The Perfect Law Firm to Negotiate With Kids
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The Perfect Law Firm to Negotiate With Kids

Molly: Are you a toddler whose life is no
fair? Laurel: Do you hate everything, and especially
everything? Megan: Have you decided once and for all you’re Not gonna? Molly: Then we’re on your side. We’re the
law form of Whiney, Young, & Moore. Megan: At Whiney, Young, & Moore we have a
proven track record of success in getting kids what they want. Laurel: Because we understand that no matter
what mommy and daddy offer you, you want something different! Megan:I had a client who was ordered to eat
3 bites of chicken and 5 bites of broccoli. I was able to reduce that to 2 bites of chicken
and 3 bites of broccoli and a guarantee that dessert was not fruit. Laurel: Ice cream, or no deal. Molly: My client was denied use of his older
sister’s markers while coloring because “those are hers” and he “had all these Crayons” he
could use. I was able to get him shared access to full
12 pack of markers, And those Crayons got a one way ticket down
the toilet. Megan: We’re tough on Crayons. Laurel: My client was issued a 7:00 bedtime.
She wanted 5 more minutes. With the help of my team, we got her 10 more
minutes, and an additional song before lights out. Molly: All the verses. No no, there’s one
more. Megan: So the next time you don’t get your
way, don’t throw a tantrum! Laurel: Dial it down. And then dial our number. Molly: We’re the law firm of Whiney, Young,
& Moore.


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