The Law of Attraction: Beluga Whales ♥️
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The Law of Attraction: Beluga Whales ♥️

Male belugas and
female beluga whales mature at slightly
different ranges. Female belugas will
reach sexual maturity a little bit sooner. Here at the Aquarium we have the incredible
opportunity to really be observing
the belugas throughout their
day to day. So we see a lot of
different types of communication that they
exhibit amongst themselves. It can be vocalizing, it can be physical
communication where they’re posturing
towards one another, and we might even get
lucky and see some courtship or flirting
behavior between the males
and the females. Beluga whales are
not a monogamous species so a group of males may go
towards a group of females and display some
courtship behavior. At the Aquarium you
might see some males potentially showing parts of their
bodies to another female or simply making themselves
very very available and just see if there’s
any females that respond. Here at the Aquarium,
if we were to have a calf that calf would spend
time with the mother. The males might interact a little bit with
that calf but generally speaking they would’ve have any
type of parental role. Whenever mom needs a
little bit of a break, she might enlist the
assistance of other female beluga
whales in their group. That kind of plays
the role of maybe a babysitter
or an auntie kind of takes the load off of
mom for a little while. But then mom will be
right back in there.

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