The Try Guys Test Drunk Driving
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The Try Guys Test Drunk Driving

– [Woman] Sir, have you had
anything to drink today? – Nothing. – [Everybody] Eugene. – Wait a second, that’s beer. – [Woman] Sir, sir I definitely
think you’re inebriated. – Am I under arrest? – You’re free to drive. – Drive, drive drive, let’s go. – [Everybody] Whoa! – Ned, Ned, Ned! – In this epic four-part series, the Try Guys will test what’s it’s like to drive under the influence
four different ways. – We’re gettin’ drunk, we’re gettin’ stoned, we’re gettin’ sleepy, and we’re gonna be texting. – We’re doing this specifically to show you why you shouldn’t do this. And, we’re gonna do it safely. – [Everybody] To science and also safety. – Is involved. – It’s science ladies and gentlemen. Barely science. – [Keith] What dog? – [Zach] You just crushed a… – You crushed a dog all ready. – What dog? Where was there a dog? Where was there a dog? (laughs) (car starts) (drink pours) – DUI driving. We’re here at the beautiful
Irwindale Speedway. We’ve got a closed course set up and we are gonna’ get
irresponsibly educational. – These scientific explorations that we do with real life applications are some of our favorite videos for views. – Because we’re educatin’ the children. – You hear that all of
these things are bad. I don’t know how bad,
‘cuz I’ve never done ’em. I don’t do, well that’s not true. Actually I’ve kinda’ done ’em all. (laughs) – I guarantee you, every adult you know has probably done at least two out of the
four things we’re testing. – Yeah, I’ve definitely had a couple beers or a couple glasses of
wine and then driven’ home. – To tell us about some of
the dangers of DUI driving, we are going to talk to a traffic cop. – And, I have 32 years of experience. 17 and a half years recently
overseeing traffic crimes. Many, many collision investigations of involving impaired driving. – As well as a doctor who is
also an addiction specialist. – I think it’s a good public
service type of experiment, because driving doing any of these things, it’s going to impair the
person’s ability to drive safely. – Gentlemen. – We have to get drunk. – Yes. – Legally too drunk to drive a car. – We’ve done a few
videos on alcohol before, so we know how many drinks
it takes to get us drunk. – [Eugene] Therefore, we’re gonna’ drink what we personally elect to. – [Everybody] Yeah! – We’re gonna skybox, baby. – Woo! – But first, We gotta’ take to the course to see how we do like normal human beings. – Since this is science, we are
going to be doing a control. I’m completely sober. Gonna’ try out the course. – We love you, dad. – Be safe with the car. – Or not, you know. – [Eugene] You know, feel free to… – [Keith] No, we need to use it. – Feel it out! – Go wild, daddy. – There’s so many more drives. – [Keith] Today we are using my car, because my car is the most new. – I don’t know why Keith
is letting us use his car. I think that’s a horrible idea. Let the record show,
we’ve designed a course that is difficult when sober. – First, we open on a straight away, then an easy left turn that
goes into a serpentine. We stop at a stop sign at
a four way intersection, take a simple left turn
into a lane change. Then we go into a stop light, or at least someone holding a stop light ‘cuz we tried to buy a stop light, we couldn’t find one and it was expensive. Anyways, then we continue
on to a fork in the road. At one point, we will have
to put the car in reverse. We continue onto a couple of hairpin turns and then the road narrows
and narrows and narrows until the car can barely fit. We finish with a straightaway
and then finally, a parallel parking challenge. And of course, there will be a couple of surprises along the way. – Alright, this is my sober run. Here we go. – He’s talkin’ so much. – What do you think he’s saying? – Um, you know, as the best
driver of the Try Guys, “I feel like I’m gonna’ nail this course. The Try Guys are all actually
pretty great drivers, so if you see us fuck up in these videos, it’s because we’re fucked up. – [Everybody] Aw, Eugene. – [Keith] Aw, he coulda’ made it. – But you know what, he
was better safe than sorry. – If I make mistakes,
