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Thefts from Trusts & Estate Fraud | Los Angeles Probate Litigation

As the largest city in California, Los Angeles
is ground zero for theft from trusts and fraud against the elderly, also known as elder financial
abuse. Los Angeles County is home to a large senior
population, and by 2020 it’s set to increase by 43%. With this figure in mind, families must ensure
that their elderly loved ones are safeguarded against exploitation and undue influence. All too often I’ve seen cases of vulnerable
elders who were tricked or pressured into changing their will or trust to overwhelmingly
benefit one family member or an estate interloper. I’ve also witnessed how wrongdoers have
hidden or altered estate and trust documents in order to hijack assets, property, and even
entire houses that never belonged to them in the first place. While the variations are numerous, the same
tragic story plays out over and over again. Here are just a few recent examples:
• A caregiver in Palos Verdes who was arrested for allegedly stealing her elderly care patients’
credit cards. • A Los Angeles man charged with committing
fraud against senior citizens by operating a lottery scam. • A Glendale woman was arrested on allegations
of stealing $150,000 from an elderly lady whom she had been “helping” with managing
her finances. Cases like these show how important it is
for Los Angeles families and communities to protect their most vulnerable members. Financial abuse of the elderly and trust lawsuits
frequently go hand-in-hand. When an estate thief wrongfully takes the
family home or other trust assets, they should be held responsible under the full weight
of California law. Not only should law enforcement and adult
protective services be contacted, but wrongdoers should also face accountability in probate
or civil court. Hackard Law regularly protects the inheritance
rights of Los Angeles-area trust beneficiaries in estate and trust litigation at Stanley
Mosk Courthouse and at other Superior Court locations. If you or your family have been wronged in
a probate dispute, you can call us at Hackard Law. We’re dedicated to serving our clients and
advancing their interests first. Call us today at 213-357-5200, and we’ll
be happy to listen to your story. Thank you.

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