The Try Guys Try The World’s Grossest Alcohols
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The Try Guys Try The World’s Grossest Alcohols

(violent retching)
(yelling) – [Eugene] Wait, swallow it. Wow. (smacks lips) – It’s 9:00am and we are
gonna get drunk. (laughs) – Today we are trying the grossest alcohol the world has to offer. – Eww. – Anything could be in these drinks. – We’re not gonna know,
and we’re gonna have to guess after we taste them. – Early trigger warning, if
you don’t wanna see vomit, sorry. (upbeat music) – [Zach] Hot Mexican Hooker. – I can smell the tequila from here. I’m gonna guess that part is the Mexican.
(bell dings) – I am detecting some, like, spice here. – Is there hot sauce in this? (bell dings)
– [Both] Yep. (swing music) (glasses thunk) – I was– (retches) (laughing)
– Looking at your face. – Eww. Eww! Eww! – Whoever thought of tequila and was like, you know what this needs? More spice. – There a very confusing burn
on the back of my throat. – I barely sipped it and
it still made me gag, hard. – I don’t think this is all that bad. It tastes like what you would find on the bottom of the tray at a bar after– – Like, nasty dish washing juice? – Yeah, it tastes like
dish washing liquor. – What would make this drink a sex worker? – Hah, well, there’s a fishy smell to it. – No. – Yeah. – No.
– Yeah. – Tuna juice.
– Tuna juice! (bell dings)
(clapping) – Tuna juice? – Yeah. – Why is it a–
Oh. That’s why they call it a hooker. – [Ned] It’s called a Cement Mixer? – Cement Mixer. So this shoots first,
but you don’t swallow it, and then this you put in second,
you mix it in your mouth, and then you swallow it together. – You’ve heard of this? – Yeah. – What is it? It ‘s an acid and a base. The idea is, these are going
to curdle upon meeting. So, like cement, you have
things that are not congealed, and then you combine them,
and they become thick. – This is definitely like
a chocolatey liqueur, like, sweet thing, and
this is like the sourest, nastiest weird thing.
– Oooh. – Lime?
– Is this lime juice? (bell dings)
Key lime juice. We are dressed so well for this. – 99.9% sure this is
either Bailey’s or Kahlua. – [Ned] Yeah.
(bell dings) – I’m gonna take a dairy pill. I know it doesn’t really help you, but do you want one anyway?
– Just give it to me, yeah. – It couldn’t hurt. – Hit me up, bro.
– There ya go. – All right!
– Okay. – Let’s mix some cement! – So, don’t swallow it yet, though. So here we go.
– Oh, yeah. I never swallow. (laughs) (funky music) (dramatic orchestral music)
(yelling) – It got chunky! (yells) – Wow. (laughs) Wait, swallow it. (violent yelling) Swallow it, swallow it!
(retches) – I felt it, there were
chunks in my mouth. They weren’t chunks before,
then all the sudden, they were like little Boba balls. – The minute it went into my mouth, it turned into cottage cheese. – Oh. – Why do we drink milk? (fist banging) (loud burp) – You’re the lime juice to my Bailey’s. Individually, we’re great, but together, we’re terrible.
– We’re clumpy. (laughing) (groaning) – This is like those pictures that they show you that
tell you not to smoke. – That’s not whipped cream? Tell me its whipped cream. – [Camera Man] No, that’s
mayonnaise, and it’s– – Is this Jager? – [Producer] Yes.
(bell dings) – Oh, that’s what it is, yes. I know my Jager, y’all. I didn’t even have to taste it. – It’s kinda like reading tea leaves, and our future looks bad. – This was invented by
that friend in college who just never graduated. – Uh, I like mayo. – Mayo gets a bad wrap, you know? – Yeah, well, here’s the–
– You know, mayo’s– You just call it aioli.
– Call it aioli. – Everyone loves it.
– Everyone’s like, oh, I love aioli.
