Thinktank Summer Traineeship 2017
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Thinktank Summer Traineeship 2017

The science and heritage career ladder
traineeship was developed about 10 years ago it was first put together to
try and diversify the visitor services and enabler team at Thinktank and make
them more reflective of the city of Birmingham and we did this by recruiting
local young people to come and work in the museum for six weeks over the summer
holidays where they’d learn how to support operations in the museum and deliver
extra activities for our public. Over the past few weeks I’ve been a trainee
enabler here at Thinktank it’s a really fun really good fun I’ve enjoyed myself
so much I’ve been doing things like meet and greet so talking to customers
introduce them to the place and what would be good parts to visit with
children. The thing that I’ve enjoyed most at Thinktank would probably be
object handling since there’s so many interesting items sharing that with the
public is so enjoyable. I applied to this traineeship because last year I did the
work experience and at work experience I really enjoyed my time and then after
that I definitely knew I want to do the traineeship. For me the best part has
been passing on knowledge so for example I’ve been doing object handling and I
actually teach people new things on a day to day basis Working with the public
it makes you more confident and as a whole it’s just a good experience
obviously you make friends with other trainees and you meet so many different
people the staff here are all welcoming you feel like you’re part the team
already. I’m visitor services manager here at
Thinktank so I manage the enabler team and the trainees while they’re here I
think it’s such a beneficial program because it’s such a great opportunity to
give paid work experience to young people in the city it’s such an exciting
and challenging few weeks for them here. One of the main skills I’ve learnt is
how to be more confident in myself when talking to lots of different people from
lots of different areas it’s really helped me grow as a person
to be able to adapt to new situation I applied because I visited Thinktank
over the summer when I was younger and I really love working with children.
The thing I’ve enjoyed the most is probably working with the staff
assisting in the planetarium I’m really happy to have a job out of this I’ve
learned many skills like talking to people and I’ll be able to come back as
a casual. This has given me many many skills so the training particularly we
did presentation skills. Communication skills definitely like I can come out my
comfort zone talk to new people without worrying. Prior to this
traineeship I was really nervous and I was kind of shy but after as I get to
know more people I got to talk to people I became more confident as the
days went on and I think probably that been the most valuable skill I’ve learned becoming more confident. One of the best things at Thinktank is how supportive and helpful all the staff are if you make a mistake it’s completely fine
no one will shout at you and it’s one of the best things knowing that you’ve got
people behind you

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