The trainee there eat 4 crazy chilis. 🇩🇰DK🇩🇰
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The trainee there eat 4 crazy chilis. 🇩🇰DK🇩🇰

Hey and welcome to Maxchili Here today we have ? Michael.. Michael:
Yes. with us in the studio. Michael is Jannick trainee Jannick, that you can see in the backgrund. That’s Jannick. Michael you have seen my postings on facebook. And would like to challenge yourself.. A small manhood test. So what do you start with. We have here a Sun set glow And then we have here a Maga pis habanero. habanero purple And then we have, Nakamura. I have put them up in order. And from here is very strong Michael:
Ok so let take this 3 there. Okay we take this 3 but we fist starting cut them out. There, and here you go, that’s for you, no wait i will take is, is look weard. This is more new, what do you what? the new our old.. ? Michael:
It does not matter. Okay then you will get this. Something you would say to your mom and dad, or siblings if you have some. Michael:
my parents are bad to chili. Michael:
i’m sure i can eat more then them. But I’m looking forward to seeing what you can. It’s one of the good on, just try to smell it. Michael:
yes it smells fresh. It is a good one. Michael:
Yes agree. It’s some of the good stof. Thats’s one there will burn your ass hole. Tomorrow you’re ass is done. Soo… Yea, and so, okay let’s start.. cheers. what would you say, people there have ben in here have said a lot of things Something you wanna say ? Michael:
is okay with cheers. Okay then we will say cheers, down with it. Is very good. Michael:
Is a fresh tast. Yea. Very juicy. Michael:
yea a lot.. You can not feel anything….? Not yet.. Michael:
no true, but it bites a little bit. Michael:
It’s not that bad You must remember to thicken a lot. Michael:
yea….. it tast good….. It goes right in.. Micheal:
Yeeea truee…. Michael:
Yea i can feel a littel bit for sure. It’s a littel bit evil, because is come slowly Michael:
yes it’s a sneaker. One more ? Michael:
Yea why not. we take this one. A habanero purple. Also a very good chili. with a lot of power. Michael:
I can feel it pulls a small tear. yes that’s the point. That’s the point. I love it. I think that’s what the actors use to cry. Michael:
Yeea i think the same. Okay let’s do it… Cheers.. Michael: Cheers.. Now you can taste a completely different flavor. Michael:
Yea. Michael:
I dont think it’s so fresh. Arg…. There is power on now Michael:
it exaggerates the other. Mhm….. Michael:
you have to say that But is a good chili. Michael:
Yea. Michael:
I can feel it!!! Yea it’s burn, that’s for sure. Michael:
Yea. There is power on, like Klaus always say. But…. Are we gonna take the next.. Michael:
Yea let’s try it. Michael:
I think i will take a cop of milk fist. It’s okay just take som milk. Remember milk is always the best when you eat chili. It’s just so nice to have a guest when max is sitting and eating chilli. So what you want now, Nakamura or sun set glow ? Michael:
I will take the Sun set hehe. That’s alright with me. Now I can feel my tears. There you go. Yea so cheers.. Michael:
Cheers. It’s have a good tast, like this sun set tast. The fresh tast. I love this tast. Yea. Michael:
Yea that… you did it really well. You are the only one there have been in here, there have take it so cool. Michael:
Yea okay woow, but i must say i can feel it.. but i can still see on you it’s hot Michael:
yes it draws tears. yes it must. Also my tears are about to come out. Michael:
Yea but i can also feel my nose.. Yes, it does, it does. Is really good. it’s medicine is the best medicine. Michael:
I was a little bit sick here this moning so is very good to let it burn, Yes it is. Is very good. But it was actually the meaning, we should have a visit by Ru….. I dont no why this water is here. ecology. That was supposed to be a visit by a Russian. I would not say the name because it’s not exciting But…. He’s sick. I told him he would be fresh of this. Michael:
It will have been very good medicine for him. Indeed.
Last eat the last one. Michael:
yea why not. Nakamura Michael:
let’s do it, but then I’ll just have to take some milk. Michael:
Hehe. That’s okay.. got it wrong in my throat. hm nevet mind.. Let’s go. Michael:
And was this strong ? It’s okay strong Buut….. a carolina reaper. I think this is 1.2 million in strength. And Carolina reaper is 2.7 million – – in strength.. So let’s eat.. Michael:
Yea. Uff, Michael:
I do not know if it’s because my tongue is anesthetized, but does not seem to seem as bad as the others It may be because it is anesthetized. The worst thing about this nakamura is it’s coming slow After some time you can feel it. And then it burns. First time I tried Carolina reaper. my whole tongue was paralyzed . So.. Yes this was it.. Maxchili. With…. ? Michael:
Michael…. Michael.. Him self.. Thank you for today.

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