Trainee Stories: Matt Feinstein, MD
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Trainee Stories: Matt Feinstein, MD

I am Matt Feinstein a cardiology fellow in
my sixth-year of of Physician-Scientist Training Program. I was always interested in science, always interested
in helping people, and always interested in puzzles. I went to Princeton University for undergrad. I was a sociology major, but I took some Pre-Medical
courses. I wanted to come back to Chicago for medical
school, and this was the place I wanted to be. I met my wife eight years ago. We just had our first child, our daughter. About midway through medical school, I started
to really consider research as a career option. And that was really based on some work I was
doing with my mentor, that ended up resulting in some publications where we were able to demonstrate some pretty
interesting and unique findings. My research now is focused on cardiovascular
complications of HIV and chronic inflammatory diseases. So really, what we want to ask is, why are
people who have HIV getting significantly more heart attacks, strokes and have a
significantly higher risk for heart failure, than people who don’t have HIV? I want to know how we can prevent heart attack
and stroke and heart failure in them, and how we can treat it. Some of the mechanisms that we’ll hopefully
start to understand might also apply to uninfected populations. About a third of the population dies from
heart attacks and strokes. The vast majority of these are preventable. So, how can we identify people who are at
risk. Being a doctor and being a researcher really
go hand in hand for me. I love seeing patients, and I love understanding
what are their problems, how are their problems evolving, how does
that inform our research. And then how can our research come back and
actually impact their care. The environment here is one that really encourages
physician-scientists to really develop as independent investigators. There is so much growth here that people aren’t
fighting for pieces of the same fixed pie. It’s a pie that is continuously growing and
continuously expanding. I am so excited about what we’re doing here
and what we’re building that it is hard to not have that seep into my life outside. The work-life balance is very good, and I
would say the Physician-Science Training Program actually creates an environment so
that we can have a work-life balance. We live a fifteen minute walk away from here. I walk to and from work every day. I love it. This is a nice area to live. The fact that there’s a huge hospital campus in
the middle of downtown Chicago, on a large lake with beaches, is a plus.

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