– I love aioli. Ugh, I don’t care for mayo. – I don’t like too much
mayonnaise, but aioli? I love a good aioli. (glasses clink) – [Both] Cheers. (glasses thud on table) – (groans) What a texture! (gurgling) – D’oh, my God. Oh, my good, sweet Lord. – This mouth is really coming in handy. My mouth is big enough where I swallow all the mayonnaise without
tasting one lick of mayo. – You know, that’s a lot of mayonnaise. – It’s just not the flavor,
– That much mayonnaise, – or the texture you want.
– you would put on a whole piece of bread
and you would eat it over the course of an hour. – You eat one piece of bread
– Okay, whatever. – with mayonnaise over the–
– No, no, no, no, no. (laughs) – I’m just imagining you at dinner, but, like, welcome to
the Fulmer household. For dinner, we have one piece
– We have mayonnaise, – of bread with mayonnaise.
– and bread. Amber Moon, it sounds beautiful. – [Eugene] It’s an egg. – [Both] It’s an egg.
(bell dings) – It’s an egg. – Aren’t you not supposed
to eat the raw egg? – Naw, you can do it if
you’re trying to bulk up. – Amber Moon, sounds like the friend of the Hot Mexican Hooker. – It’s bourbon? – [Producer] Yes.
(bell dings) – That’s a lot– – That’s a lot–
– [Both] of bourbon. – Well, it’s funny ’cause we were like, we’re not gonna get
drunk off these drinks. It’s less about the alcohol, more about the grossness. And this is like, a
full-ass glass of bourbon. – Yeah, this is all I need
to get drunk these days. – Well, I guess we better start sippin’, ’cause I’m not about to take in two shots of whiskey in one gulp. – I already love this drink so much. It has two of my favorite things. – Eggs.
– Eggs, and bourbon. – Wow. – I can see some powdery red stuff. Is it more hot sauce? – Chili?
(bell dings) – [Producer] It’s Tabasco.
(groaning) – Dick in the–
– Fart, fart. – dick, dick, dick.
– Monkey butt. – [Eugene] Amber Moon. – Like a rejected Sailor Moon character. – Yeah, she’s like, (laughs) “It’s me, Amber Moon!
– “Hey guys, it’s me!” – “I have the power of eggs!”
(laughing) – I am a very lightweight. – Ahh, just drinkin’
warm whiskey over here. (laughing) ♪ She is the one called Sailor Egg ♪ – [Both] And Amber! – Amber Moon! (gargling)
– Did you drink it? – No, it’s just so spicy. I’m gettin’ closer and closer to the egg. – Wait for me, guys! – [Eugene] Wait for me!
– It’s me, Amber Moon! – Ya never know when ya need to shoot eggs out of yourself. – [Keith] What’s goin’
on with that jelly bean? – Is there a chemical
reaction that happens when the alcohol starts cookin’ the egg? Wait, no, it doesn’t!
– Yeah, it is. That’s what’s happening.
– Shut the fuck up. – That’s why the yolk’s getting white, it’s getting cooked. – I fight evil, too.
– [Eugene] Sorry, Amber. – I shoot eggs outta my arms.
– No. We don’t need your eggs
shooting capabilities. – Like Spiderman.
– Sorry, Amber Moon. – It’s like a moon is crashing, it’s– – A moon is born.
(gentle guitar music) (hands clap) (laughing) – I mean, someone has to chug this drink. – I can’t chug bourbon. You can do it, maybe. – In my college, we said,
“Zebra stripes, down the pipes.” Zebra stripes! – Down the pipes! – [Ned] Ugh, Jesus, there he goes. – Whoa! (blubbering) – Yeah, because the hot sauce hit me. – It’s not comin’ back up. – It’s so hot!
– Not a fuckin’ chance. – Are you with Zach Kornfeld right now? – No.
– Wow! – Are you with Keith Habersberger right now?
– No! (groaning) – Who are you with? – Eugene! – What are you gonna do? – Chug that shit! – Get it, girl! (laughing hysterically) (liquid drips)
– [Ned] All right, so this is called, uh, Crocodile Cum.
– [Eugene] Alligator Jizz. – What, what is it called? – [Producer] Alligator Sperm. – Alligator Sperm. – I like Crocodile Cum.
– I like Crocodile Cum. – That looks dope. – It smells like cream, lime.