how fuckin’ embarrassing, because it’s my car. – Maybe he’ll be more careful because he doesn’t want
anyone to hurt his car. – [Ned] Yeah. – Aw, Zach, I’m doin’ great, sweet aww. – [Ned] All right, and
we shall proceed slowly. – Did somebody put Ned’s baby
in the car without me looking? He’s driving so slow. – Now with a baby, it’s not just my own life
I’m taking behind the wheel, it’s my whole family’s. – [Keith] He really almost
manned that stop sign. – Oh, he’s tryna’ take this for speed now. – Oh, that’s a tight. I am an excellent driver. I am a terrible drinker. – [Everybody] Wow, Zach. – He is the best driver. (laughs) Oh my God. I hate reversing like this. – Weirdly this is one of
my favorite things to do just because people look
so sexy when they reverse. – [Ned] Is he gonna’ make it? – You can do it. – [Everybody] Ah, no! – I thought I could do it! – We’re gonna’ be measuring two things. One, how long it takes us. Two, how many cones we knock over. – Oh, now he’s just re-driving
over the same cones. – Get out from under my
car you stupid cones. – Physically impossible to get through. – That’s how Wes was born. – Okay, gross. – [Eugene] Right, look, see. – This is very funny, though. I get it. (imitates baby crying) – [Eugene] Yeah! – It is doable. – I felt like it was a pretty good representation of typical
traffic obstacles you would have, but just condensed into a small course. – How am I supposed to
do this high or drunk or sleep deprived or anything. – Since I was sober, I was able to do it all
without hittin’ any cones. – [Zach] I really can’t imagine
this being more difficult, regardless of what
substance you put into me. – We’ll see. – I’m pretty sure we’re all familiar with the fact that drinking and driving is not a very safe thing to do and in fact leads to many, many accidents and even deaths in this country. – Oh, it burns. – Oh boy. – In the United States, over
10,400 people die annually as a consequence of impaired driving. Before people go out to
celebrate we ask them to think how they’re gonna
come back home safely. – We’re doin’ it so you
know why you don’t do it. – Oh, oh I see. – [Keith] Cheers. – So, alcohol is a central
nervous system depressant and it’s going to slow the brain down. – It’s like we’re on The Bachelor. Just get ’em really drunk and then, like, I’ll have them go up to the same person. – Can I steal you for a second? – Oh wow. – This might be the alcohol talking, but I think we really have a connection. – Hey Keith, can I
borrow you for a second. I don’t really like the
way that Ned pulled you because I could tell
that you weren’t into it. – Can I borrow you for a sec? – Yeah. – [Zach] Feel the jam. (laughs) – I haven’t picked the final one yet. Ned, you’re goin’ home. – Yeah! Suck it, Ned, suck it! You leave him alone! (arguing) You won’t see my paradise because we’re gonna’ be
in paradise together. – [Ned] I used to not drink very much and then I had a baby. Now, once the baby goes down for a nap, mandatory three glasses of wine. – Here’s to Ned’s wife. – What am I like drunk. I’m very loving. Oh my God, that is so sweet. I just wanna’ party. Let’s amp this up, guys! – I have a really low tolerance. Any time that I drink too much, I get a stomach ache. – Go go go! – Oh, I gotta do two fuck. – Everyone’s different and some people are much more sensitive and can be impaired at a lower limit. – I feel like the times
that I get the most drunk is when the cameras are
rolling for Try Guys videos so you’re to blame. – [Keith] Ned, take your time. (cheering) Drunk Keith is, like, everybody’s friend. I mean, Keith in general
is everybody’s friend. – Blah blah blah blah blah. – Where as some patients, who are more chronic alcohol abusers, can have a higher limit in their blood but still seem like they’re pretty sober. So, it really depends on the person. – Eugene had the most. – Eight or nine drinks. – That’s so many. – Yeah that’s a lot. – In thirty minutes, crazy. – [Eugene] I’m what people call
an avid alcohol enthusiast. When I’m drunk, I’m confident. Does everyone here know
what big dick energy is? – Once we start to get
to about the legal limit, which is .08, then we start to see
