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Tax Legal Assistance Project (TLAP) – LSNJ Representation Projects

Legal Services of New Jersey’s Tax Legal Assistance
Project, or TLAP, provides free legal assistance and representation to low-income New Jersey
taxpayers who have a dispute with the IRS. Since 2007, the TLAP has been sharing information
through community outreach, publications, and our website, In 2013 alone,
advocates held educational seminars for over 1000 individuals. The TLAP also helps individuals
at all levels of the dispute process, including appeals, collections, and settlement of tax
debt. Issues they may help with include tax liens, levies, and wage garnishment; tax credits;
Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers; and tax exemptions. They can also make an
appearance before the U.S. Tax Court. People seeking tax help can contact Legal
Services by phone at 1-888-LSNJLAW or through our online system at
Legal Services of New Jersey is a not for profit corporation dedicated to providing
free legal help in civil cases to people who cannot afford it. Donations help fund this
vital tax service. Click “Donate” now to help us continue this important work.

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