(bell dings) – Cheers! – Crocodile–
– [Both] Cum. (laughing) – It’s delicious.
– It’s really good. – It’s amazing. The only thing that’s gross about it is when I imagine I’m
drinking crocodile cum. – I love this.
– This is pretty good. – This is amazing. There’s pineapple juice in here? (bell dings)
– There’s pineapple juice in there.
– Fuck yeah. – It tastes like sweet, it tastes lemony. – Is it Midori? – [Ned] ‘Cause of the green.
(bell dings) – It’s green, yeah. – I would drink this whole thing. I’m not going to, ’cause I’m an adult. – Ned! You have a baby. – You drank all the cum
off the top of that. – I slurped it up. – Amber Moon! (laughing)
Oh, God! (gurgling) I watched you throw back
up into your own cup. No! (intense orchestral music) (liquid dripping) (intense orchestral music) (liquid dripping) – [Zach] Kim Jong Un Nuclear Bomb. Wake up!
(clacks) – No! God. – We have one more drink left. – Oh, really? (laughing) – Why are you so sad? – I don’t want it. – Is it all cream? – [Eugene] What is in this?
Smell it. – Nooo. – Smells like chicken. (groaning) – If you name a drink
Kim Jong Un Nuclear Bomb, this better be the worst
fucking drink in the world. – There’s six ingredients in this. I’m gonna guess that it’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
(buzzer) – Oysters.
(buzzer) – Battery acid.
(buzzer) – Right, let’s just drink it.
– All right. – Bottoms up, baby! – Cheers. – What if we dip our glasses in it? (laughing) – It won’t work out.
– Dip our glasses right in the drink. A taste you can see. (lighthearted music) – Hmmm, there’s stuff in there that should not have ever been blended. – It’s so thick. I just want you to watch. – It’s not a drink, it’s a porridge. – Is there meat in this? – [Producer] Uh huh. – There’s meat in this?
– [Eugene] I taste meat. – Ohhh! – It’s pork? – [Producer] No.
(buzzer) – Fish? – [Producer] No.
(buzzer) – Beef?
– [Producer] Yes. – You blend up a cow? – Is it a burger?
– Is it burger? – Really?
(bell dings) – [Zach] Ohhhh!
– Fries. – Did you put the bun in here? You fuckin’ maniac.
– Fries? – [Producer] Yes.
(bell dings) – Are there other
ingredients from McDonald’s? – [Producer] Yes. – A toy? (laughs)
– [Producer] No. (groaning) – Is there a milkshake in here? – [Producer] Yeah.
(bell dings) – Big Mac, vodka.
(bell dings) Milkshake, fries.
– Kim Jong Un, okay. What do they have in North Korea? Not much.
– Snow. – Grain. – Apple–
– [Both] Pie! (bell dings) (hands slap) – Barbecue sauce? (bell dings)
– [Producer] Yes. – Smells like when you get
take-out in your car, and then– (coughing) I mean, I’m not, there’s
no way I’m getting– Are you okay? – To me, it tastes like
if you licked a battery. – And the battery tasted like corn. (coughing)
– I’m just sayin’, without the vodka, it
might not be half bad. – Without all of the
McDonald’s, it would be good. – Just a glass of vodka? – Yeah, I’d rather just
have a glass of vodka. – You want a glass of vod– Ooh, I’ll take a milkshake, then. – Awesome.
– Okay, so what was your favorite? – [Eugene] Amber Moon!
– [Ned] Amber Moon! – I loved it.
– Amber Moon! My favorite was obviously
the Crocodile Cum. – I would slurp up that alligator juice, jizzy, all day. – Like the actual worst? The Cement Mixer. – Yeah, the congealing within your mouth is a crazy party trick. You should definitely
use it on your friends. – Thanks for watching The Try Guys. Make sure you smash that subby-dub-dub and click the lickety-like down there. – For behind-the-scenes
content, check out our Patreon at You, too, can become a triceratops and help support the Try-fam. Wow, I suddenly sobered
up real quick. (laughs) (upbeat music) ♪ She is the one called Amber Moon ♪ ♪ Fighting eggs by moonlight ♪ (chimes tinkling)


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