Tougher laws. Safer workplaces – 30sec (M)
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Tougher laws. Safer workplaces – 30sec (M)

MAN: No excuses.
Just use the stepladder. -So how was the weekend?
-Did absolutely nothing… -(CRASH!)
-Ramsay! MAN: Call an ambulance!
Call an ambulance! -Oh, no!
-What’s his name? -Ramsay.
-Ramsay. Ramsay, can you hear me? MEDIC: Blood pressure, 140. WOMAN: If you don’t take care
of them at work… -MAN: But you gotta hurry.
-(MONITOR BEEPS) ..and make sure they can return home
safe every day… (SOBS) ..we’ll make sure you face
the consequences, because from July, workplace manslaughter will be a jailable offence.

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