• 2013venjix

    In the beginning it was "bring me your tired, your poor, your wretched masses, yearning to be free".

    Now it's reads "No Vacancies."

    😕😞 sad!

  • Ro G

    This might actually be one of the most intelligent summaries of the issue around immigration, border control, and race in America. All in under 90 seconds.
    1. America should be a beacon of freedom for people looking for a better life.
    2. But if you come here, you need to follow our laws and don't expect handouts.
    3. And even if you do come here, and follow our laws, there's no guarantee that you will be treated fairly.

  • Chocolate Cookie

    Yes, now SVU has taken on the Trump government's "barbaric" policy of separating children from their parents when they cross the border illegally, which is a crime. Other parents who commit other crimes are separated from their children. We do not send children to prison with their parents. Until Congress acts on immigration reform, there isn't much choice. The foster parent organizations can not handle the numbers. The news here recently did a piece on children here illegality. The number runs near 30,000 PER MONTH including children coming north without their parents. People need to get real about this problem and urge their Congress members to pass new immigration legislation. Meanwhile, SVU has painted a Hollywood version of the situation on their show tonight. While we sympathize with the children, Congress has refused to address the children's side of the issue. Now SVU has taken it up their programming. I am a long time DVU fan. However my message to Margarita Haggerty, the show!s producer, is to take the grandstanding and obviously anti-Trump message somewhere else. This fan does not tune in for left wing politics being preached. You could have told the story without the obvious political slant.

  • Oshane Patterson

    "Yeah that's a great poem, but it's all garbage my people came here 300 years ago in chains, and I still can't breathe free." Courtsey of fin, I liked how he just talked what's on his mind about racial inequalities, and all those people that were, and still is being treated poorly.

  • Adrianne Obidi

    Every ethnicity has their story. I respected Sonny's grandfather's need for a better life( there's dignity in labor) but Fin's statement just nailed it (end of discussion).

  • Shekola Carrington

    I like how white Americans always talk about illegal Immigration like they didn't massacre and rape their way into a country.

  • Sherri Evans

    People seem to forget that it was Obama who wrote the laws to separate the children from parents. It was Trump who abolished this law. Stop listening to fake news.

  • Hope Harrison

    SVU, you can do better than this. Come on. We come to watch SVU to get away from politics, not to be dragged into them by the heavy anti-Trump parade. We get it. You don't need to keep pushing your views into the audiences watching this. We don't need this right now, in an already divided country. And this episode was torn from headlines that weren't at all true…farthest from the truth. Fin has a clearer head than Sonny and Rollins. They need to step in his shoes…he's been there the longest. Come on, SVU. Get your head on straight, because it's not.

  • Beth Roesch

    Truth all the way around. I still feel what's happening to these kids is just a tragedy, no matter who's fault it is and being the one who has to take a crying child from it's crying parents has to be an incredibly hard, sad job.

  • Patricia Francis

    This show is really going downhill. I guess "Benson" wants out after all these years. To use illegal criminals as a storyline and then place the Blame for the criminal action on our government rather than the mother who chose to put this child into an illegal situation sunk the show to an all-time low!

  • Joe Whitehead

    Well there was sure some tension here. Understandably, since this is s very touchy subject.

    Also, did Rollins just agree to go out & drink while she’s pregnant?

  • Nikki Caswell

    A good majority of Americans are suffering these days, whether they are white or any other race. Many are barely making it by while being at or below the poverty line.The 'American dream' is nothing more than a distant past if not a complete illusion.

  • Mysticsam86

    This was a worse episode than that episode when Benson said that fraud was rape! It couldn't get more lefty than this. Same thing with ending of Madame Secretary Season 5 episode 1.

  • sarika love

    If they're illegal they don't get Medicare, Medicaid or any type of welfare. Fin sounds stupid af. They people work! If anything is our fellow american who are the bigger burden on us.

  • hang3xc1

    Any immigrant crossing the border illegally knows full well the consequences of their actions if caught. THEY are the ones ultimately responsible for what happens to them and their kids. All that needs to happen for this to stop is for parents to obey US immigration law.

  • WrestlingArcade

    The people complaining about this episode in the comments are the same people who got mad over the Gillette commercial and burned their Nike's.

  • uisconservative

    Thank you for posting this. I like how Fin shuts down the idealism of the other two detectives. One important fact to note is that those hurt by illegal immigration are disproportionately Americans of color.

    Check out: www.ImmigrationHurtsPoC.com

  • Bill Randall

    I got news for you. Illegals drive the same trucks, do the same carpentry, roofing, nursery and yard work as I did, for the SAME money, with no taxes or SS coming out of their pay! I was making$14 an hour in 2001, in CO, and so were they! In today's money, that's $30 an hour. They are NOT working for $4 an hour in the fields, after their first year, I can promise you!

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