coordination problems. – [Ned] Pretty good. – Problems with judgment. Depth perception can change. (laughing) And, as the person drinks more and more, this is going to get worse and worse. – Zach, I hate working with you. (laughing) – Let’s get drink some more drinks! (upbeat music) – [Eugene] Wait, weren’t we… – What fun we have, but
we gotta’ drive now. We’ll see you on the race course. – Well, we gotta’
breathalyze one more time. – Point one two O. (cheering) We’re ready to drive. – Before the traffic stop actually occurs, we look for indicators of
how this person is driving. – [Woman] Sir, have you had
anything to drink today? – Well, you know, I had
a couple glasses of wine. – Yeah, have you been drinking today? – [Woman] I have not. Blatant disrespect of the law. – For science, take you to court, then I’m gonna’ be the juror, and you know what somebody’s
gonna’ let me off. – Don’t argue with the officer. – Don’t fight the cop,
don’t fight the cop, bro. – What we do is The Field Sobriety Test. A person is gonna walk a line. – Eyes are the windows to the soul. Seven. How many do you think I’ve taken? – Give it some flare. – One, two, three, four. – [Ned] There it is, one. – Baby, baby, baby, baby. – Oh my God, this is crazy. – [Eugene] Baby! – I’m sorry my friends are drunk. I’m the designated driver. – He’s designatedly hot! – Also, there’s a finger to nose. – [Woman] Right. Left. Right. Left. Left. Left. Right. Right, left. – Look at him, he’s so cute over there. – [Woman] A little inaccurate, but… – Nah, I fuckin’ nailed it. – You elevated their foot
six inches off the ground. – Oh, is it, okay. – One 1000, two 1000. – Seven 1000, eight 1000. – Look at me go, guys, I’m crushin’ this. You guys have macaroons! You have macaroons! – All those are indicators
of if that person is able to drive a motor vehicle safely. – [Woman] I can safely
say you’re very drunk. (laughs) Ready to drive. (high fives) (suspenseful music) – What’s up, my name is Zach
and I’m too drunk to drive. So, today I’m gonna drive. Babies, are you save? Is you seatbelt on? – So safe. – I feel like I’m at that party where you have a lot to drink and then you hang out for an hour and you’re like yeah I
think I’m okay to drive. Hey, let’s just take a little beer. – No you can’t drink
the beer right before. I’m tipsy, that’s what I would say. Right now I would say I would be tipsy. Watch your most drunk
friend fucking nail this. – Drinking and driving
is 100% preventable. You choose to drink and then drive. – I don’t even know how
dangerous I am right now. Let’s find out, bitch. Woo, let’s go! – 100% preventable. – Drive drive drive drive, let’s go. – [Everybody] Whoa! – [Everybody] Ned, Ned, Ned! – Ned, dude, my car. My car, dude, it’s my car. – Alcohol actually decreases your ability to make good judgements in
your frontal lobe, the cortex, the part of your brain that
helps with decision making. – [Zach] All right, here we go. – [Ned] But, we’re gonna drive drunk. – Don’t, don’t, why is everybody, like, peeling out, like, just
drive like you would drive. – I’m driving like I would drive. – [Keith] Are you? – [Zach] Oh shit, oh here we go. – So, we all have, normally, a nice filter that’s going to say, you know what, maybe we shouldn’t do this, or maybe we shouldn’t do that. – [Ned] Let’s go Keith, go Keith. – Take it nice and safe, but not too slow because I don’t want
people to think I’m drunk. – [Doctor] What happens when
you start drinking alcohol, is that filter starts to
get diluted and go away. – Eugene, would you drive right
now, like for real for real? – I would drive right now. – [Ned] Oh my God. – [Everybody] Oh, whoa whoa whoa. – And, we’re able to sort of say oh, you know it’s okay. Let’s go ahead and do these things that normally we wouldn’t want to do. – Left, right! – [Eugene] Go go go go go! – Ned Ned Ned Ned, stop stop. Jesus Christ, calm calm down. – I think any adult who tells you that they have not pushed
it just a little bit is lying to you. I’m gonna’ stop even
though I don’t have to. I’ve definitely been in that
situation where I go out, I have a drink or two and I feel fine, and then by the time I get home and I’m pulling in my driveway I’m like, oh boy I should not have done that. Ah shit. – [Keith] Aw, you’re in the
middle of the intersection. – What’re you talkin’ bout? Oh. – [Ned] Wow, you are
