• What is the difference between collision and comprehensive insurance coverage? | Meldon Law Firm
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    What is the difference between collision and comprehensive insurance coverage? | Meldon Law Firm

    (soothing music) – The difference between collision and comprehensive insurance coverage is that collision insurance covers your car, automobile, truck, motorcycle. Comprehensive insurance covers everything else. So if you’re in an accident, and your car has $7,000 worth of damage, that would be covered under collision. If you had a computer in your car, or other personal items that were destroyed in the accident, that would be covered under your comprehensive. It’s important to have an attorney explain what kind of insurance coverage you have. We can explain how to get the maximum benefits for the insurance that they’ve purchased. (soothing music)

  • How to breathe | Belisa Vranich | TEDxManhattanBeach
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    How to breathe | Belisa Vranich | TEDxManhattanBeach

    Translator: Tijana Mihajlović Reviewer: Peter van de Ven Take a deep breath. Yes, right now. Come up from the back of your seat. Sit up straight and take a big inhale, fill all the way up, and then exhale. Deep breath in and exhale all the way out. Now, do you feel like you get a little bit taller on the inhale? Yeah? How you get taller and stretch upwards and on the exhale sort of settle down? Because I’m seeing it. Well, if you do, you’re what I call “a vertical breather.” And unfortunately, it’s an anatomically incongruous way to breathe, meaning that you’re breathing out of sync with…

  • Co Design   Advocates
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    Co Design Advocates

    [music] -Hi. I’m Kristy from the Co-Design team at the Disability Trust. An advocate is someone that can help you understand and who can speak on your behalf. It is important that you are supported and that your voice can be heard. An advocate can be your mum, dad, another family member or friend, or you can call an advocacy service and have someone chosen to help you. If there’s anything you need to talk to us about, you or your advocate can contact us. We’re ready to listen. [music]

  • Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates. Epic Rap Battles of History
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    Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates. Epic Rap Battles of History

    Let me just step right in I got things to invent i’m an innovator baby change the world Fortune 500 ‘fore you kissed a girl i’m a pimp you’re a nerd i’m slick you’re cheesy beating you is Apple II easy I make the product that the artist chooses and the GUI that Melinda uses I need a bring up some basic shit why’d you name your company after your dick? You blow, jobs you arrogant prick with your second hand jeans and your turtleneck I’ll drill a hole in the middle of your bony head with your own little spinning beach ball of death Hippie you got given up…

  • Legal Assistants – Toledo, Ohio Lawyer
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    Legal Assistants – Toledo, Ohio Lawyer

    Hi. This is Chuck Boyk. In our office, we have approximately 12 legal assistants that work in the office that are working on your case, ordering the medical bills, keeping in contact with you, ordering the medical reports, keeping the files organized, answering interrogatories, preparing for depositions, and we have three attorneys to serve your legal needs. In order to function at the highest level possible, we use a software package called Needles. Needles is a software package that is the top-of-the-line software package in order to organize your case so we can get the maximum recovery, so you can rest assured that we are using the most technologically advanced…

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    Vikramarkudu Telugu Full Movie | Ravi Teja, Anushka, SS Rajamouli | Sri Balaji Video

    Can l tell you a story? Once in the deep jungles of Chambal there lived a gang of dacoits… Sister, you’re getting big money, right? How much will you give me? l’ll not cheat you. Won’t l offer Rs.116? Why don’t you play? Don’t play. Hey Shorty! Bloody, come out man. l’ve come, what’s your problem? Jintha means base. Thatha means baton. Chithak means chutney. lt means your base will become chutney with baton charge. That’s the matter. Sleep….sleep… Sleep my dear sweetheart… Song is very nice, who sang it? – My mother. Where is your mother? She’s dead. Who is calling at this hour? Vikram Rathore is alive. Brother-in-law!…

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    CLONE TROOPER: There isn’t any way out of this! What are you doing?! Let him go! Drop him! Surrender and you’ll live! You’re outnumbered! Think about this! You will never escape! We will fire! Let him go… Now! I will not be denied. OPEN FIRE! Blast him! Incoming! He’s still got him! Blast him! I’m hit! Brother! Reinforcements coming! Now… You will answer for your treachery. Keep firing! We’ve got him! There is no escape. You will suffer for your deceit. Answer for your failure to save… HER! I destroyed your enemies. Forged for you an empire. Yet… Like the Jedi, you have left me a mere shadow of what…

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    Relationship Expert & Law of Attraction Coach – Lanie Stevens

    Hi guys Lanie Stevens here I’m a relationship expert and law of Attraction coach and i want to teach each of you how to realize your dreams, how to raise your vibration, tips about remote seduction to drive men crazy How to get your ex back or even how to attract the love or wealth into your life You’ll learn that the universe will give you what you ask so don’t settle for less There are specific things that you can do to speed up the process of manifesting and i’m going to teach you those tips so sign up today for my youtube channel so you don’t miss out…