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in this video I’m gonna show you how
anyone can be brave using the law of attraction and we’re starting right now
I’m going to give you my three favorite tips on how you can be brave using the
law of attraction plus if you stick to the end I’m going to give you a
practical tip a bonus tip stick around for that the first thing I want you to
know is that there is an ocean of abundance the people who are not brave
day-to-day believe that they are a victim of their circumstances that they
walk around there’s not enough for anybody
that if they miss an opportunity it is done forever these can all really weigh
down on our conscious mind is we all swim in this ocean of abundance we all
swim in an ocean of abundance comment that down below I swim in an ocean of
abundance I want you to really start changing that mindset the funny thing is
though like I was telling you is most people don’t see it it’s like they’re
swimming upside down in this ocean of abundance and their eyes are closed they
don’t sense the water around them and once we realize that we know that if an
opportunity closes another door opens if we realize that we’re not enough like
this relationship isn’t working we realize that there’s someone else who’s
better out there for us because we’ve grown and we’ve evolved this person and
now we’re attracting a new soulmate because there’s so many soul mates out
in the world just for you there’s not just one so once we realize that we swim
in an ocean of abundance we can calm down we can relax and realize that
everything is going to be ok and once you know that you are surrounded by
abundance and that not only that but abundance isn’t within you you can do
anything your heart desires doesn’t that feel amazing the next thing I want you
to know is that God the universe Allah whatever you want to call it is our
divine guide and what that means is we’re not alone but I’m gonna tell you
that God is our divine navigator we have someone behind us helping us we are not
alone in this so if we ask for help we totally can realize that everything is
going to be ok because we have this infinitely loving and infinitely
intelligent being spiritual whatever you want to call it this impotent nasai
indus along and that everything is going to be ok because we can always resort
back to this Universal power this God and asked for
help and that has really helped me to be brave realizing that I’m not alone in
this that I can ask for help so many people try to go at life alone not only
spiritually but physically like they don’t want people helping them no
remember when somebody climbs the ladder above you they could turn around and
pull you right up so I want you to start relying on people start trusting and
realized really really realize that God is our divine navigator and he’s not
going to abandon you okay the third and last step before our
bonus step is I want you to know that if you are feeling you know if you’re
trying to make decisions but you’re not brave enough to do so you will always
make the right decision if your decision is based off values now what are some
values that we need to learn to have or to have loyalty dependability honesty
love these are values that if we make decisions through them we will always
make the right decision even if the decision leads to something more
difficult just know that you did your best you made a decision based off
values that you know are positive and good for the environment and good for
the people around you so have solace in that and remember that if you’re making
decisions through your values nothing can ever go wrong another thing is we’re
making decisions through our gut and you’ll know if the decision is right
because it will feel more positive you’ll feel better you’ll feel more
excited you’ll feel energized so remember we’re swimming in an ocean of
abundance when one opportunity closes another one opens we have everything
that we need in life to be the most amazing person that we can be step 2
realizing that we have a divine guide we have God who is right behind us pushing
us along to greatness we’re not alone don’t be afraid to ask for help in
prayer and the third step is start making decisions based off your values
what feels right in your gut right so remember push the decision-making
through a filter of your values and you’ll always come up on top make
decisions that feel right now my last bonus step the one you’ve been waiting
for is a practical step and it is simply body language take a deep breath
pull pull your shoulders back thank that and walk like that take day to day as
that and when you start realize next time you have a decision or a thought
that’s not brave look at your body language are you slumping will change
that right away – pointing your shoulders back it’s going to change your
life I promise you so guys try these three steps I know they’re gonna work
for you because they worked for me because I was seriously not a brave
person I did not make risky decisions I was not where I wanted to be in life and
these steps right here changed my life and I know they can do the same for you
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it’s a it’s an awesome video and it really helps me out guys I love you all
and I hope you have a wonderful day


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