definitely in the middle of the intersection. – [Zach] Am I in the intersection? – Okay, nobody’s coming this way. – What, are you kidding me? – [Ned] Where did that come from? – [Keith] How’s the cone… – [Zach] Was that one real? – The cone looks good,
the cone looks good. I mean, I think a lot of people do this because it’s really hard
to gauge your own sobriety. I just knew this guy, I know this guy, he’s always fuckin’ with me. Everyone’s always like,
“Keith just seems normal. And I could be super fuckin’ sloshed and everybody’s like, “Keith’s fine.” – Wow, that’s very aggres-ah! – How’s everyone doin’? We’re fuckin’ doin’ great. I’m not proud of it, but
I’ve driven drunk before. You’re fucking ready, bitches? Let’s do it. – Yeah, we’re all bitches. – When I’m legally drunk,
we’ve tested and proven that I feel sober which is dangerous. – Eugene has this. – Eugene drinks, Eugene
knows how to drive. – Yeah, he drinks. (chatter in the backseat) – Okay Mike, don’t get yourself killed. Be careful bro, be careful. Oh shit. (laughing) – Ned, Ned, Ned, Ned stop, Ned stop. Ned stop, stop. – Oh fuck. – Bro, get us home safe. – Zach drives talking on the phone, it stresses me out. Eugene drives listening to loud pop music, stresses me out. Keith drives like too safe, stresses me out. Put your head down and let me see out my back seat. – [Eugene] Be careful. – I drive just right. – Be careful, wow, you’re
crushing it though. Be careful, stop, don’t kill anybody. Stop, stop, stop. Dude, dude, stop fucking up my car. – Keith you look good, why
don’t you back that thing up. – [Eugene] You are fine
mother, back that thing up. – [Ned] You don’t know
which ones you’re hitting. – [Zach] You’re hitting some for sure. You’re hitting them, right
now, you’re hitting them. What do I do? – Back up. – You may not be able to determine where your lane is going to be. You’re going to be weaving
throughout the lanes. – [Zach] What did I hit? – [Keith] A cone. – No. – [Doctor] And often times
if you’re really drunk, you’re going to fall asleep. – [Keith] You’re in the intersection. – Let me drive. – Let me drive. – Impairment affects your reaction time. – Stop sign. (yelling) – And may cause traffic
collisions because of that. (talking over each other) (yelling) – What was that, what was that? – Before people go out to celebrate, we ask them to think how they’re going to come back home safely. Use public transportation, use a taxi. Do not drink and then drive. – And of course there will
be a couple of surprises along the way. – Oh God! – [Keith] Was that a dog on a skateboard? Why is that dog skateboarding? – I would never hit a
dog, never hit a dog. I’m doing pretty well. I don’t fucking give a shit. (yelling) – What was that, what was that? There’s a stop sign. (yelling) You got to be careful. Zach, stop here. (yelling) Dog on skateboard. (back seat chatter) – [Eugene] Stop hitting stuff,
Keith stop hitting cones. – What? What dog? Where was there a dog? – When there is a loss of
life, we have to respond and knock on the surviving
family member’s door and let them know that
their loved one is not going to be coming home. And that can happen to anybody. – Did you kill the dog? (yelling) – [Deputy] That gives us
motivation to do what we do to try to save lives by doing enforcement, by doing education such as this video. – Oh, the dog’s fine. Look at this dog, get out of here. My God. – You guys ever know anyone who got into a drunk driving accident? – Yeah, that’s a lot heavier
of a subject to turn to because they died. – They died? – Yeah, that’s what happens
when you drink and drive. – I’m totally fine guys. – [Ned] The dog’s over on that side. – [Keith] No, no, I think
the dog’s under your car. Stop fucking up my car bro. – The closest it came
to me is a drunk driver hit a car that my sister
and her friends were in. Yeah, everyone was okay so they got lucky. – Yeah I had a couple
kids from my high school die in a drunk driving accident. – It really also depends on the age. So a younger driver like 15, 16, 17, would have even more of an effect because they’re not used to driving. It’s not such an ingrained
