gino

    trump just say whatever lies he needs to at the time. His supporters don't fact check him they are morons and the  GOP will protect him

  • Liam Benn

    I swear us in the UK are the only ones here in Europe who don’t constantly abuse the USA. I’m honestly glad that Boris and trump are working well together, they’re just making the alliance between the us and the uk much much stronger

  • Bill Carson


  • dogboy

    Its a sign of how weak Americans really are that you continue to allow this criminal buffoon to run your country in to the ground. You've allowed yourselves to become the laughing stock of the world and no one does anything about it. Pathetic.

  • Todd Abrahamsson

    What a complete moronic idiot !!! Get this guy off the stage !!! He is a complete embarrassment, he does not represent the United States Of.

  • Shawney32123

    Ezekiel’s prophecy unfolding in the last days. Beware government leaders. You might be fighting Elohim and Jesus Christ almighty. Our new King Jesus to come.

  • Makwan zamany

    I am a Kurd from Iraqi Kurdistan. Why are you still silent? Why don't you say anything?Do you think we are animals? Do you think we are not Elissa's operator? Who investigated humanity?Believe you from hundreds of times, but they are writers, a false chord. Your state is false, but we prayed to avenge all who lied with us, all we want to I demand that the human language and Kurdish language, but you consider this animals without lying Adib but you.Thank you for the BBC channel

  • Josh Olson

    "The worst mistake we've ever made" is electing this uneducated fool. Quit embarrassing us! You don't just represent the people that voted for you, but most of the country! You swore an oath. Think before you speak or act.

  • Nice Tomeetme

    I like it. Secure borders… end the wars we are fighting in and be good as best to our ability to mediate peace with our economy power. It sucks but i agree

  • Joshua

    Man I knew the word was bad. But this is really bad!!! He has know idea what he's saying. And he is a mental mess. I don't understand how come they can't get him out bc of hes mental!! This is scary!!

  • Ra1derpnananana

    I have to agree with trump that some countries should do more to speed up ending this conflict, especially neighbouring countries and regions.

  • LJ X

    Please Democrats explain to me how can you hate this man? How can you hate someone that wants to bring home our children at war?

  • Spike Solas

    Trump made a very wise move. He's so right on the fact that we need to stop acting as the world's police. These aren't our conflicts. Good stuff.???

  • Kris De Hall

    When did the Kurds become "those guys" and become our enemy? They must not have had enough money to visit Trump Towers.

  • Green Life

    horrible ingratitude towards kurds and wrong decision by Trump and his advisors. i so far admired trump. but from now on i will think otherwise about him and US and Western govts.

  • thhdhn2

    What good if Turkey stops the Syria invasion. Russian and Syria already in control. Russian and Syrian win the war without fighting.

  • martin crespo

    The main aspect that trump does not understand is…………….How the entire world thinks of him, they do not respect him, they know he is a clown and an ineffective leader….I would think he would have get it when the entire UN assembly laughed at his face but he didn't……he has fired any person willing to advise him……he is surrounded by "yes" people, more worried about their own benefits than helping this poor clown do the correct……I fell sorry for Trump…..(this from a lifetime Republican)

  • Charlie Brossart

    it used to be the american thing to stand up for people who couldn’t fight for themselves. that’s what made us great. now it’s to turn the other way. pathetic mindset, inhumane.

  • Awaiting End

    pathetic governments – if they spent 5% of what they spend on weaponry; instead spend it on global health education security (prisons for terrorists/outlaws) – com'n 'great usa, europe, uk, nato' you can be mature and do it and stop playing dirty political games to keep your mic machine churning – many of us are stupid to believe you BUT not all of us

  • mac sing

    Dear Mr Trump

    the countries leaders of the countries that the foreign Isis fighters can learn from what was done in punjab, india

    while the forces must continue to be hard with the tough guys, those who realise that there is nothing in it and regret their earlier decisions, can be re-instated back to humanity

    mis-led youths will always mushroom , and if hey are monitored even as they are re-instated into the community that they came from ….could be one solution

    dont we do this to the prisnors paroled , and who are put into community service

    its okay to give those that realise their mistakes to come back into the mainstream …..as an example of ….going into the dead and coming back with ammends ….to dissuade this to happen again …..ever

  • Pro Logo Designs

    U.S after many years finaly acts like a real state. Good decision, God blese american people, pay us war damage in war aggression 99' and kik "our" president. Saluts from Serbia.

  • James RTB

    Feed the isis' people to the sharks or Gators, it'll literally be a natural way to get rid of'em. Unlike the "deceiver" who funded, backed, supported & nuclear armed them not to mention the free release of'em because Alla told him to…

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