Traineeship at EASME – European Commission – what is it like?
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Traineeship at EASME – European Commission – what is it like?

Can I do it in Portuguese? The daily statistics for Enterprise Europe Network. I worked with most of the programmes
that EASME works with: maritime affairs, energy efficiency, environment … My main task basically was to contribute
as much as I can to the evaluation team My greatest achievement was to write a report about the performance of the
sector groups in 2016 To be honest – no, but that doesn’t mean anything, because it actually made the experience better – discovering what EASME is about I didn’t know too much about it:
how does this work? what is the role of the agencies? but once I got here I was like I don’t want to go anywhere else.
I want to stay here I did not have any expectations. I was
not even sure that my skills were matching what they were looking for.
But it worked out super great! It was fulfilling because of the people
I met because of the tasks I had to do and also because of the free time which was really nicely spent with friends and colleagues I’ve been through several
internships already. I told myself this is the last one and I couldn’t have expected a
better one to finish my traineeship life. in one word? in one word… Ta-daam..! Does this count as a word? Can I use two words? My team are my friends. The best… Chilled…
Very chilled. Open […] You should join EASME because it’s
very refreshing! It’s not just policy – it’s something else! Come in order to gain experience and find good friends Join us! Nobody is paying me to say
these things, but they are true.

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