habit in their brain. – Things were going so well. – I thought I was doing really well. I don’t know how I feel about this. – Car crashes are the number one cause of accidental deaths for our
young people in this country. We need to do everything
we can to prevent that. – Okay, we saved the dog, we got this. We’re good to go. – The consequence of drinking and driving are very, very serious. First the driver is going to get arrested. He’s going to lose his or her freedom. – I want to do this thing
without fucking it up. – [Deputy] The vehicle is
going to get impounded. The drive license is
going to get suspended. The insurance costs are going to increase. – [Eugene] You guys, whoa, he got it. – No he didn’t. I would not call this getting it. – Also telling your employer
that you were arrested for drinking and driving, and that can may have implications as a condition of your employment. Monetary cost is well over $10,000, taking everything into account. – [Everybody] Go, forward, go, go. You’re good, you got it. – Wow. – This is a big ole jingle. – [Zach] Wow. – [Keith] Whoop, whoop, hit another cone. – I did it. (yelling) – [Keith] Stop dude,
stop fucking up my car. – Make him make out, give him a kiss. – Let’s parallel park this bitch. – Driving is very complex. So although we get used to it and it becomes a reflex after time, we need our vision, we need our hearing, we need our coordination. If you don’t have all of
those things going on, you’re not going to be able
to be safe on the road. – Done. Good night, goodbye, good luck. – So what was everyone’s final thoughts? – That we all crushed it. I think I can fight you
right now if you needed to. My reflexes are good. – Did I hit a couple of cones, maybe. Did I finish the course
in half the time, yes. – The dog seemed okay. The dog skated away from the accident. – That went exactly according to plan. What happened? The morning after driving drunk, I feel. – I don’t even remember
everything about the drive, you know, I couldn’t
tell you all the things I did wrong. – I remember feeling just
this surge of confidence like I have never felt before. – This was funny and fun
because it was a simulation, but each one of those cones, that could be a pedestrian. I’m hearing what I actually
did during the drive, and it’s so different from
my memory of the drive. In my mind, I did pretty well, but if you look at it, I was a nightmare. And also my friends were there. This is a pretty dangerous video. When you’re driving, it’s not just you. Everyone else is on the road too. – And even those mistakes
were like small things initially like clipping
cones or clipping corners, when you’re drunk and you hit something, it’s a DUI. It’s a $10,000 ticket and you go to jail. There’s just no excuse not
to take an Uber or a taxi. If there’s no safe way to get to and from wherever you party, maybe today’s not the day to party. – You drive drunk once, you do great, you have this undeserved
confidence from being drunk. Now you’ve tricked yourself into thinking that you’re good to go. This scar is from a
car crash that I was in when I was in fourth grade. No one was drunk, that was
just normal people driving 30 miles per hour and I almost died. Nothing about a car is a game. If used incorrectly, it’s a weapon. – It’s not just, here’s a video, slap a bandaid on it, everyone’s good. We individually as people who do drink need to examine the way that we approach our confidence and pride when we’re drunk. And I think this video really helped me to change the way I approach
my own drinking culture. And I think that’s something
I have to do to change. – I think we all knew
going into this video this was going to end up bad. But we also wanted to
experiment some other things. What’s it like to be high and driving, sleep deprived and driving, too text and drive. – Three more videos to examine and compare what it’s like to be under the influence and behind the wheel. – Hit the subscribe button. Someone’s going to get
hurt, you want to see it. (upbeat music) – Can I just borrow you for second? I think I’ve fallen in a deep hole and I need a strong man with a rope. – I just feel like that Zach is not in it for the right reasons. – Remind me of your skill set. – Dental hygienist assistant. – That’s what I thought.


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