Tina, LLM in Information Technology Law by Online Learning, 2019
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Tina, LLM in Information Technology Law by Online Learning, 2019

My name is Tina Fernandes, I’m originally
from Malaysia, but I’ve lived in the UK for the last 27 years. The programme that I
studied was the LLM in Information Technology Law, and the reason why I
picked that LLM was because for the last 20 odd years, I have been practising
as a tech lawyer in house with corporates or tech companies, and
currently I run my own Tech law firm. With technology ever changing, what
you need to do to be a good tech lawyer is to keep on learning. You know, you
need to be current, you need to be relevant. And I thought after 10 years
being in practice that it was time to look at what, you know, a new LLM had to
offer. I looked at Edinburgh, and what drew me to the LLM at Edinburgh
University was the modules. What I liked about the course, but also
what I found challenging, was that every module was different. The approach of the course convener was different, so for instance there was one module
where the midterm assignment was a presentation, there was another where it
was a blog, one was an essay, one I made an animation video. (laughs) So it, you know,
it challenged me in different ways, because as a lawyer
thinking ‘I’m great at words’, you know, ‘I’ll write an essay, and you know it’ll
be fine’, and then you’re going okay make a video, you know? Which, I didn’t find
difficult, because I like tech and I work with tech, so that was fine. I enjoyed the
interaction, so I liked the discussion forums, and I think that was a really
good way of bringing people from different walks of life. Because not
everybody was a lawyer, not everybody was tech, people were studying it for very
different reasons and they brought very different perspectives and I found that very interesting. My dissertation was on whether the
traditional concepts of liability are adaptable to a smart grid powered by
artificial intelligence. What really pleased me as well was, you
know, apart from winning the dissertation, what I took a lot of
pleasure in was the comments I got back, you know, from the dissertation, and I
must say that that really helps a lot, it helps a lot in… because I think that my
critical thinking over the three years has, you know, has improved tremendously
and a lot of that has to do with getting that feedback.

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